Llanelli is STILL celebrating

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Are you surprised??? Dw’i ddim!!! Only sad that I wasn’t there!! :sob: I had buried both my grannies already!

Well, 02/10/2019, the Blacks march on, although they had to do a lot illegally to manage it in the 2nd half!
But -
Why? Pam? are the Pumas playing their last ‘home’ game of the Championship against the Wallabies at Twickenham??? No home crowd there, unless a whole lot of our folk with a soft spot for y Wladfa go along to cheer! And I suspect as many would support the Wallabies. I see tickets are on sale for £20 to try to get people there, but suspect a lot of seats will be empty unless school trips fill them!
As for Boks and Wallabies, I don’t think it was the best game I’ve seen!

How are you watching the games @henddraig? Can I see them on the internet?

Well, I’ve got Sky, which was pretty well essential in this part of Scotland, backed up against and rather wrapped up by a steep hill, to get any reception at all back when!
The games were/are on Sky Sports, either 3 or Mix. I don’t know if you can get them on line.
edit: @Deborah-SSi Mae Janet 'n dweud wrthy fi that I can’t help you, so I’m afraid there seems no legal method of getting a copy of the broadcast.
However, try searching for Rugby Championship on line and, thinking about it, Saturday’s game at Twickenham may well turn up on UK TV eventually!!
I do think it’s unfair that copyright stops a Welsh Aussie, now living in Wales from seeing her team play, especially as, if you were not having nasty chemotherapy, you might have gone along to the game. Last time I checked the seats were getting cheaper!!!

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I’m a Welsh Kiwi actually - very important distinction that :smile: - and I tried to look at a few highlights that I found on a Fox TV site, but it wouldn’t let me as I am living outside of Australia!! Never mind - won’t be long till the Six Nations and I can cheer on Wales.

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I knew that! Mae’n ddwrg gen i!! Senior moment! Well. that’s my excuse! Consolation:

  • you likely wouldn’t have wanted to go to English HQ anyway.
  • Your team continues to conquer all, so you know the result already!!
    @Deborah-SSi p.s. If by some amazing circumstance, Blacks were to bow to Boks, you’d probably prefer not to watch it!! I can’t say I have ever enjoyed watching Wales lose!
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I think it’s good for the All Blacks to lose occasionally to stop them getting complacent, but I’d rather it were Wales that beat them :sunglasses:


:heart: :exclamation:
@Deborah-SSi Just logged on to say–
Boks 15 pob cicio
Blacks 9 geisiau that’s NINE TRIES 57 points!!!
Yn dda iawn iawn iawn!!!

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I will really have to find a way to watch that :slight_smile:

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I am so sorry. I know of nothing legal!

If it’s that good it might show up on YouTube eventually. I keep hoping someone will upload Question Time from last week. There are quite a few recent episodes there, but not the Castell-nedd one when I last checked.

Isn’t it on Iplayer? It is BBC1, so it should be. I will include you in a PM.

Can’t watch iPlayer now. They changed the rules, and I don’t have a TV Licence :cry:

YES!! I’ve just found it on YouTube :laughing:


Did you find Saturday’s game yet. I meant to tell you it was actually on about an hour earlier than I thought, but I got all distracted by the Aberfan coverage.

Yes, I’ve just finished watching it. Fantastic!! I’m so grateful for the people that upload the whole thing to YouTube.

Cnapan is why the valley Welsh of South Wales…so readily took up the later public school boy game of rugby…after Cnapan got sadly ostracised

Cause and effect builds the world around us!..yet most seems hidden from knowledge

Look up Cornish Hurling ( @HowlsedhesServices may know more) and Ancient Football. There may have been a concentration of such games in the Celtic countries and areas, but I think football without rules was pretty widespread before the bosses, not wanting their workers hurt in such activities, started Associations to codify games!
To @Deborah-SSi I’m sad that we’re not playing your Blacks this Autumn, but we are playing Aus! I guess you’ll really support us then!

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At least I don’t suffer from divided loyalty then :slight_smile: