Booking: Tresaith Bootcamp, September 19th - 26th

It depends on how many people book - we often sell out a while in advance, but September tends to go a little more slowly - if you keep an eye on the booking form, it should tell you how many places are left :sunny:

If there are places left, we’re happy for you to jump on pretty much up to the last minute :sunny:

Thank you . I have saved the link to the booking form and will keep checking back.

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Talais i i Bwtcamp neithiwr, 19ed i 26ed Medi- sut ydw i’n cofrestru ? Beth rhaid i fi wybod? Fy tro cyntaf- I’m a bit (a lot) nervous!

Don’t be nervous, Lindsey - it’s all going to be fine! - and if you’ve paid successfully, you’re already booked in - you can find out details (if you haven’t already) here:

And, of course, chat with @iestyn and other Bootcamps on this very thread :sunny:

Croeso Lindsey! I am so happy to see some more people signing up for the September Bootcamp. Less than three months to go! Bydd hi’n fy tro cyntaf hefyd. Dw i’n cyffrous iawn!


Dw i’n cyffrous hefyd! Dw i ddim yn gallu aros. Gobeithio bydd y bwrw glaw wedi stopiau. Goodness knows if what I’ve just written makes any sense! Definitely not up to using future perfect tense just yet :weary:


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Does this exist at all? (well stupid question maybe but what a heck). :slight_smile:

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Um, yah … I tried to translate this into Slovene. It doesn’t go anywhere. It somehow doesn’t fit. …

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First a bit of correction on this …

If I take this particular sentence then “bo ste” should be written together - “boste”
Then, the right sentence would be as this: “Konec leta 2015 boste bili študirali valižanščino dve leti.”

Note: names of languages are written with lower case in our language.

And now for a bit of explanation:
“Bom bil” (m), “Bom bila” (f) are gramatically totally correct but this structure isn’t used even in written and conventional language anymore. The phrase is totally dropped out and is surely not used in colloquial Slovene at all. As a matter in fact, one who still uses such structure is rather held as not being keen to language then appriciated for using this form.

I’d translate your sentence like this:

Ob koncu leta 2015 boste študirali (or “se boste učili”) valižanščino že 2 leti.

Word “že” (already) is not incluced in your text but I’d put it in there though.

or even better translation:

Ob koncu leta 2015 bo dve leti odkar se učite valižanščino.

So, you see, we have that structure in grammar, but we don’t use it at all and this for it sounds strange to my ear in my own tongue.

Well, but if we go to real colloquial (totally gramarly almost incorrect) translation it would be:

Na konc leta 2015 se boste učil valižanščino že dve let.


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Even if we’d use this kind of structure in Slovene it wouldn’t be for this purpose though.

And… I know it was “deliberately said” but I just wanted to point out that I didn’t hear it often even in English and this for I went totally off topic (again) describing things with this in Slovene. So, as said that, I’ll stop here.

The topic is about booking Tresath bootcamp in September and not linguistic talk. so let me be excused going completely offtopic here.


Although I won’t be attending Bootcamp, there is a good chance that you’ll find me and my long-suffering wife Wendy in Y Llong of an evening during Bootcamp - I’ll be enforcing the “Dim ond Cymraeg” rule :wink:


Annwyl Iestyn
I booked for Bootcamp 19 to 26 September and my daughter paid for me .I spoke to you on the phone and you arranged for me to have the room your children normally use ,do you remember? I’m not sure how to use the forum or discuss. Ineed to know what to bring with me and any other things I need to know. Please could you reply and put me out of my misery, my daughters name who paid is Christine Archibald, my name is Ken Sebury.
Please E-Mail me.

diolch yn fawr,


Just to tag @Iestyn in here so he gets an alert, and to let you know, Ken, that the family have just gone over to France, so please don’t worry if it’s a few days before Iestyn gets a chance to answer you :sunny:

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I’ve sent you an email with the basic information Ken. If there is anything else you need to know before you hear from Iestyn, just let me know. See you soon in Tresaith :smile:


I have just booked for the bootcamp from 19th Mis medi. My first time and looking forward to it. Any tips on what I need to bring other than a very old brain.

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