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Because on twt (or toot) you can search for people with the hashtags.

So #ymarfercymraeg let’s people know you are practicing your Welsh. I joined
in Feb 2019

I also use the hashtags #dysgucymraeg
and a few others.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful as they are here on SSIW!
And @jas is doing an amazing job with all the people coming from Twitter, and so are the many other helpers.

Best always to do an introduction on twt. Hashtag
#introduction and people will find you.
As Margaret says it’s possible to post bilingually too. I find that really helpful for both languages.
It is an intentionally bilingual site anyway

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Thanks, Ann. So the hashtag should be #ymarfercymraeg? I understand the use of hashtags but was puzzled by #ymarfer by itself. And thanks for the tip on introducing myself. I’ll do that!

Well, I think that #ymarfer would be okay, but if you want to add “Cymraeg”, then it should be #YmarferCymraeg, following the general etiquette on Mastodon. The reason is that Mastodon tries to be as inclusive as possible, and this guideline aims at more accessibility for visually impaired people using screen reader software (although I don’t know how well those work with Cymraeg).

For example, the tags #graphicdesign or #softwaredeveloper usually can’t be read by a screen reader, while the so-called “camel style” hashtags #GraphicDesign and #SoftwareDeveloper will be parsed correctly.

Another thing why hashtags are important: Mastodon doesn’t offer text-based searches (unlike Twitter), but hashtags can be searched, and as of the latest update even followed.


Yes, I’m sure #Ymarfer would be fine on the toot site as we would all understand. The toots also get shared on Mastodon though, so not sure those people outside toot would understand.

Hendrick would know a lot more of the techy stuff.
I also read somewhere that
#dysgucymraeg all in lower case are more successful on searches? Is that right?

But then we were also told to use a capital letter at the beginning and two if there are two words.
ie #CymruWales. I must confess I get confused and sometimes do a mixture of both :flushed: Hopeless I am

As far as searches are concerned, you don’t need to worry about capitalization. For example, I hashtagged my Noson Lawen toots last week with #NosonLawen (capitalized). I just tried to dig them up searching for #nosonlawen, and the search successfully returned the relevant posts. (Tried on Tusky and web interface)

So for posting you can (and should) use #DysguCymraeg for legibility, because even if people search for #dysgucymraeg the post will be found.

#CymruWales I’d split up into two hashtags → #Cymru #Wales. You could also split #DysguCymraeg into #Dysgu and #Cymraeg and use all three hashtags. Just like I read in a Mastodon guide: use hashtags lavishly :slight_smile:
(And I have hope in you yet)


I’ve now changed my hashtags to the bi-capitalized style you recommended, but my username is all lower case. Is there some way to change that? I don’t see any place in the settings.

Also–really dumb question–where did you find the emoji-flags in your header?

Diolch i ti Hendrik, that’s really helpful. Glad you have hope for me :rofl:

If you go into “Edit Profile” there’s a box for Display Name. You should be able to change it there.

Hia bawb. I’m on there as John Young@johnyoungc45 or however you express it :slight_smile:
I’ll follow you all when I get chance
I often use #Cymreag with my posts if thst helps.

PS Loving the look of the new SSi site.

Thanks, Deborah, but all I can change there is my display name, not my username. And BTW, what is your username, so I can follow you?

I believe you can’t change your username on Mastodon once you’ve created it. You’d have to create a new account.

Thanks, Alan.

I’m KiwiCymraeg :slight_smile:
Follow me and I’ll follow you back!


I joined in February 2019. Took me a while to get used to it but very friendly and active, just like SSIW!​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wales:

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