Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up

Thanks to @Nicky for the idea for this but apologies that I didn’t ask him if I could nick the concept!!

Several people have posted here about having meet ups in various parts of London so I thought I would gauge opinion about having a regular one where we meet in different parts on a Saturday. So, the question is, who might be interested?

No date yet but, as I live in Dulwich, for the first one I thought a coffee in the café in the park in the afternoon with a walk through Dulwich Woods and Sydenham Woods afterwards ending in a pub that has a garden (Dulwich Wood House) for a drink and possibly food.

So, let me know if you would be up for this or have any other ideas.

@KateM @Richard636363


I tend to work weekends so for me mornings during the week are usually best. I’m always up for a coffee and chat then if anyone’s available.

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Hey feel free! May I suggest the following also…

Cloncedigion 2: The Cloncers get revenge.

In all seriousness, try and contact Elis James the comedian as he lives around Dulwich and besides getting the event publicised would probably be keen to actually attend!


Um, perhaps Llon-dain: The Llon-dainers get revenge - however, I think I had better wait until it is more than just me! Diolch.

I’m in

I’d definitely be interested. I live in Forest Hill, so Dulwich is perfect for me. However, I’m disabled, so couldn’t do the walking bit.

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My daughter and grandson live in Llundain (Tottenham to be exact). I’ll let them know about this interesting initiative.
Is there a pun in “Llon-dain” BTW? :smile:


Llon means gleeful, festive in English. Once I realised that Clonc was ‘gossip’ I saw it as a challenge to come up with something similar that fitted in with London. So Nicky has a gossiping (well, chatting, discussing) Ceredigion group and London now has a gleeful, festive one.


Sounds like a good idea. Count me in!

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Good one, Peter - thanks for enlightening me. :smile:

I would also be interested in taking part although I might chicken out of the walk. Jenny

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London isn’t too far for me. I am in Kent. Interested.

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The walk is relatively easy but I will provide details when a date is set. This gives a taster;- http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksWalks/dulwich-woods-walking-route

Thanks for that. Jenny

Dulwich is a long old journey for me, but if you ever do one in west / central London I’d be interested.

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As a suggestion for a south west london one - in Surbiton there is a book shop (think it’s called Regency something) that is run by two first language welsh speakers. I’m sure they’d be delighted by a visit :slight_smile:


A few of us who know each other have now chosen the date for the first Llon-dain meet up for Sunday the 12th May. Hopefully this will work for others too. Final details will come nearer the time but it is looking like a meet at the café in Dulwich Park at 2.00pm and then a walk through the woods to the Wood House pub.


Definitely interested, although I can’t do the 12th May.

Hopefully this will be the first of many so lots of opportunity in the future. Sorry you won’t be able to make it this time. Hwyl.

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Like Catriona- I would welcome one in central London as I work in Waterloo, but come in to Euston.