Llyncu Geiriau - £50 a pop - looking for contestants again! Filming: 7, 8, 9 of October

Mae cwmni Boom Cymru yn cynhyrchu cyfres newydd o’r cwis hwyliog i ddysgwyr Cymraeg - ‘Llyncu Geiriau’. Gydag Eleri Siôn yn cyflwyno, bydd panelwyr yn cystadlu am y gorau i adnabod, cofio, creu a chyfieithu geiriau o bob math.

Felly rydym yn chwilio am ddysgwyr ar lefel Canolradd ac Uwch i gystadlu mewn timau o ddau. Byddwn yn ffilmio ar y 7, 8 a 9 o Hydref.

Cysylltwch yn fuan os oes gennych ddiddordeb ar 02922 450218. Neu ebostiwch ffion.coughlan@boomcymru.co.uk


Boom Cymru TV are producing a new series of the light hearted Welsh learners quiz ‘Llyncu Geiriau’. With Eleri Siôn presenting, the panellists will compete against each other in various linguistic rounds.

We are looking for learners of intermediate and higher levels to take part in teams of two.
We’ll be filming on the 7,8 + 9th of October.

Please contact us if you would like to take part on 02922 450218. Or email ffion.coughlan@boomcymru.co.uk

Thank you!

@Deborah-SSi - wythnos nesaf?! :slight_smile:

And it’s £50 for taking part, plus travel costs to Cardiff… :slight_smile:

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I’ve just had an email off Ffion saying that because I was on the last series they wouldn’t consider me for this one. Please don’t ignore this guys, it was one of the best experiences of my Welsh-speaking life. Go for it.


You can read more about it here - let’s have lots of SSiW entrants! It sounds like a lot of fun.


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Yes, it does sound like fun. Too bad they won’t (I presume) pay for trravel to Cardiff from across the pond!


I’m in! :wink:

(for the avoidance of doubt, that means I really, really would like to participate)


I’m already in. Booked for October 7th. Just beginning to get a bit nervous. My (non SSIW) friend Pete and I make up a team. Would love to see others of you there.


Awesome - pob lwc!

And commiserations to @Sionned and @louis!

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For a minute, I genuinely thought they were asking you to pay them to let you take part, and I actually didn’t think this was at all unreasonable!


p.s. Is there a studio audience, and therefore a chance for friends, family and SSiW colleagues to cheer the brave volunteers on?

No mention of trying to drum up an audience. @gruntius would know.

No studio audience, unless you count a camera man, the sound guy (who is actually is a really sound guy) and a girl frantically filling in a crossword on a cheap piece of cardboard.

No room for family and friends.


I’d better confess that Ffion talked me into this one too. I’m teaming with Martin Coleman. Looking forward to it as I do like word games, but a little concerned that neither of us has actually seen the programme and not a single snippet of it appears to be available online. Gruntius, is this likely to be a handicap?!


I don’t think it will be a handicap at all Karen, we hadn’t seen it either, obviously. You could practice memory games for the picture round but apart from that you either know the answer or you don’t. :blush:

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Ooh, that’s going to be a hard team to beat… :slight_smile:

It was loads of fun! They really have a knack of making it non-stressful.


Oooh, so excited to see you and Martin are going to be in it this year. I’ll definitely have to watch that episode!

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I too have volunteered myself for this quiz! Don’t know why I am putting myself through it, but hopefully it will be fun! Wish me luck!


Can you give any clues about the picture round? Do you have to recognise famous people or places?! You said you could practise this round - in what way?! At the age of 72, I fear my brain might not be as sharp as it was (especially in Welsh!), so any tips would be gratefully received. Diolch!

They are drawn cartoony pictures of normal everyday things … Pirate, iron, flag, sink, ship, mushroom, car, shoe, apple, etc. Nothing difficult. I think there are 20 to remember and you get 30 seconds to recall them. Just simple memory games would help. I tried to make up a story with them in my mind as Eleri was calling them out but I failed miserably. :astonished:


Thanks very much. That sounds a bit like Kim’s game when you have objects on a tray and then gradually add more - then you cover them up and try to remember them. I go to visit an old school friend in Caernarfon and we play this - just to convince ourselves we are not getting dementia! The trouble is - now do I know the Welsh words for those things you mentioned?! Off to consult the geiriadur!

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