Llecyn Barddonol - "Poet's Corner"

Don’t forget that we start you off with the first line - you have no choice with that!!
I will make up a line and we could both try it if you like?

Now I have to think up a line, in case you like the idea!!!

This is brilliant! Practice makes perfect! This might be fun and useful at the same time. :slight_smile:

Wrth cyrraedd pen y mynydd
Ag edrych ar y tywydd
Roedd rhaid mynd 'nôl heb awydd.

Wrote this just now. Now I need a different line for us, D’oh!!

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Ar ôl diwrnod ar y traeth,
Right, what can you do with that?

Ar ôl diwrnod ar y traeth,
Palu tywod, llawer gwaith,
Ar ôl y llanw, dim effaith!!

Very enjoyable!

Tried to compose something but I guess it’s too late at the moment. Hope you’re patient enough to give me time until tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Of course! And remember to enjoy the success!

Well, I’ve put together this:

Ar ôl diwrnod ar y traeth
O’n i’n dysgu yr iaith
A wedyn chwarae gyda plant.


That works nicely, well done!
How about:-
Dwi’n dysgu yn y dosbarth,

That’s a sialens!!

Dwi’n dysgu yn y dosbarth,
Efo fy ffrind yr Arth,
Ni methu treiddio’r tarth…

Ew, dwi’n mwynhau barddoniaeth mwy nawr nag erioed o’r blaen…!

@Garys I like your traeth one the best! You are really good at doing the rhyming - I don’t have enough vocabulary, so I find that really hard. I spent ages working on my Eisteddfod entry :pensive:

Can I play, too? I love the beach! I came up with this:

Ar ôl diwrnod ar y traeth
Haul, hwyl a tywydd perffaith
Sa i’n moyn gadael am noswaith!

I’m sure the preposition in the last line must be wrong - I can’t decide quite how to express that! Gotta love Southern-speak, because it saves a lot of syllables over “dw i ddim yn” :slight_smile: Critique/corrections welcomed!

@tatjana Da iawn ti! :slight_smile: :star:

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Very nice! I may have put tan (until) instead of am, but let’s call it poetic licence?!
As I am almost a Gog, having grown up in the canolbarth, I would probably say “Wn i ddim”, but we’re not short of ways to shorten stuff!! " 'Sdim" for does dim, " 'Sgen i’m syniad" for “does gen i ddim syniad” (I have no idea), er enghraifft, for example. As for vocab, I’m still learning…
Welcome to the party!


Da iawn ti @AnnaC! I find it better then mine. :slight_smile:

@Garys maybe you should alter the title of the topic a bit? A bit of practice of Eglyn Milwr is just perfect.

I believe my one doesn’t apply to the standards Some vowels/syllables seams to be sufficient. :slight_smile:

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@Garys Thanks so much for your kind words. I don’t know why I didn’t come up with tan, that’s much better. But I like your idea of poetic licence! :wink: Thanks for all the Gog-isms, that’s actually really helpful for me to learn!

@tatjana Diolch! If you’re not happy with your englyn, you can always try again - we’re happy to read more poetry! I won’t tell you how many different lines I tried until I got something that worked. I was trying to convince myself that hwyl was two syllables for a while, until I made yet another change… :slight_smile:

I once thought iawn was two syllables, but I was mistaken and realise that it’s another opportunity to emphasise something, as in iiii-awn!! In the past I had thought that language was inviolable, but if we didn’t “make stuff up”, we would never make new words or express a new feeling, or idea, or even name a newly created contraption. That’s where Welsh and the Welsh excel - descriptive phrases like “llygad y ffynon” wouldn’t exist otherwise. It’s a really fun aspect of learning a new language!!

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I think your idea of splitting the thread is a really good one and I should be able to do this as a Mod, but my knowledge of the mysterious inner workings of this new website is woefully lacking :pensive::flushed:. I’ll investigate…[puts on deerstalker and picks up hugely ornate pipe, fills it with tobacco and then thinks better of lighting it as I’ve never smoked…!!]

Easier than I thought. Welcome to the new thread everyone, pull up a chair and join in the conversation, or find a nice quiet corner to think, the choice is yours!

This reminds me of the thread that existed on the old forum - it was a Virtual Bar. What we’ve just created is “Poets Corner” or “Llecyn Barddonol”… might just create another thread…

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I knew this shouldn’t be to big of a problem.

Thank you. I just thought people would join if the title or topic would be different showing they can participate. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’l give this second verse a go. Something interesting might come out, who knows. :slight_smile:

@Garys you forgot to set category for this splitted topic so I’ve searched for it puzzled for two or three minutes as it was totally invisible. I’ve set category Welsh/General/Questions now so that people would be able to see the topic and come in to either "sit in quiet corner " or participate. :slight_smile:

Now to the Eglyn Milwr … uhh, I have to think something of yet.

Is it possible to briefly sum up the rules of Englyn Milwr, os gweli di yn dda?


EDIT: This is what Wikipedia says:

The soldier’s englyn. This consists of three seven-syllable lines. All three lines rhyme.

Is that correct?

An explanation of the form can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/englyn-milwr6

This is the explanation that Dee put up at the start of the Eisteddfod competition.