Welsh clock in words à la "Qlocktwo"

Someone recently told me about the rather lovely-looking Qlocktwo series of clocks (http://www.qlocktwo.com/?lang=en) - they tell the (approximate) time in words by illuminating letters on a grid. Unfortunately they’re alarmingly expensive, and anyway they don’t offer a Welsh-language version - so I made my own in the form of a webpage:


I couldn’t quite fit it into the 11x10 grid used by most other Qlocktwos (what with mutations and stuff), so I had to expand it to 12x11. It works quite well full-screened on a tablet. Bug reports and changes to wording or layout welcomed. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Entertainingly bonkers :star: :star2:


It’s great. I love it.


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It’s in my Desktop now!

Now I’ll look like stupid, but I never saw something like this so honestly I don’t think I understand how ti works entirely …

Good for practicing with the traditional numbers.

(Speaking Clock option would be good … :slight_smile: )

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I couldn’t make it change at all, so I presume it just tells the time now, this minute and moves up a minute in a minute… sorry, I was too impatient to wait to see. I agree with @aran!
I don’t think @tatjana is stupid, I think she was expecting something more clock like!!!

No, I really never saw something like this and honestly don’t know how ti works. Well I can establish from what I’ve seen it’s “word clock” what means it tells you with the words what the time is but how this technically works I have not the slidest clue.

Updates every 5 minutes I think.

Here’s a clock that Tegwen made in a Dylunio a Thechnoleg lesson. I think it’s pretty cool. We used to have to do everything in wood using primitive stone tools when I was at school.


I love it too! Diolch yn fawr iawn.


This is fantastic - I love it, too! Thanks very much for sharing it with us!


That’s awesome. Did she laser-cut the words, or was it some kind of stencil-and-knife job, or what? My school didn’t have “tech” lessons so I never got to do this kind of thing.

Well you can check the source of the page if you want to see what the code’s doing. But if you’re just asking about the behaviour overall - yes, Mike’s right, it changes every 5 minutes and illuminates whichever letters will spell out the time. The grid of letters itself never changes - they just turn on and off.

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It doesn’t go on my desktop. It shows two equal grids vertically. One is showing that “iluminated” time, the other is all dark. …

Sorry, but I obviously am stupid since I can’t use this …

I know how principally it works but I (obviously) don’t know how to put it on my desktop for example. My son tried to do “magic” but it didn’t work also …

Yah … I am stupid … :frowning:

Could I have a screenshot? :slight_smile:

Both the Tegwen and Ifan versions of the clock are seriously cool!


Well, it’s actually saved HTML file from there on I can’t do anything.

As I said, I see something like this for the first time … (and I thought I’m not technically behind the time. Man, how naive I am really.)

I appear really stupid now … :angry:

Oh hang on, I think I see what’s happened there. The page itself doesn’t actually contain any letters, it just contains some code, and the code then generates the grid and makes it work. But when you saved the file from within your browser, the browser saved the state of the page as it was then, including the grid - and then when you reopen it, the code proceeds to add yet another copy. This isn’t your fault and you’re not stupid, it’s just something I hadn’t foreseen happening :slight_smile: I’ve made a small change to the copy on the website to rectify this, so if you re-download it you shouldn’t have the double grid problem any more.

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Umm, I actually realized it wouldn’t work for me. I actually don’t know how to put it on desktop to work.