I’ve just listened to your new fun lesson in “Rugby Welsh”. What about something a little more serious so that we learners can get more out of the S4C programmes on Rugby, let’s hear things that are actually said during commentary etc

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It’s certainly something on our list, although getting through to Level 2 and 3 of our new stuff is a higher priority - it would need a longer course, probably a minimum of 10 sessions, to give someone a useful range of what they’ll hear in commentary, and we’d probably want to do a version for beginners and a version for people who’ve finished Level 1 and so on…

But yeah, one of these days :sunny:

Theory is all very well, but maybe putting it into practice might be even better … you know what I’m leading up to … an SSiW rugby team (or teams…maybe even a league! :slight_smile: ).

(not for me, of course: I’m over the hill and never learned to play the game anyway, but for all you young bloods out there! :slight_smile: )

@davestevens: Earlier in the year, I bought the book Dathlu Rygbi Cymru. It’s aimed at schoolchildren and entirely in Welsh, but it’s an excellent resource to learn all of the different positions, parts of the field, terms such as drop goal, maul, penalty kick etc. Really worth a purchase. You’ll start hearing the terms on S4C instantly. I’ll have a quick think and try to come up with a list of some common words/phrases and post them here if you like.

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Here’s a few off the top of my head:

ymosod - to attack
amddiffyn - to defend
meddiant - possession
cais - try
cosb - penalty
cell cosb - sin bin
cam drafod - handling error
sgarmes - maul
sgarmes symudol - rolling maul
camsefyll - offside


Sgarmes symudol :sunny:

Ochrgamu - sidestep
Bylchu - break
Dyfarnwr - ref
Colli meddiant - turnover

@aran: Autocorrect strikes again!


As soon as you’ve learned handling error and turnover, you’re good to go for Saturday! #eternalpessimistwhenitcomestowelshrugby

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Ystlys - Touchline
Asgellwr - Wing
Blaen asgellwr - Flanker
Clo - Lock

Not very comprehensive - just my favourite rugby words. The first in particular is wonderful just to say for fun. :smile:

This word appears in Oes Gafr Eto as “side” or “flank”, of course. :smile:


Yes it does.

Blacks, Boks, Pumas & Wallabies!
Reviving thread, as not sure where else to put this! I could start a new Championship thread, but I don’t see the point.
I was so stupid I missed the first game and had to watch highlights, so wasn’t sure if it really was a Blacks exhibition match in which the Wallabies hardly figured at all. Having just watched today’s game…well OK Oz was at least there, but it seemed to me they were bash-bam-we’re here type there rather than showing real skill and feel! Their coach had told them off, so they were trying to show, “It wasn’t me, Gov, look, I’m doing my best…wham, bam!” I do hope they wake up and smell the coffee!
I thought the other game last week could well have been a fair draw and look forward to this evening.
Oh, Da iawn Seland Newydd! Well deserved wins!
edit: 28/08
Neithiwr gwyliais i the game in Argentina and enjoyed it! I think the result was fair and look forward to seeing how the two teams get on against the others!!
Anyone else on here following The Championshp? @bedw_arian, @penderyn ??

Perhaps @gabycortinas? :slight_smile:

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Will anyone ever beat the Blacks? The Pumas started off so well, but the Blacks just found another gear and… that was that!
I have to say, I found the Aussie commentators on Sky for the Wallabies-Boks match very lacking impartiality!

First thing that came up when I searched for rugby terms in Welsh was this which seems fairly comprehensive:

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Wow that is one hell of a find! Diolch!! I am not going to attempt to comment yn Gymraeg on the Forum, though!

Quite scary in a way when you see a long list like that for one topic. Makes you realise how far there is to go.

The original game of rugby in Wales was called Cnapan but was made nearly extinct by the chapel denouncement. Its now restricted to parts of Penfro/Pembrokeshire

Dwi ddim yn meddwl gallwn ni honni hynny!
Or are you just joking?
(:thought_balloon: There were actually a lot of games in a lot of places, which involved a large percentage of the young folk chasing some object or other all over the village or town! :wink:)

Latest games - I think I’ll faint with shock if the Blacks ever lose!