Thinking of an Intensive Day -- anyone else?

Dw i’n meddyl bo fi’n mynd i gwneud “intensive day” yn y Gymraeg. Dw i ddim yn gwbod pryd hyd yn hyn! Ond dw i isio i gwneud o!

My maximum has been three challenges in one day. Currently I’m on Level 1 Challenge 13. I’m throwing myself into Welsh as I’ve wanted to learn for ten years, and I’m at a time in my life when my personal goals are on pause and my other interests are hard to pursue as I raise my children. SSI Welsh brings the tools right into my lap!

I’m also taking a traditional course once a week but find myself wishing it could be every day. I live in the Llandudno area, and it would be great if I could buddy up with someone on doing an intensive day, and meet up at a pub afterwards. Or even a long-distance buddy to slough through in solidarity.


Really looking forward to hearing how this goes for you! :star2:

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I’m happy to join in :grinning:


Bendigedig! When is a good time for you?

I’m still an early learner…you?

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Sunday is a good day for me. Maybe a Wednesday also. I’m on level 2 I’ve done 7 challenges of level 2. I’m also a student on the 6MWS. Let me know your thoughts?

Diolch yn fawr iawn


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As a matter of interest, do you notice much Welsh being spoken in the area?
I know the area somewhat from occasional visits, but I’ve never been in the area for long enough to investigate the Welsh language possibilities.

Awesome - I love the idea of team intensive days :star: :star2:

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Llandudno is quite a hub in our neck of the woods, so we get a fair mix of tourists, English-speaking natives, and yes, even Welsh speakers. I hear them walking around outside, and in shops and restaurants. Not quite as much as I would hear them in Bangor, however, and nowhere near as much as Caernarfon! But much more than in Colwyn Bay, the next town over.

It’s definitely worth a try to speak Welsh in the shops, and there is always Welsh in banks and the library. There is a lovely little Welsh bookshop on Mostyn Street called Siop Lewis that encourages learners as well. Hope that helps!


I could do a Sunday if I started a bit later in the day, after eleven, but I’d carry on to nine or ten at night. I can do Wednesdays as well! (Dw i’n meddrai gwneud dydd Mercher, hefyd.) I’ve just finished Challenge 15 of level one! And we’re both supplementing with a course, it looks like. I assume you live in the UK timezone. Are you around me? Were you wanting to meet up somewhere at the end of our intensive day to (try to) speak only Welsh for an hour? Or we can Skype!

Feel free to carry on the conversation in messages, but I wanted to put this out there in case anyone else wanted to hop on board. I’m excited!


I’m in South Wales. Shall we say next Sunday for the intensive day? How about do 11 - 7 with an hour lunch break. Then we can chat on the phone using an app :grinning:


Yeah, I think I can swing that! Awesome! Skype or something is the best way for me as I don’t have an iPhone. (I know, I live in the dark ages, LOL!) I’ll put it on my calendar. :smiley:

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Awesome! I’m not very knowledgeable with Skype. I’m happy to try and make Skype work though.


Gwych! Dwi’n byw yng Nghaernarfon.
I’ve discovered SSiW after many years living in Gwynedd muttering ‘Mae’n drwg gen i’ and ‘Dwi ddim yn gwybod’ before switching to English. SSiW is really helping but I’m still getting baffled by first-language Welsh speakers. I’m at Level 1/ Challenge 11.
I could probably do a Sunday. And happy to virtually connect.


Hello, sut dach chi? Conor and I were going to dive in this Sunday, would that work for you? :slight_smile:

Iawn, diolch - s’mae?
Dwi’n sal a dwi dim di bod gweithio am tua tri mis, ond dwi mynd i drio dod i Landudno Dydd Sul nesaf. I can’t walk too far though. Any idea whereabouts so I can decide whether to drive or come by train?

I think the plan here is to do it from your own home, just that it happens to be at the same time - but maybe either @christiericardo or @Conor92 can confirm :slight_smile:

Diolch, Aran! I always assume it’s the complicated option! Hopefully @christiericardo or @Conor92 can clarify. Just discovered learners’ get-togethers in Caernarfon on the map, so I’ll try that too.

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You work from home. Then we’ll have a chat after the session. We are going to do 11:00 - 19:00 with an hour for lunch.


Diolch yn fawr, @Conor92
I think I’ll leave it for now then - my concentration over phone/Skype is limited (brain injury) and that’s a bit too much for me.

@christiericardo os ti’n fansi diwrnod yng Nghaernarfon give me a nudge. Cofi Welsh is Extreme SSiW!


Dim problem.