Pardon my Welsh

A little bit of hwyl!


Lyfli! :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn :smile:

I discovered the Welsh whisperer on Twitter as he is following our Welsh group account - @AbertaweWelsh!

Diolch yn fawr - doniol iawn.

Hmmm … I’ve started to follow him on SoundCloud yesterday but this is even better data. Well, it might very well be I’m already following on twitter too, but I didn’t pay attention to this (since I follow 1.000+ people).

Diolch yn fawr iawn.

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Am sbort !

Yn wir!!!:smiley:
Oh dear. I seem to have forgotten how to make smileys work!!!

The Welsh Whisperer pronounces Felinfoel as velinvoil. I pronounce it as velinvole like everybody else from the area where I grew up. My Grandmother came from Felinfoel and a stone throw away from the brewery!

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Feelin’ foul, it’s called by some who have, let’s say, overindulged the night before. :wink:


Yes I have heard that so many times too!