The Look and Feel of the Forum seems to have changed since yesterday (that was 6th June 2016)

The Look and Feel of the Forum seems to have changed since yesterday (that was 6th June 2016)

It looks different e.g. icon with number of messages is right over to the right hand side, but I’ve been trying to decide what’s missing, and I’ve realised that one thing that is missing are the things like
“learn”, ie. I’m sure you used to be able to navigate from the forum to the main site (as it were) and look at the challenges etc.

Bit pushed for time now to investigate further, but are others seeing changes?

I had to look quite hard to see how to log out (not that I want to, but I like to know about these things…).

I know minimalism is the new black, but I’m not sure it’s always such a good idea…

@mikeellwood everything is here and I tend to update my guides with the novelties where/if neccessary.

It was yesterday or more correctly from yesterday to today and I was probably the first to notice so immediately written something in the "This forum - How to … & similar things ". Some things @Kinetic sorted immediately but some issues like novigation through the topic tab have still to be sorted but it’s not the catastrophe without it either.

And yes, you’ve noticed correctly … navigation tabs to the Learn page really are missing. This is something what has to be sorted out though. I didn’t notice that one … ow. ow.

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YAY! Things sorted out!

Diolch @Kinetic. Just test if it all works … it does.

Now, people, beware … the separate FAQ tab leads you to “Learn FAQs” and FAQ tab in “3 stripes” menu leads you to the forum FAQs.

Enjoy whatever you do.

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I think its known as a “hamburger menu”, but I may have dreamt that somewhere… :sleepy:



Yes but I deliberately didn’t use that (even I often did on here) as not all people are that keen to tech stuff (although it’s food in store with hamburger - hehe (woops, I’m hungry. :smile: )

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On the ball as always - even before I’d quite finished sorting everything! The links at the top all work now, as does (as far as I know!) everything else. You may also notice that there’s a little bar reminding you of the title of the thread you’re reading when the title would otherwise have scrolled off the top. A handy feature which has always been a part of the software, but I could never quite make it work together with the the SSi header previously, so I’d hidden it. I think this solution (where it is hidden unless used, and I’ve shrunk the size of it slightly) works quite well - feedback welcomed :slight_smile:


@Kinetic Yes, I like seeing the thread title. And there’s a little icon to navigate back to the main page next to the title. Sweet! Diolch ! :sparkles:

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There used to be a sort of “speech bubble” at the head of the page, where a number appeared to indicate the number of replies, “likes”, private messages etc, you have received. That “speech bubble” seems to have disappeared?

Click on profile (your picture) icon at the top @gavinM . It’s everything there. It seams I have to post picture here too so here you go:

(this is the old(er) picture but the profile thingys and notifications remained in the same position/area as they’re now.

Very handy for me when trying to explain something in the thread. :slight_smile: Diolch.

Yes, If we’d be on the TeamViewer I’d see you working … The colors and bars went on and off as I’ve cruised the forums. - hehe … You can’t escape me (although you could if wanted as you’re computer geek and I’m not. :slight_smile: )

Well, that navigation through the topic button still shows only when reply window is opened and hides behind the “scrolling sidebar” when the reply window is closed. The solution for now: grab that little tinny bluish line and pull it up or down, depends of to which post do you want to go.

I’ve noticed that the whole right side is kind of “time traveller” no matter where you click. It goes from month to month what means if you click on top you’d be carried to the posts posted in previous month and oposite.

Some demonstration:


I presume this has something to do with positions of frames on the site/forum.

Well this much I could establish and it might help you in a way @Kinetic.

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…And as an encore, the forum now follows the main website’s colour preferences (i.e. if you’ve picked the green or blue appearance for the main website instead of the default red, the top bar on the forum will be that colour too). :slight_smile:

Regarding the navigation scrollbar thingy - I’ve had a look in the settings and can’t see anything about it at first glance. I rather like it though - seems a lot easier to drag a bar around than to click and then guess post numbers…

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Well, I didn’t use it for anything but going to the beginning or end of the topic but to go to the beginning is sorted out. You click on the title of the thread and you’re at the beginning. :slight_smile:

You’ve got me here! I’ve “dropped off” the ball and comming back on surprisingly found out it follows my color. :slight_smile:

Good work! I love it actually.


I like this a lot :slight_smile:

And this, too! Diolch! :star2:

(And apparently we have some new emoticons, too!)

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Didn’t investigate this yet … Thx for reminding me.

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@Kinetic: I can’t now remember exactly what it looked like before, but it seems to me that the little numerical icons which tell you if you have any messages outstanding, or if there are any replies to your posts or if someone replied to a post you were following, have all moved over to the right edge of the screen (over one’s personal avatar), where they are in danger of being missed.
(especially as the message one is in a green circle on a green background).

They were much less easy to miss where they used to be (was it over the “magnifying glass” icon?).

I’m using a desktop computer with a separate, average size (i.e. not small) screen. I don’t know what it’s like on a laptop, tablet or phone, but on my screen, there is a lot of empty space in between the SSi on the left, and the “Challenges etc”, so that whole group of stuff on the right could afford to come left a bit, and so the number-icons indicating messages/posts might not seem quite so “lost” over on the right.

(The “green on green” would still be a bit of an issue though).

Yes - that’s good. Thanks.

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The numbers are there (if present) even without clicking, but easier to miss and harder to see, if, like me, you chose a green site background colour.

@Kinetic: I’ve now seen that the forum follows the site colour options which is good, but perhaps you now need to think about choosing colour backgroounds for those “number icons” (can’t think of a better name) which don’t clash with any of the site/forum-colour options? - by “clash” I mean things like “green on green background” which don’t show up … the actual number shows up because it’s white, but the little disc thing doesn’t, so it can more easily get lost from view.

I’m afraid that’s the sort of thing that is up to the developers of Discourse, and they’ve decided to change how it works in the new version by merging the notifications into the user menu, as @tatjana already observed . Colours and stuff I can change, but the choice of which menu the notifications belong in is just up to how the software itself works I’m afraid.

However, speaking of colours and stuff:

I’ve put little white borders around them now - how’s that? I tried it with a neutral colour like grey as background, but it didn’t look so good. Suggestions welcomed.

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Yeah, that caught me out too! Thanks for the answer, @tatjana :sunny:

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#ffff00 - Yellow circle
#000000 - black number in it

Those colors are nowhere on the bar so they should be highly noticed. Maybe black circle around also to make thing more visible.

Just a suggestion

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I believe you are correct, I told one of my kids what it was called the other day and was informed I shouldn’t know things like that because I was a digital immigrant! :-S


[quote=“AnnaC, post:12, topic:5162”]
(And apparently we have some new emoticons, too!)[/quote]
I noticed this too, and am delighted! :grin: These are much better than the old ones.
:heart_eyes: :smile: :sparkler: