Vocabulary from Challenges

After a request for the complete vocabulary for the Challenges of Level 2, I uploaded a couple of files, with @aran 's consent. They were not in a very appropriate thread, so here they are again.
Level 2 South
SSiW Level 2 vocab South.pdf (293.4 KB)
Level 2 North
SSiW vocab Level 2 North.pdf (351.8 KB)

These are simply copied and pasted from the vocabulary lists attached to the challenges.


And here is Level 1.
SSiW vocab Level 1 South.pdf (350.6 KB)

SSiW vocab Level 1 North.pdf (351.0 KB)


This is great. Thank you.


And Level 3.
SSiW vocab Level 3 South.pdf (278.6 KB)

SSiW vocab Level 3 North.pdf (270.7 KB)


In addition to all these very useful files…
All the examples/sentences from Level 1 and 2 South.

Note: they don’t follow the order of the lessons.
They newest are pretty much on top and divided mostly according to tense and persons

p.s. it’s easier just to go see it rather than having me try to explain it!
SSiW Examples - Level 1 2 South.pdf (94.0 KB)


@Betterlatethan and @gisella-albertini - Diolch o galon! I’ve been meaning to do what you two have done, but haven’t managed to find the time. What a huge learning tool those PDFs are.



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thank you for this!!

Updated Level 3.
Level3vocab South.pdf (297.6 KB)
SSiW vocab Level 3 North.pdf (285.3 KB)
For those who wanted it fully searchable - the spreadsheets with the words copied and pasted in from the challenges were of course searchable, sortable etc. I can’t attach spreadsheets, so I had to convert to .pdf.
I found the exercise of looking at all the vocab lists, copying and pasting them, useful in itself.


Diolch yn fawr!

Very nice resource. I’m pleasantly surprised that I was able to guess most of the spelling from the pronunciation, but I was never entirely sure about some of the phrases.

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FAQ Page of “Learn” side of the SSiW - scroll down to “Where can i find the Lessons Guides and how should I use them”, clicking on this opens the “Level 1” south and north and all three courses South and North version + Vocab Lessons guides.

I believe, although it’s dated quite back in time, this is still great resource provided by @faithless78 for South and @essenbee for North version.

I believe they both gave so much work into this that this should not be misslooked and forgotten.

Hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


I had never seen those!
They seem useful as a summary and also for a quick comparison with the Northern version, since I did the Southern. Thanks!

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I had never seen those either - or if I did then I had forgotten. Thanks for pointing these out. It’s mostly the old courses, so it is mostly complementary rather than a duplication. In particular, they cover the old vocab lessons, which are very useful.

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This can be useful too.


Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much to: betterlatethan, Gisella-Albertini and Tatjana

Amazing, it’s great to have the three levels in one place!

Thanks so much for posting those word lists. I have been practising along to the SSiW app on my phone in the car on the way to/from work for a few weeks now and there doesn’t seem to be a way of seeing the written words on the phone app like there is on the iPad version, so this is wonderful!

I spend time in Abertawe (Mwmbwls) 3-4 times a year staying with friends, one of whom speaks a bit of Welsh but doesn’t get much chance to use it over there. I thought by learning a bit myself I might be able to encourage her a bit. But I don’t think that many of the locals speak it much.

My Dad and his Abertawe family certainly did not speak any Welsh. We used to visit cousins in Brynmill back in the 1950s and they spoke only English. Great-grandfather spoke Welsh according to censuses, but he was born near Carmarthen and moved to Abertawe as an adult. I think that things may be improving now.
I used to visit Mwmbwls regularly because my parents moved back there after they retired. They had a house in Promenade Terrace, right on the front. Lovely place.
I hope you get a chance to encourage your friend.

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This is great. Thank you.
I recently started SSiW. I listened to Lesson 1. The next day went to lesson 2 and kept getting stuck on the vocabulary. So I did Lesson 1 again.
I thought it would be helpful to see the vocabulary as I hear it.
I started copying the vocabulary list, but then thought someone must have done this already. And then I found this post in the forum :grinning:

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Since the lessons and challenges have been around for a while now, I guess it’s always worth asking in the Forum, first! :grin:

However since you mention seeing the vocabulary as I hear it, if you mean while you’re doing the challenge, I would not recommend that from my experience.

There’s explanations by Aran on why this doesn’t work well with this method somewhere in the forum. I can try to find them and send you the link, if you like.

In any case, I remember the short version of the instructions is simple:

  1. do the challenge without reading first
    2 check the vocabulary list

I can also say, just from my experience, that the vocabulary of the first lessons will come back many times and you will have chances to practice with it again later, it will stick! :wink:


Here is one of the threads where this was discussed previously, and which might be useful for you to look at @Jake. The consensus seems to be to look at the vocab only after doing the challenge.

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