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Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but are there any links to the old course? I did find it and started reading through then lost them.

Many Thanks Donna

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On a browser (not sure if it’s different for apps), click on ‘Learn’ in the top bar, then click on it again in the next window, then choose ‘challenges’ - scroll down and you’ll see links to the old course there.

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I remember reading on here that Aran sort-of disowns it now, but having finished the new course (and loved it), I felt that the Old Course was a great follow-on exercise and really helped to cement some of the stuff in my mind.
I’m in the middle of Level 2, and can recommend it to anyone who has finished Level 3 of the New course, and is still looking for another dose of the SSiW method.
So I’m glad you left it there for us Aran!


Agreed, I’ve found the old course really useful for some grammar stuff, and the coverage of how to say yes and no in the right way is indispensable.


Many thanks I have found it now.

I can now get back to learning some more Welsh. Although I admit I’m using f the pause button a lot as it goes too fast for me. However I do appear to be remembering words so that’s a start!


In Challenge 6, Level 1 of the Old Course, Iestyn refers to the listening exercises on the Forum. I have had a hunt to no avail. Can anyone tell me where these listening exercises are, please?

Have they perhaps been reincarnated as the Advanced Content?

I can’t find the listening exercises in the forum either. But there are some under “learn” and “challenges” if you swipe as far as possible to the right.

I have a problem following your instructions, Anna. Can you expand, please? When I look at the web site on my laptop, I can select Learn then Challenges, but it just displays the latest challenge I have been working on. I have no ‘swipe’ option on my laptop, so can you tell me what you see, please?

Oh dear, yes you’re right. Under challenges, the web site brings up the challenge that I am working on at the moment. At the bottom of that page, under the heading of “Old material” there are links to weekly and daily practices. But there are not many of them and, for me, it is completely unclear how they are to be used.

This is what you should see @simon-gregory-1, just above the Apple and Google store buttons. There are listening exercises if you click on weekly or daily practices (once you click on one of those, there are more buttons to get you to either the listening or speaking practices that the old course refers to).

@Anna-Scharf if you are working through the new course, you don’t need to use these at all. Some like to do the old course and its associated exercises after they have completed all of the new course because it is set out slightly differently, so that’s why the old material was left accessible, but it’s entirely optional.

Thanks Siaron. I have been looking at the old course because I am coming to the end of level 2 in the new one. I’ve worked through the first 6 lessons and am finding that the every day vocabulary and the basic grammar that is introduced very useful. The slower listening exercises are good for me, too, as I am very hard of hearing and am often confronted with situations where I am at a loss to understand what is being said and do not enjoy more of the same with the exercises in the new course.


Gwych, diolch, @siaronjames. This is what I was looking for >> https://www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/weekly/listening
Dw i’n hapus :smiley:

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Note that the old course listening exercises aren’t updated any more as that course is no longer maintained, but what is there is still useful. Any Welsh that you can listen to is useful :slight_smile:

How can I switch from the old course to the new course?

When you’re in the old course, there is a warning at the top in the coloured bar, with a link to click on taking you to the “main course”, i.e. the new one:

or if you’re learning through one of the mobile apps, there is a drop down selection which lets you choose there.