News: SSi meets Fluentin3Months

Our tireless crew of volunteers over on Slack have given me an ultimatum - I have to do a better job of sharing SSiNews with everyone.

Clearly, Dee already does fab stuff with the email, but she can only include what I’ve got around to putting on the forum - and that tends to be in bits and pieces all over the place - so I’ve been ordered to set up a News category (or, more correctly, to ask Ifan to do that!) and to start posting in it every day.

This means that if you’d like to keep in the loop with SSiStuff, you just need to come into the news category ( and look up at the right, just under your profile pic, where you should see a little circle with a drop-down button next to it - choose ‘watching’ and you’ll see alerts whenever there’s new stuff in here (every day! I promise!).

So, to get the ball rolling, today’s news dates back to last Saturday - when I got an email from the good folk at (I know quite a few of our learners are already fans of Benny Lewis - if you’re not, go have a look at what he does) - and that email suggested that the guest post I’ve done for Benny would lead nicely into an offer to get our Level 1 Spanish included for people who buy Benny’s ‘Why Spanish is Easy’ book via our link - and that they would generously share the income from that.

So that’s a good development for our efforts to spread the word - and may even lead to some extra cash that we could stick into getting more Welsh lessons out faster :sunny:

And that’s SSiNews over and out for today :sunny: