Postman Pat song in Welsh for Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

We received a lovely email from a Welsh singer, Francesca Dimech, late yesterday - just in time to post this morning for Dydd Gŵyl Dewi!

My name is Francesca Dimech and I’m a Welsh speaking singer from Cardiff. As it’s St David’s Day tomorrow, I decided to teach my friend Thoby Davis how to sing a song in Welsh and for some reason we decided on Postman Pat… I translated it into Welsh and we recorded the results (in a minor key for added comedy value). I also subtitled the video so that other learners can follow it. I’m thinking of making it into a series.

I thought perhaps you might be interested in seeing it as it’s quite funny! Here’s the link:


Sh’ mae Dee.
Thank you for the smile this morning. It always helps to have something fun and encouraging in the morning (especially at 5am!). I was really excited that I could understand the meaning of the song and all the words.
Dydd gŵyl Dewi hapus i chi!


It was funny. :slight_smile:
By the way I had never heard the song in English, and didn’t know who Postman Pat was so it’s also funny I heard it for the first time in Welsh, with that “serious” feel. And I was wondering…are they really talking about a postman and a cat?!

p.s. just found out it was broadcast in Italy for the first time just a 3 or 4 years ago on channels I can’t even see!


Postman Pat was a firm favourite with my kids and I’m pretty sure it was shown in both New Zealand and Australia.

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Yes, they really are. You can find Postman Pat episodes on Youtube, both originals and more modern digitised versions.


Hi everyone! I’m the Francesca responsible for the video!
Thanks for all your kind comments :slight_smile: I’m glad you enjoyed our funny Welsh lesson evening!
Would you like to see more translations of popular songs? I’m thinking of making a series where I teach them to my English speaking friends.


That was great, Francesca. Yes, please do post more, and thanks Dee for posting this.


You can find them on YouTube (in Italian) if you search for “il postino pat” (funnily enough!).


My immediate thought was this:

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I love this, thanks and well done. I am now going to learn my first song in Welsh…mainly because I can’t get it out of my head now. :laughing:


Dyna benegedig, Francesca! Diolch yn fawr. Yes, please, make more videos. I really enjoyed listening to both of you and learned new words. @Deborah-SSi Diolch o galon am rhannu ei gân hi. Heartfelt thanks for sharing her song.


Some internet sources give the original songwriter as being Radio Wales’ and Swansea’s own Mal Pope. However I seem to recall him being asked to confirm this, and his answer was along the lines of “I wish I had”.

Not to worry, he did write the signature tune to Super Ted, which is good enough for me.

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Yes! I woke up with this song in my head in the last two days and often pops out throughout the day. :sweat_smile:
I’d be happy to hear more songs, @francescadimech-1 - as long as maybe a little less sticky? :rofl:

Saw a few clips from the Italian version now, @stephenbranley but I don’t really get the humour of the guys in the other video. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Discogs credits a guy named Bryan Daly - and it’s usually pretty reliable because it’s mostly written by record collectors, that are known as being obsessive boring nerds :grin:

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Sorry I haven’t had chance to listen to this, and where I am now is not properly set up for audio.

But I wondered if this was the original song?

In the last year or so, i have become a belated PP fan, as we were regularly looking after our very young grandson, and this was one of the things I put on (on Youtube, on our smart TV). The youtube videos are very often compilations of multiple episodes, and he would only pay attention to about one episode usually, although I wanted to watch them all! :slight_smile:

I noticed that with the later, more high-tech versions (where Pat has a helicopter and goodness knows what else), they were using a different song that went something like:

Doobeedo Postman Pat
Do you know what’s in his sack
Will there be a letter?
Will there be a parcel?
Will there be a postcard?
Doobedoobedoobedoo…Postman Pat…

And then when he was promoted to “Special Delivery Service”, that too had its own music!
(Got to keep up with the times…).
(Wish Royal Mail was as well equipped everywhere as Pencaster/Greendale is
(and was still in public ownership, but we’d better not go down that road… :wink:

Edit: These are the original lyrics I think:

Not found the updated ones yet.

Edit2: From this YT video, what I was thinking of may just be the ending theme:

Postman, Postman Pat!
Can you guess what’s in his bag?
Is there a letter? (Meow!)
Is there a parcel? (Meow!)
Is there a postcard? (Meow!)
What’s left? Jess the Cat!
Postman, Postman Pat!
Can you guess what’s in his bag? (Meow!)

Kudos to anyone who can come up with the Special Deliver Service lyrics!! :wink:

Edit3: Looks like it’s kudos to me after all (and my friend google!):

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amazing. Sorry for some reason the english song gets stuck in my head so this was great