Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners

Hey @desra ! I’m quite occupied with other things at the moment. But I’m glad to read that you’ll partner up with Jill and Darren!

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I’d like a listening partner please. I’m on the US west coast Pacific Standard Time Zone, so like 9am for me is 5pm in the UK I think. I’m available in my mornings that are UK evenings if anyone might have that time free. Diolch yn fawr!

Have you tried the #american-chat channel in the 6/6 Support Slack workspace @RoseWestwood ? They regularly hold chats in PST and you could find a listening partner there.


Diolch yn fawr!

Hi Rose, I am looking for someone to zoom with for week 20 for the 5 minute sentences. Are you still looking? I can do a most evenings UK time (not Wednesdays though) if that suits you?
Let me know if you can and we can set a time for zoom?

Also a general question for anyone willing to answer:
I have been changing my sentences daily, so using the same sentence stems but just thinking of a new ending to each sentence each day. Is this right or should the whole sentences be the same everyday?

This is perfect Emily :slight_smile:
There is no requirement to change the sentences every day, but if you can do that, it’s reinforcing the structures which is much more valuable than just repeating the same endings.
Well done!


Helô, mae pawb! Is anyone here available to be a sentence swapping partner? I’m in the States, (MST), but I’d also be willing to try working with the UK time difference. I’m doing the Northern course week 22. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Helo! Are you still looking for a sentence swap partner? I’m on week 20.

I am willing to listen, but I should also like someone to listen to me. The trouble is I live in Japan, and I do not have a smart-phone (only a full-sized computer), though I do of course have an ordinary telephone.

Oh, and I am doing the Northern course.

Hi Rose
I live in New Hampshire—3 hours difference-but I am a late riser. I need someone to talk and listen with.

I would like to ask someone questions. they answer then ask me some and i answer
But how do we get in touch?

@wendy-30 you have access to the 6/6 Support Slack group, so that’s one good place to ask.
You could also join the Welsh Speaking Practice open Slack group, if you haven’t already, and ask in there. Let me know if you need an invitation to join.

Thank you Deborah
I’d like to join the speaking practice group but how do I do that please?

Hey all. Does this thread still work? I’ve been hovering around this site for years and have somehow wound up on here. I’ve always been a bit stop/start with languages but I really am trying, at the 75th time of asking, to push through with Welsh. I’ve just completed Level 1 Challenge 19, though I have previously completed both this course and the old Course 1, so have a few extra bits as well. However, I’ve never got myself into proper conversations with anyone - due to the lack of Welsh speakers in Sheffield area and not pushing forward on this platform.

To move on, I’m going to have to take this step I guess. Not really a nervous type when it comes to speaking as I do a lot of public speaking. At the same, it is also slightly terrifying.

Any takers? Flexibility works well with me, as my schedule changes from week to week.

Hopefully you’ll get some responses here, but if not, you could always try the Slack groups.
This info is from a recent newsletter -

SSiW 6/6 Support Slack is an online ‘workspace’ where people can chat, ask questions, post information and join in online group sessions with a tutor. It’s similar to the Forum, but it’s not open to everyone. Until now it has been just for people registered in a structured course and they will have automatically received an email invitation to join it. Now, it is available for all who are paying an individual subscription, no matter how you’re learning with us. It is NOT available to those who have sponsored free access through the National Centre. If you’re paying a subscription, you haven’t received an invitation to Slack and you would like one, just email admin@saysomethingin.com or reply to this email requesting that we check your access to the Slack support.

When you receive a Slack invitation email, just click on the link to join, then when you’re into Slack for the first time, read through the information in the top Channel - #1-start-here. That helps you understand how it all works. You will also find there the timetable of the online group sessions which are aimed at different levels and explained below:

There are 3 Q&A sessions per week where people can ask questions in English about the Welsh they’re learning, followed by some practice of the Welsh sentences from the very early part of the course.

There are 4 NEWYDD sessions per week consisting of two 15-minute 1:1 sessions which have to be booked ahead of time, and a half hour open group session for people very new to speaking Welsh. Some of the useful patterns needed when you’re first getting into conversations are explained and practised.

The rest of the sessions are for general practice of spoken Welsh and are suitable for most people, with the Tuesday sessions reserved for the more advanced and confident.

NOTE: SSiW 6/6 Support Slack will soon be having a facelift and changing its name to reflect the fact that it’s now open to ALL paying subscribers, not just those following the 6 Minutes or Deep End courses.

Welsh Speaking Practice is another Slack Workspace, but this one is open to anyone with an interest in speaking Welsh. It is mainly run by the participants themselves organising chat sessions with different themes such as gardening, photography and the Noson Lawen, but there is also a mid-week Chat Group on a Wednesday run by Nia. You can find the Zoom link for that session and others on the forum at Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) – Event Listings or in the #coming-events-in-wsp channel in SSiW 6/6 Support Slack.

Hi. Is this thread still running?

Im keen to volunteer to listen, and be listened to, in turn. I’m just coming to the last few modules of Level 1.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to practice with me.

Pob hwyl


Hi there!

Did you manage to find someone to practice with?

If not, I’m about the same level you have reached and am desperate to find someone to try out my Welsh on.

Please see my post below of today’s date.

Best wishes


Hello @DavidYoung and anyone else looking for a listening partner at the 19/20 stage on level 1
I have just come to the week 20 challenge 19 stage of level 1 south…
Are you still interested in listening to each other and doing our best effort at chatting?
I promise any laughing will be my nerves not your Welsh and I promise to provide some laughable effort in return and hope we can improve together!
I hope you have a sense of humour :grin:
If you are interested can we arrange a time on slack and then use a “huddle” from the slack direct message system??

That would be splendid. When might suit you best. In the evenings?