Anyone want to discuss "Un Bore Mercher" (S4C)? - warning - might contain spoilers

"Un Bore Mercher"

We started to discuss this a few weeks ago, in the “best programmes for learners” thread, but it didn’t seem fair to clog up that thread with further posts.

OTOH, it seems a shame not to discuss it further, as I think it’s a fine piece of drama, and it has the advantage of being available internationally, and it has Welsh, as well as English subtitles.

I won’t put any spoilers in this posting, but if people want to discuss the series, then I’d suggest that they only come to this thread if they’ve already caught up with the latest episode.

At the time of writing (22.11.2017) 3 episodes have been shown, and it looks like there are 2 more.

The first episode is here:

It has 18 days to run at the time of writing (22.11.2017).
There are links to the other episodes on that page.

This is a link to our previous discussion:


All behind. Eps 2 and 3 recorded! When watched will come back to,this thread! Currently watching Budget coverage! Very little clarity on Barnett Consequencials for Wales!

I’ve been really gripped by it. I’m still in awe of Eve Myles and her new abilities as a Welsh speaker. That’s no mean feat, she’s pulled off.:clap::clap:


Yup, a good drama and quite a few familiar faces there in unfamiliar roles - and from the closing credits it seems that the WPC who looked very much like Kizzy Crawford actually was Kizzy Crawford


I was wondering why the Detective Inspector (who I think may be called Susan Williams) was being so nasty to Faith. But it transpired that they have “history”. I suppose Faith has managed to get people off that the DI thought was guilty. Then there was the reference to inventing evidence.
Then it seemed like Evan had got someone off, who might have been a murderer. Wondering if that has to do with his disappearance, or is that a red herring? And did the bullet come from the gun that killed the murder victim?

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I’ll hopefully have a chance to catch up on episode 2 and 3 tomorrow. I’m impressed with Eve Myles’ Welsh. I feel like I’m picking up on more and more words with each sentence she speaks, hers more than others.

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I suspect Eve speaks more slowly and clearly beause she is a learner. The plot seems to go round in circles. i can see Evan may have felt bad at inheriting the Cwmni Teulu. But if Dad didn’t guess, why not let those cŵn cysgu stay lying down? The blurb about next week sound like last week! I am still confused!

Episode 4: (26.11.2017).

…it’s getting kind of weird now … still good though.

(btw, could not find latest ep. on Clic, but it was on iPlayer).

Evan’s mum said he asked ‘the question’, and she didn’t want to lie to him. I think she would never have confessed unless he had found something out and gone searching for answers. And perhaps the identity of the possible father has something to do with the gangster family, or at least he discovered something whilst he was working for them.
If it wasn’t the Glynns who sent the bullet, then who?
I feel for Faith - it would have scared me to death to have been in some of the scrapes she’s been in, but more so because her children are at risk of some scary stuff too. I found the scene with the mugging in the car quite difficult, because of the threat to the baby mainly - having three small people between the ages of four and eight makes me hypersensitive I think!

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And having relatively recently become a Taid/Tad-cu, I felt especially for the baby. I now know (or have been reminded!) how difficult it can be to sooth a crying baby!

Did the actor playing Rhodri cry to order, or was it spontaneous, and they just went with it…?

I’m getting confused with all the money that Evan is supposed to owe or have made off with.
£80,000 of the firm’s money missing (or gone astray somehow), and he also owes the gangsters £80,000? How does that work, I wonder.

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I see that twins play Rhodri - I suppose that doubles the chances of monopolising on a moment of upset. Perhaps one of them REALLY hates being in the carseat?

I too wondered about the arian - after all, it’s a family firm, so he must have hidden what he was doing well to raise no doubts whatsoever. And then for him to owe the same again to the Glynns?
I feel that we are not really being led down the path of the kind of storyline where he turns out to be a rotten egg and that’s that - no one has said that they saw it coming, the opposite in fact. Even though we are discovering dark secrets, the feeling seems to be that Evan is a good man being forced to do this because of something hidden from us right now.

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I realised today that I was running a week behind you. Have caught up. NB baban bach is played bya pair of twins and another baby. I think they do a lot of filming,. if baby cries, try to cakm baby, but film lots for future use if baby sleeps or is happy, ditto. i don’t thrink they are allowed to make ca baby cry deliberately! @siaronjames may know more.
Money? Same £80,000 with two hats. Living beyond his earnings, the Glynn’s dosh lurking in his books makes him seem solvent. They want it back? Ouch! My current theory is that he’s done a runner, but must have either staged a death to convince insurance, or is someplace cwtchung the 80 grand, waiting to contact Faith when it is safer!

Not really - I steer well clear of babies on or off set! Of course, there are regulations for filming with babies, but I don’t have a comprehensive list of them because I, personally, have never worked on anything that required children that young. However, I can tell you that for children under 2yrs, the child may not be at the place of performance or rehearsal for more than 3 hours between the hours of 9.30am - 4pm, maximum continuous work is 20 minutes with total performance/rehearsal 1 hour and any time during which the child is not taking part in a performance or rehearsal must be used for meals, rest and recreation. Hence the need for so many ‘body doubles’ with baby characters!


The photography is great, the scenery is great but the story is becoming more confusing.

That makes sense. And Rhodri bach gets a lot of screen time!

Ah ok, that makes sense. But how did he get the firm into so much debt? From what Tom said, this only happened within a year or so (after Tom retired, with the business then presumably healthy). He’d have to be a spectacularly bad businessman to lose that much that quickly, and so far as we know, he’s a good lawyer (which doesn’t necessarily make him a good businessman, of course).

I wonder if the wig and id card will be explained (unless it has been already, and I missed it).

If it has, I missed it too! Double life, money being salted away? Gambling? Purchase of another home? Wanted crime work to get hold of as much cash as poss prior to morning flit!??

The wig and glasses, I’m guessing, are the ones he wore to fake the ID (in the Driver’s Licence picture, he does have mid length hair and is wearing glasses). The name on the licence, Alec Fenton, is taken from his dead school friend, but what did he need the fake ID for? If it was to help him disappear, why is it still on the boat? Did he use it for some other reason?

Given the turns and turns already, how about, used Fenton to set up another fake ID, under which he is now lurking, dead or alive?

And who wrecked the house? Although it looked like wanton vandalism, an act to scare Faith, I did wonder if someone was actually looking for something.
And is Steve really the slightly dodgy knight in shining armour that he seems to be?

[quote=“cat-1, post:17, topic:10116”]
If it was to help him disappear, why is it still on the boat?[/quote]
It wasn’t still on the boat. Faith found it in his drawer in the house, before she went to the boat to look for him. I haven’t had a chance to watch the most recent episode, so I don’t yet know the newest details, but that was clear.