Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 2023 - Llŷn ac Eifionydd

You do need to fiind your own accommodation. I camped on site (had to pay) last year and stayed in a hostel nearby in 2019. Accommodation nearby is usually snapped up really quickly. If you widen the area you are prepared to travel from you’ll have better choices. In 2016 I stayed 13 miles away from Abergavenny, but in England. There are usually special buses laid on from nearby towns to faciltate travel.

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@margaretnock May I ask how you usually handle buying the tickets to the Maes? Can I wait until mid-July to see on which days I’ll be stewarding (if any) and then buy tickets accordingly, or should I just but the tocyn wythnos now to be safe either way and then work out a refund?

@Hendrik , I just volunteer for every session so I get in for free on those days, and they mostly give me 2 sessions a day (never more than 2), so they give a food voucher as well. You can always buy tickets on the day. £130 for a weekly ticket, £20 for a day ticket. What you can’t guarantee is exactly where you’ll be sent, as a volunteer, but you can indicate on the form areas of interest. An evening session is likely to send you to the main pavilion and you may get to see the ticketed events, but you might not. Last year there were no big screens at the entrances where stewards could see what was happening on stage as had been possible in previous years. If I were you I’d just wait and see what your rota is and buy on the door. Perhaps you can buy two or three days worth on your first visit so you don’t need to queue each day, but that’s only a suggestion.


Thanks Margaret. Good to hear from someone who’s actually been there, done it, as they say.


Does anyone have any ideas of schedules for the shuttle buses? Will they be running late to Caernarfon? Is it practical to be staying in Caernarfon, relying on these buses and still be stewarding any time from 9.30? to 22.30?

Last year in Tregaron, the last shuttle bus was leaving the Maes at 11pm, so I hope they’ll have a similar time-table this year. Early morning stewarding may be more complicated, as the first shuttle arrived at around 10am. So in order to get there earlier, you may have to rely on normal public transport buses.