Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files

This topic is for anyone to post videos or audio of Welsh music (of any genre) they want to share.

I’ll begin with this beautifully filmed video of Sŵnami performing Gwenwyn at Maes B (at the Eisteddfod)


Lovely. I’ll look forward to seeing this thread growing - it used to be one of the most interesting threads on the old, old forum :thumbsup:


Is this the place where I can come out as the bootleg remixer behind y Cymylau?



Music by Phillip Lee Jones to the poem Cwm Pennant by Eifion Wyn. One, if not my favourite valley in Wales. I remember Catrin saying she loves it…
In the spring it’s carpeted with croeso haf/bluebells; and at the head of the valley it’s possible to buy some of the best free range eggs from an honesty stall…


Here is a relevant subreddit. Mwynhewch.


Hi, Robert Bruce!!! Just heard a great song on the radio by a new group called - I think: Cŵca Mŵnca. Do you know anything about them?..What does Cŵca Mŵnca mean?

Arrgggg! I know who you mean. They include Betsan who’s been in quite a few bands like Jonny Panic and Genod Droog and is also a photographer (she was on Ochr1 this week). But I don’t think you’ve got the name of the band quite right and I can’t think of it myself. They were on Stiwdio Gefn earlier in the year, I think.

Edited to Add: Gotcha! https://www.facebook.com/kookamungafunk

Yeah, I saw them at one of the Cymdeithas gigs on the final night of the Eisteddfod this year. They were absolutely fantastic, IMHO. Apparently Betsan is the only Welsh speaker in the band - they’ve been active for a while in English, but that was their first gig in Welsh. I spoke to her afterward and praised them as highly as I could in hopes of getting more Welsh-language stuff out of them in future :slight_smile:

Found a bit of video from S4C of Koogamunga…Very 70s soul like the Average White Band and Kokomo


Great thread idea. I’ll have a think about a video to post. Probably something by the wonderful Yr Ods.
Does anyone know if lyrics by contemporary Welsh language bands can be found anywhere online? I think it’d be really helpful for learning new vocabulary. I can find slightly older stuff by the likes of GZM and SFA but nothing newer.




robbruce you legend! Diolch yn fawr! This is superb.
I’ve been meaning to check out your previous link above too. I noticed some Radio Luxembourg on there :slight_smile:

Listen to the new album by Fernhill! All folk verses, in local dialect… Some lyrics are really simple though. And Julie is the best singer in Welsh, ever. There’s a few English bits scattered throughout…


Yr Ods - Cofio Chdi o’r Ysgol

Ydw i fel ti’n cofio?
Ydw i fel ot ti di gobeithio
Dw i di gwario oria yn paratoi esgusodion da

Wrth ddweud hwyl fawr
A gaddo ffonio, ond ni’n dau’n gwbod yn iawn
Na fydd tro nesa,
Y geirie’n dod mor hawdd

Cofio chdi o’r ysgol, ot ti’n greulon
Mor barod dy dafod,
Cofio pawb yn ceisio gneud ti wenu
Hyd heddiw dw i’n methu.

Mewn dosbarth oer
Bod yn ifanc oedd yr esgus gora erioed
Iard yn arholiad
Trio cal ti i ddysgu f’enw i

Mae’n atgof od, anodd dweud gormod
Ond oedd o’n ddigon cry
Wel, yn gorfod bod,
I 'nghadw i’n effro trwy bob nos

Cofio ti o’r ysgol, ot ti’n greulon
Mor barod dy dafod,
Cofio pawb yn ceisio gneud ti wenu
Hyd heddiw dw i’n methu.

Cofio ti o’r ysgol, ot ti’n greulon
Mor barod dy dafod,
Cofio pawb yn ceisio gneud ti wenu
Hyd heddiw dw i’n methu.


We have just about completed a page of gig listings, dim saesneg, for the month ahead. The web address is a bit messy, starting point for a full site when ‘.cymru’ becomes available to all early next year. Will post details tomorrow, gobeith fi…in the meantime, Candelas and others are playing the one-day DimSwn, Caerdydd ddydd sadwrn 18 and Spillers have totally sold out of the debut CD by the wonderful Gwenno…any known gigs, list here for time being.

Gwilym Bowen Rhys - Bachgen Ifanc Ydwyf


Llosgwch y tŷ i lawr (a lladdwch eich rhieni).

Somewhat irresponsible advice from y Ffug.


Sut mae pawb,

Dw i wedi cyfieithu rhai o ganeuon o Saesneg i’r Gymraeg, ac dw i’n chwilio am olygydd. Oes siaradwr Cymraeg iaith cynta’ neu siaradwr rhugl arall ar y wefan hon y byddai yn fodlon i edrych arnynt am wallau?


Stuart… how’s that list coming ; - ) I’ll be in Cardiff on 09 Nov, and then up around Bangor the next weekend… hoping to catch a little live music if it happens to fall my way…