Booking: Tresaith Bootcamp, September 19th - 26th

Booking is open for the September bootcamp, which runs from 4pm Saturday 19th September to 10am Saturday 26th

Cost is £260. We are not certain of running until there are 6
people signed up (to cover our costs), but we shall keep a close eye,
and keep you updated on how many places there are left.

Here is the link for booking:

There are currently 3 places available on this bootcamp.

As an exciting (terrifying?) addition, if this bootcamp fills, we also have pencilled in the previous week (12th-19th) for another bootcamp, which opens the possibility of a brain-frying two week bootcamp. This si not recommebded for first-timers, but people who have experienced and enjoyed bootcamp previously might like to consider it.

Please remember the following bootcamp conditions:

  1. Bootcamp payments are, generally speaking, not refundable. Your money will, of course be refunded in full if we cancel the bootcamp, but if you
    pull out, we reserve the right not to return anything. This is
    especially true if you pull out close to the date, making it difficult
    to fill your place. Please make sure that you are definitely wanting to
    come on bootcamp, and please take out holiday insurance (yes, this is a
    holiday!) to cover your costs in the event of a change of circumstance.

  2. No language except Welsh is allowed during bootcamp. There is a
    time for orientation at the start and an introduction in English, so
    that we all start on the same page, but after that you will not speak
    English (or any language other than Welsh) until the following Saturday.

  3. Bootcamp is for people who have completed the material in course
    1, including the vocab lessons. If you are a non-SSiWer, then please do
    lesson 25 (south) or 26 (north), and vocab unit 10, and if you can’t
    keep up, then fly through the course to give yourself a chance at

  4. Bootcamp is one of the most frightening, rewarding, tiring, exhilirating experiences you will ever take part in. If you
    yourself in, you will end the week as a Welsh speaker. If you are half
    hearted, you will probably not enjoy the experience, and you certainly
    won’t get the most out of it. Please be committed!!!

  5. That’s all sounded a bit serious… Bootcamp is a holiday in one
    of the most beautiful parts of Wales (and thus, the world). You will
    spend a week with lovely people, visiting lovely places, and doing
    interesting things. You will have fun, and go home with beautiful
    memories that will last you a life time, and firm friendships that will
    take your Welsh to a new level. Come on holiday, and go home a Welsh
    speaker - how’s that for a bargain?!!!

Let us know below when you book, and if you have any questions.

That link again:

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Terrifying!!! I’m still gawping…I’m speechless…I would definitely not recommended this for a first timer for a whole two weeks. I was totally exhausted after my very first one for just a week: totally fried. All being well though I’ll be popping into one of them to say: “Hi!”

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Yes, maybe I should make it clear that the intention is to have 10 different people on each bootcamp - I won’t be organising the timetables on a “two week” basis, for instance, so there would be a number of repeat activities and the possibility of hearing the same things twice in some cases.

But just in case there is anyone out there with the time and the inclination to have 2 weeks of the no-English rule, I thought I’d mention the possibility…


I am so excited to be going on my first Bootcamp! I really appreciate all that people fortunate enough to have been on Bootcamps have shared about their experiences. I’m still in the total excitement phase, and not yet worried about the challenge of understanding and making myself understood through the medium of Welsh and pantomime. ;o) I look forward to hearing from others who will gathering in September.


I’m looking forward to seeing you there as well! It should be fun…

Anwyl Iestyn,
Oes modd i ti yn helpu fi? Dw i wedi trio llyfr y bwtcamp yn Mis Medi a nasi rhoi fy’n ennu (etc) ac Dw i’n derbyn y pim-digit code. Ond saen gwbod beth i gneud gyda fe!
The thing is, (deftly switching languages at the first sign of difficulty) I tried to book from my work computer but put my home e mail address and perhaps this caused a meltdown, because I received a mixture of 5 letters and numbers to use to confirm my e mail address. I considered this for a while and decided to panic and when, after blowing into a brown paper bag (you try finding one of those these days) for 20 minutes, I decided to wait 'til I got home: so, I got home and tried to find somewhere to put them but there was nowhere and, when I tried to re-enter my details in the booking link, it astutely pointed out that I had already booked and I couldn’t have two places for one person (although, as I recall, that didn’t stop Kim eating two chow meins at Danny Sang’s!).
I am keen to give you the £260, so please advise me what to do next. Sorry if I have messed up the system: if it helps I will do community service or self-flagellate whilst rolling Rambling John’s cigarettes throughout the bwtcamp.
Diolch yn fawr i ti (effortlessley nol into Cymraeg - ac ymlacio)
P.S. heeeeeeeeeeeeelpu fiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i!i!

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Hi Nic - I just resent the confirmation email to your address, so if you follow the details in there, you should get through to it all okay.

Alternatively, if you go here, you should be able to process the payment:


Diolch yn fawr iawn Aran.
Dwi wedi i gneud e nawr

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Helo Bron,
Peido becso, it’ll be fine: plunging into the sea, playing wild tennis lan y treath, pretending to understand Iestyn, singing Elvis in Welsh. Dim problem.
Yes, I have been once - a couple of years ago - Mis media hefyd. Ond I was young then and easily upset by the chwernu (snoring) in the dorm. Admittedly, I should have been in the male dorm but no one seemed to mind. This time, I will be prepared, with a phone ap that plays "rain on a tent” so that I can block it out. And… I think I can cook pasta.
Before long, there will be herds of them trying to book places, and we can sit back with a satisfied, slightly smug air, like Iestyn’s pets, and know that we were the first ( well, I was second and you were first).


Hi there Nic - I fondly remember the wild tennis ar yr traeth! Really looking forward to a siarad yn mis medi :smiley:

Helo Ros,
Braf clywyd o ti. Wyt i’n mynd i’r Bwtcamp yn mis Medi?

No; but i’ll be doing the catering on the first night, so will have chance for a chat then - and maybe a hanner o cwru yn y dafarn hefyd.

Da iawn. Byddai’i n disgwl ymlaen i weld ti eto: ond dimont hanner cwrw!

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Great to hear from you Ros :smile: Sh’mae’r pethau?
I can vouch for your excellent first night catering - you lucky (boot)campers!

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helo, Iestyn, I was part time at last September boot camp and promised to come back this year. But I’ll have to break that promise, sorry, because twin grand babies are due in September. Plus a one year old. On call grandma!

But I haven’t quit on Welsh. I’m in Aberteifi this month, working working hard at it. Maybe see you at the June coffee group in the Mwldan?



Hi Patricia

Glad and sorry to hear - that is, sorry that you’re not coming, but glad that it’s for such a lovely reason!

It will be good to catch up at the Mwldan!


I’m trying not to becso, Nic, but I have never seen a Bootcamp fill up so slowly! I keep checking back to see when the herds have managed to book places and it’s for sure a go. I am practically counting the days. Who’s going to join us? ;o)

Hi, everyone. I am VERY new on here. In fact I only discovered the app today and have listened to the Introduction and stumbled through Lesson One. I came to the forum, as recommended by the nice man from the Valleys, and now I see there are Boot Camps. Would I be ready to attend in September? I intend to do one lesson per day. Ali x

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If you can keep up 1 lesson per day, and keep going, you should be more than ready!

Pob lwc :slight_smile:


When is the deadline for booking? I will keep on with the course - and see closer to the deadline whether I think I can cope with a whole week of Welsh! Also, I have some health issues and need to rest regularly (although having no housework or animals to care for will help). Will I be able to have a sit-down during the day? Ali x