Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up

Thanks from me too - after a pretty depressing Saturday with my friend in hospital it was a great to meet you all, relax and siarad Cymraeg.

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Dw i’n cytuno - diolch yn fawr, Peter. Dw i’n edrych ymlaen at y tro nesa.
I agree - thank you very much, Peter. I look forward to the next time.

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A fi hefyd - I really enjoyed the afternoon, thank you Peter, and everyone else who came too - you were all so welcoming.

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Hi Lorraine - would next Tuesday afternoon (30th) be good for you? No worries if not, will suggest another time. Jenny

Schmae Jenny,
Tuesday afternoon should be okay. But I am having my kitchen rebuilt at the moment and not sure how much progress would have been made by then. What sort of time where you thinking about?

Hi Lorraine,
I can catch a train that gets into Denmark Hill at 2.15 if that sounds ok, and we can stroll into Ruskin park, as you suggest. But if you need to stay at home to keep an eye on kitchen events, I could come another day. Jenny

Hi Jenny,
sorry about the late reply, still got builders in the kitchen, tomorrow afternoon should be fine around 4ish if possible for you. If not that is okay we can arrange another time.

Hi Lorraine,
I can do tomorrow too. Great. I’ve just looked at the trains, and if all’s on time I’ll get a train (if the connections work) that will get to Denmark Hill at 15.43. I’d then aim to get the 17.22 back, if that sounds ok to you.
My email address is jennybsharples [AT] gmail [DOT] com in case I don’t turn up because of railway delays, and I’ll keep an eye on my phone for any messages.
I don’t know the station - which exit should I use? I’ll have a white jumper with me I could wave to identify me if needed! Jenny

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Hi Lorraine - it the plan still on? I’ll be leaving at 2.30 if so.
Thanks, Jenny

Hi Lorraine. As you haven’t been able to confirm, unless you are able to do so by 2.00, I think we should leave it for another time, in case you’re not able to make it today. No worries.

The next Llon-dain will be on Sunday the 2nd October at 2.00pm. We will be starting by Blackfriars station in Central London and end up at Victoria. More details nearer the time. Hope everyone can make it. Hwyl. @Deborah-SSi

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That sounds great, Peter. Unfortunately, I will be in Spain that weekend. Enjoy!
Mae hynny’n swnio yn wych, Peter. Yn anffodus, bydda i yn Sbaen yr wythnos 'na. Mwynha!

Enjoy Spain, see you at the next one. Hwyl.

For those coming this Sunday for the Welsh walk then we will be meeting in the main entrance of Blackfriars station on the north bank of the river. The walk will be about four miles and at a gentle stroll with part of it along the river, part in a park and the possibility of passing a large sign in Welsh. We will end in a pub by Victoria station. If any one needs more information let me know. Hwyl, Peter

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Hello Peter- I won’t be able to make today’s walk, unfortunately.
Will definitely try and come to the next one.
Best regards.

No problem, look forward to seeing you next time.

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The next Llon-dain walk will take place on Sunday 20th November at 2.00pm. We will be meeting somewhere around Paddington with more details to come in the next few days. Look forward to seeing everyone again. @Deborah-SSi

S’mae All,

On the Llon-dain walk next Sunday at 2.00pm we will be meeting on Paddington station next to the Cafe Nero by platform 4. Most of the walk between Paddington and Bond Street will be along the Regents Canal or in Regents Park. Here is a map. It is about five miles long and we will end for a drink in a pub somewhere close to Bond Street. Look forward to seeing everyone there. Hwyl, Peter

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Thanks, Peter - I plan to be there. Jenny

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Hi All,

The weather tomorrow afternoon looks like it will be nice so looking forward to seeing the ones of you who can come.