Tresaith Bootcamp - July 2014 - Intros and 'Other Stuff'

I was reading the thread about how to get to Tresaith from the US earlier today; I hadn’t really thought before about how difficult it could be to get to Tresaith by public transport.

I will be almost certainly be travelling from Aberdaron to Tresaith for Bootcamp in July, passing most if not all of the railway stations on the Cambrian Coast Line, and then Aberystwyth.

I am not sure if the line will be reopened from Harlech to Pwhelli in July though, there is some work going on to build a new bridge north of Harlech and the line is temporarily closed.

Anyway, I thought I would offer a lift at this early stage to anyone who would like picking up ‘en route’. Hopefully this will help with planning for someone. Also, it would be nice to have company on the way down to help quell the nerves…!

Take Care, Andy :slight_smile:

I imagine a lift will be thoroughly appreciated by those who need one - thanks on their behalf. Wales isn’t exactly the easiest place to get from A to B via public transport in, so I suspect you’ll have a few people taking you up on that offer…

hectorgrey: Wales isn’t exactly the easiest place to get from A to B via public transport in

And that’s especially true on weekend days!

I will be coming from the Cotswolds. I had planned on getting the train to Carmarthen and the bus from there. Does this sound like the best option to people on the ground? I’m Australian so i won’t have no car. Not because Australians don’t like cars. More because I don’t want to pay for a week’s hire if I don’t have to. :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to bootcamp and meeting you all in Tresaith.

Having said that…I could just as easily catch a train to Aberystwyth, it seems. I wonder which is the best option? I know which would be the prettiest. :slight_smile:

You could go by bus to Aberteifi (Cardigan) and then take a little bus , called “Cardi Bach” to Tresaith
I’m looking forward to meeting you at Bootcamp.

Hi Elizabeth, not sure about the bus situation from the South, but if if you decide on the Aberystwyth option give me a shout. Looking forward to meeting you all too!

Hi Andy. I live in York but I’ll be coming from Aberdyfi that Saturday. It would be great to have a lift from there, if possible, or else from Aberystwyth, if that is easier for you. Trains are every 2 hours from Aberdyfi to Aberystwyth. It is possible to go on from there by bus to the main road near Tresaith, but there are long gaps between buses. I’m really looking forward to Bootcamp again.

Hi Carys, more than happy to pick you up from Aberdyfi so consider that as confirmed. Will pm at some point today or tomorrow and we can chat about logistics etc Looking forward to it too! Doesn’t seem to far away now… :slight_smile:

I might just take you up on that if you can fit two of us in the car. What time would you be passing through Aberystwyth?

@Elizabeth we like cars - whether or not we can afford the petrol to drive them now is another matter! < /politics >

Hi Elizabeth, quick reply as I am just off too work. I am going to work out tonight what time I am setting out so I will give you a PM when I have. There will be room for an other, it will be nice to have all the company!! Andy

Hello Everyone. I have booked my train fares to Bootcamp. Andy has kindly agreed to pick me up in Aberystwyth. So, I should get there on time. Can anyone tell me what time bootcamp finishes on the Saturday? I had hoped to go home via my cousin’s house in SW. A free bed awaits me there. I can get to her house on public transport from Aberteifi (Cardigan). I wonder …will anyone be going home that way? The Cardi bus doesn’t seem to run that late and I have 4pm in my mind as the finish time.

I’m feeling like a bit of a pest with all these transport requests. If you are ever in Melbourne I will happily reciprocate on transport any time. :slight_smile:

The Bootcamp at Tresaith normally finishes before lunchtime. Most people leave between 10.00. and 11.00 am.

Oh, okay. That makes it easier. Thanks.

Hi everyone,
I live near Milton Keynes but will be travelling up to Tresaith from Llandeilo on the Saturday morning, so if anyone needs a lift from Carmarthen train or bus station, just let me know.

Hey, it’s our turn next! Can’t wait but do confess to being a little nervous!

I just tried to look up the exhaustive lists of stuff to take/organise on the old forum and they are no longer available. Is there any we we could be provided with a list or a link to the necessary info of what we need to take.

I recall bedding, pillows and towels but beyond that I can’t really remember beyond the personal items of clothing etc.

Many Thanks


@Andy: In April, there were pillows, so you only need a pillow case or two. And a sleeping bag may be more convenient to carry than a duvet. If you do opt for a duvet rather than a sleeping bag (and that may be a cooler option if the weather is hot), then you’d need a bottom sheet to cover the mattress.

Iestyn and cat provided milk, bread and basic cereals (and I think tea bags and coffee), at least enough for the first few days, but if you have particular requirements for breakfast, then it might be an idea to take enough for the 1st day or 2 with you. There is a large fridge and a large freezer.

You may find a small torch useful to find the bathroom at night and your way back from the tafarn. :slight_smile:

Andy, go to and look up the Bootcamp page. You might need to ask permission to access the site. For the life of me I can’t remember who, but once you get access to the page you will be given an idea of what you need to survive bootcamp.

Thanks both. Useful advice and I managed to get onto the wiki pages too.