Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files

Y fideo newydd. New video. :smile:
Sut mae. Plis gwrando, ac dilyn fy sianel.

Please listen and follow my channel – music in Welsh and English.
Thanks! Diolch!
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Great new(ish) song &video from Sŵnami.


I recently got into the rock group Breichiau Hir, I really recommend the whole Hir Oes I’r Cof album, but I’ll just link to the title track and the one that follows it, “Mwynhau” (not sure how to embed videos on here?)



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I love this sound, thank you!

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Diolch am hyn!

Great song, I tried learning it a few weeks ago as one of my tasks

I’d hope there would be new ones. Can someone tell me a Welsh group or band who sings pop? Achos dw i’n caru pop.

S’mae! Dw i newydd yma!

Brilliant list of cerddoriaeth cymraeg da iawn, diolch yn fawr am y tunes!

My contribution: My first-cousin Brychan Llyr had a great band back in the 90s, their tapes were always on heavy rotation in our car:

Jess - Ysbryd y Dydd

(no idea if this will eventually embed alright, the preview doesn’t seem to think so…)

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When I saw Plu in the Tŷ Gwerin at the Eisteddfod :heart_eyes: they mentioned that one of the songs, Can Pryderu, (which is on their fabulous new album “Tri” ) was written by a founding member of The Incredible String Band for a rock opera about the Mabinogi in the 80s! :heart_eyes: And here it is: Music for the Mabinogi by Robin Williamson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBwnrBv1U9M How this managed to disappear, I dont know…!