Booking: Tresaith Bootcamp June 2015

I was especially looking forward to hearing how you got on David as I know you went through material at quite a pace in order to cover the requirement for bwtcamp. It sounds like you had a great time! Would you say it’s really consolidated the Cymraeg you had before going? I would so love a more in-depth report!

I think that’s the best ever Bootcamp report in two neat sentences right there :star: :star2:


Curses! You escaped! I told Elliw to stand in the road and not allow anyone to pass!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was exhausted at the end of the week, and Gwenllian going down with Chicken Pox on Thursday was the icing on the cake!

We tried a few new activities this time - particularly the visit to Castell Henllys which I enjoyed (and I decide what happens on bootcamp, remember!).

It’s always exciting to see people developing during the week, and David - you were a revelation! (Though not the only one, either). I’m pretty sure that no-one really believed you that you’d rushed through course 1 - it shows that how much Welsh you know isn’t as important as how much you’re willing to through yourself into the bootcamp experience!

Glad to hear that you managed to get a bit more Welsh spoken in Dinbych y Pysgod - not the easiest place to find Welsh, but it is there!

Now then - where has everyone else gone!


In the chickenpox hospital I imagine … :slight_smile:

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Did I mention the vow of e-silence we collectively swore that last night in the pub?


Ah, ja … this explains everything then. :slight_smile: I presume the stories will see the light of the day in special edition of “The Bootcamp Tales” then. :slight_smile: :smiley:


“What happens in Tresaith stays in Tresaith” eh?
Say no more …



I seemed to go directly from bootcamp to Ireland and I still have my parents here so no time at all to sit down and write much, but I enjoyed the company of all the bootcampers. It was great to see them developing in their Welsh, and fingers crossed our 2 Canadians survived driving on the Welsh roads and made it home safe.

I have some photos which I’ll post when I have a spare minute to prove David wasn’t the sole bootcamper!


YAY! @Deborah-SSi survived too! :slight_smile:

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I’m still trying to work out how to show my photos here. Does anyone have a suggestion of the best place to put them so I can link to them? I used to use Picasa but that’s been superceded and Google Photos is really confusing. :frowning:

Anyway, I had an email from Nan who was at the June bootcamp. She’s having computer issues, but a brief comment was:

My computer has been giving me grief ever since I got home, and
won’t be fixed until David is free to come up and do the upgrades
necessary. So I can’t get on the forum. But don’t think I’ve
forgotten about our experience at Tresaith and all the wonderful
people we met there. I have to say that I’m convinced that the
bootcamp experience and the no-English rule really does work. By
the third day I was starting to dream in Welsh. I had planned on
writing a journal day-by-day (in English), but after the first
couple of days I didn’t want to break the spell by writing in
English. As Iestyn predicted, I felt like a Welsh-speaker when I
left. Of course there’s LOTS more to learn but I wasn’t shy to try
as I had been.


You can just drag and drop them from your somputer, however I’m using Dropbox for sharing most of them here. You just share link from dropbox and mostly this really clever forum recognizes the pictures.

To be honest with drag-dropping it makes me wonder how much space our dear management really have to enable us uploading pics. I almost felt guilty as one of mine was about 439 KB in size.

Should we save space @Kinetic or is it enough for us to upload (in normal amount of course). You’ll surely know this answer. :slight_smile:

I did put a post in the whats outside thread a while ago about how to upload photo’s which may be of help, any problems do let me know.
(just checked, it was May 8th, how time flies).

Cheers J.P.

Thanks John. I’m happy uploading individual photos but I just wanted to create an album somewhere that I could link to here. I tried with Google Photos but I didn’t find it very easy to use, so I’ve created a Flickr account and I’m putting them there. I’ll post the link when I’ve finished.

well done Dee, now i understand, i’m a bit worried about taking the thread of topic, i guess we need a thread about photo’s.
Tatjana has quite rightly mentioned about space taken by photo’s.
Mine start at approx 1.8 megs each, saving a screen shot of the area of photo i want to use as .jpg brings the file size down to a few kilobytes (i.e. a whole lot smaller) .
I assume there is not a problem with server space or we would have heard about it, but going small seemed a good idea and of course shortens upload speed.
Being a relative novice with computer knowledge i’m more than happy to be corrected.
Will the link to flicker take people to see the photo’s in flicker or copy them to the thread, i remember flicker used to have a limit on number of free photo’s it would host.

Cheers J.P.

OK @ramblingjohn I’ve made separate topic on the subject continuing with your post from here so we can chat about that specific thingy in that thread.

OK, let’s try this - it should be a link to a private album on Flickr which lets you see some bootcamp photos. Let me know if it doesn’t work.


I see happy people allaround sooooooooooo … it works!

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Thanks for the photos, Dee!

My, what a serious-looking bunch. None more so than me. Another week of mind-bending Welsh and I would’ve loosened up. A 2 week bootcamp next June, please Iestyn … and let’s call it a sandalcamp.


Well, there has been the tentative offer of one this coming September… (see the September bootcamp thread).

Booking: Tresaith Bootcamp, September 19th - 26th