Hi Guys, I am just wondering how I can download to listen to as I drive?

Is there a podcast?


Hi Stephen,

Are you referring to the lessons?

You presumably know you can download these from the “Learn” area:

You can just download the MP3 files in the usual sort of way to a computer/laptop, then manually transfer them to whatever device you want to listen to them on.

(By usual sort of way, I mean just click on the link to the lesson you wantm choose between north and southm right click on the “download” icon, and “save link as” to a suitable folder).

I believe there is an app to get them directly on mobile devices, but there seemed to be some problems with that at the moment. I don’t have the technology which could use that, so have no experience of it. No doubt someone else will be able to supply the information you need, for when it’s working again.

But perhaps you meant something else?