Need a practice partner

IM around challenge 22 level 1
I can use any
slack zoom

Thanks in advance in any one can help

Hello @jez-jones, you mention Slack, and as it happens, we have a Slack workspace open to anyone, called Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP). Just send an email to, and they’ll add you.

There you have different options of joining different chats, from impromptu 1-on-1 chats to group chats with or without set topics, music sessions, and so on… See you there! :slight_smile:

Hi im on it i never really see anyone there either that or i dont kow how to work it

I did join one session but it was to far advanced for me

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I was just going to suggest you post a message to #beginners, but you have found it :slight_smile:
You could also try posting in #online-now, specifiying your level. Availability does vary depending on time and day, so good luck!

Yes, it would be great if someone who is at a similar point in the course could match up with you. Alternatively, I’m sure that one of us would be happy to chat with you using sentences from level 1. I’d certainly be happy to do that.

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That’s what I found as well. People on Slack speak at a level way beyond anything I can keep up with yet. In the end I gave up on it as not the right solution for me.

@jez-jones which course are you doing? I am doing the northern course and am about mid-level two but have minimal conversation practice. If you are also doing northern I would offer myself as a practice partner.


Perfect, when are you usually available? I am free most days after 3:00 UK time.

AT what level are you ?

ok ill try and get in for 3 ish then week days … i tend to be busier even with no work people are good at using my time up

Sounds good. We can try tomorrow at 3. I am in the slack group as well. I will post something there.

I was at about 21 or 22 of level 1 when I found Slack too advanced. Now at 3 of level 2, still not at the level I heard in there. Could still do with some practice.

A couple of things to bear in mind with the Slack chats and hangouts -

1.Often for beginners, one-to-one chats are easier because you can go at your own pace and easily ask your chat partner to repeat/rephrase/slow down. Hangouts tend to be more difficult to follow at first.

  1. Lots of learners don’t really realise/believe just how good their Welsh is, so they actually speak at a higher fluency than they think they are doing!

  2. Many of the learners on Slack - in hangouts in particular - have been using WSP for a while and this has boosted their confidence hugely, and that confidence can sometimes make new learners feel out of their depth.

There are quite a few different channels available, and not all of them are automatically shown in the menu. There is a ‘Beginners’ channel which might be a good place to look for speaking partners until numbers 2 and 3 apply to you! (which they certainly will if you stick with it!)


I will try to get on

well seems obvous to me we should try and practice together

I have just completed level one but am very slow working out what to say. Would be very happy to practice. Judy

fantastic when evenings weekends best for me let me know whats the best for you

I’m happy to practice with either/both of you if we can find a suitable date and time.

(Well, “happy” might be a bit strong. I’m shy so I don’t really want to do it, but…dwi angen ymarfer :laughing: )

how about 9pm tonight but i dont know how to make a group chat if theres more than one alkthough im sure i can work it out