SSiNews - our very own propaganda channel!

Wondering what we do all day? Wondering anything about anything in the SSiUniverse?

Ah, you need to get yourself over to the new News category:

You could even go straight to our very first news item:


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Permission denied.


Same here :frowning:

Mae flin 'da fi Aran ond mae y cysylltiad cyntaf yn 404 a’r ail yw ‘does dim permission’…

One day when it was not meant it to be it was like this: …

Now, there’s a need to put this back. :slight_smile:

The page doesn’t exist is the message for me. :slight_smile:

The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private. :frowning:

I guess no news is good news …


This sounds as though we might have a little work to do on our permission settings, then!

@ifan :sunny:


I got ‘no access’ too!!!

Um… don’t want to get your hopes up unreasonably here…

but it’s not entirely impossible that I’ve just managed to solve this without @ifan :sunny:

Anyone fancy giving it another try and telling me what happens? You might need to reload the page first… :sunny:

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It works now.


Colour me a technical genius. :sunny: :fire:

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I already did long time ago just that you didn’t knwo that. :slight_smile:

It works brillantly and is not Ifan Cinetic? What means you have to tag him this way if you want him to see things. :slight_smile: (nothing bad in that last sentence just noticing you tagging him @Ifan and there’s no member with such nic obviously. :slight_smile: )

Oh, good point - I can’t keep up - I have to tag him as @ifan in Slack and @kinetic here - too much for my brain…:wink:

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You said that? :slight_smile:

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Well it works for me now but I can only see the first item and then something like “no new items” - Are you teasing us, Jones? :smile:

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Huw, I can see ‘about the new category’, ‘testing’, ‘News: SSi meets’ and then under that ‘There are no more news topics - why not create a topic’.

Does that sound like what you’re seeing? :sunny:

No, it won’t be, because you’ve included two hidden posts in that list :smile:

How are they hidden? Who is doing this dirty magic?