The Llŷn Peninsula

Looking forward to watching this next week…I wonder if, Aran and Catrin will feature? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be in it. :smile:

Cwmni Da: “We follow the lives of people who call Pen Llŷn ‘home’ in a new series starting next Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One Wales”


Thanks for the info!! I might have missed it!!

Diolch o galon dinas. Dim y tro cyntaf dwi wedi clywed gen ti am ragleni diddorol.

Thoroughly enjoyed this first episode and hearing some interesting stories. It deserves a wider audience!!! Gwyneth Glyn does a fine voice over…

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Oh, boy (again and again and again) … I wish UK would be closer to my country so I could go there for that hour or so …

Ooo, but I can watch trailer which is published above. Huray! At least something.

EDIT: I loe what I saw in those two clips and I’d want to see more. I hope one day this will go out on DVD or something. It touched my heart.


No we’re definitely not in this series guys! We’re not that interesting! :wink:

We missed this last night as it clashed with bedtime for the kids. But will catch up with it on iPlayer. Northern Luxury Bootcampers will be interested in seeing Colin and the Enlli boat crossings no doubt!

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I bet you are. You’re just too modest. What you’re doing for promoting and keeping your beautiful language alive and spoken should be beyond any interest! (So I spoke.) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed this but was slightly saddened but not surprised by the amount of young people leaving. It’s a problem for us in our village, where the cost of another bedroom outstretches a lot of families. In our case, second homes aren’t the problem but it’s easy to see why that’s a big isssue in Llŷn. There was a very astute comment at the end about balancing out tourism with the need to sustain all those things that promote tourism. I hope Llŷn can do that. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to pop in and out for a day or two in autumn and winter and try to tread as lightly as we can.


Another good episode with a number of differing attitudes. Thankfully, mine has always been the desire to see the welsh language grow…

The more I see, the more I realise that Pen Llyn is just like Gower, only Cymru instead of stolen by the King of England!!! (He conned the Lord of Gower into swearing fealty when the Lord thought it was a sort of mutual defence treaty!!)

“Terms and conditions apply”!

[quote=“dinas, post:9, topic:2633”]
Another good episode with a number of differing attitudes. Thankfully, mine has always been the desire to see the welsh language grow
[/quote] Yup, it caused much shouting in our house. There was I with a pint pot of tea and Mrs Shak ironing quietly when she suddenly went off on one, yelling that if you choose to bring up your child in a small community then why would you not educate that child via the language of that community? I won’t repeat all the iaith reasons why one should do that (or the expletives) but from the child’s point of view, it might make your life a bit easier if you could communicate. I’m glad to say that the dog has now come out from hiding but we were saddened again by this excellent programme.

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Same here! We have just finished watching it. Some of it definitely made for uncomfortable viewing

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There were several comments but that one by a middle class English woman that suggested all the schools on Llŷn - "Should be taught in English because it’s the international language." - first and that basically Welsh would be relegated to a second one had me…well. peeved.


Indeed, that was where Mrs Shak shouted “offer cough” or something :grinning: When our granddaughter started kindergarten in Germany, she was taught in, errrrrr, German and no-one seemed to think that odd. For that year, she spoke a weird mix of German and English but these days, her ability to pick up language (and accents, the little minx!) is amazing. I wish we were all better at seeing ‘different’ as good


Would that middle class English woman dare to tell somebody French or German or Spanish or Italian the same? Possibly not, in which case she is not treating Y Gymraeg as a “real language”. Or maybe she would be one of those particularly annoying tourists who order food abroad loudly in English in the certainty that they must be understood.


I’m always really angry when one language is put in front of another! Each language should be equally treated especially where there’s a community which speaks it, so should be equally treated English what means if majority is speaking and understanding it, it doesn’t mean it’s the MAIN language and this for ABOVE ALL. NO WAY!

I’d start to speak to this English woman in Cymraeg ans Slovene so she could have even more objections. I mean, with what right one language can be upon all the rest???

But sadly this all has political background so ------------------------ here I’ll stop. But I’m really sad I can’t watch this series. Now I’m even more interested in it.

Yup, we saw this as a basic issue of fairness.

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I think she is treating Cymru as a colony, which of course, it…was…still is?? I suspect the latter!! Just because it is the oldest colony doesn’t mean it can’t get free. But the people need to have the self-confidence to want freedom. I was sad to see that anywhere on Llyn has less than 90% speaking Cymraeg! It would be brilliant if somewhere in Cymru there was 100% speaking the language!!!

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I have mentioned before that I learned to prattle in German when aged 3-4 due to spending much time at a POW camp my father was helping to run. I always thought, since I later found German almost impossible to learn, that I had gained nothing, but I have always found picking up accents not just easy, but impossible to avoid!! Spent 1 week in Paris with a chap from Quebec and returned with strong Quebecois accent!! Embarrassing!!! Your ‘little minx’ may not be able to help it!!!