"Lan y Lawr" on S4C

Yesterday I found a show called “Lan a Lawr” available on the S4C international website. I’ve been having a great time watching a Welsh drama over here across the pond! With the English subtitles on to help me pick out the words, I can understand some of the Welsh. (Much, much harder with no subtitles because it’s fast, colloquial and not spoken clearly like in the lessons!) Definitely hearing Southern stuff…sa i’n, nawr, wi’n, the gyda construction for having something…and thanks to Bonus Lesson 6, I know what it means when they say “yndefe” all the time. :slight_smile: Some Wenglish in there, too. And I guess if I want to sound authentic, I’d better start saying “be’” instead of “beth”! And I can sometimes understand enough to see that the subtitles aren’t an exact translation, but give a similar meaning.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I understand a lot of it, but to be able to pick out as much as I can is very rewarding! I started SSiW in May and I’m on Course 2 Lesson 3 right now. Being able to gwrando’n ofalus a deall rhywbeth is exciting. Dw i wedi dysgu rhywbeth! Dw i’n ei hoffi fe…lot o hwyl! :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d share in case anyone else outside the UK (or inside) might want to check it out.


(I’m still waiting to see if we will ever get the (in)famous “Pobol y Cwm”… :slight_smile: )


I enjoyed the series. The main male character - Mel, the bald one - played by Dewi Pws Morris is a friend of SSiW and once popped into a Bootcamp to perform for everyone. If your ever in Tresaith there’s a good chance you’ll meet him in the pub. Dewi told me it looks like there won’t be a second series, unfortunately.


I have said elsewhere that this is so unbelievable to me that I couldn’t enjoy it properly. I lived in the part of Gower portrayed and it is not a place where you are likely to hear Cymraeg, except from a visitor. Further towards the mainland, fine!! Penclawdd certainly had a Welsh speaking chapel in the not-too-distant past. I know because I preached there once when the assigned preacher was ill. I worried about my Cymraeg…which was better then, but not up to preaching!! I was assured, “If you preached in Welsh, half the congregation wouldn’t understand you!” That was sometime in the 80’s and I don’t think Yr hen iath has flourished and grown since!!! If only they had set the southern part of the story in Sir Gar!!!


@dinas Very cool! I will enjoy watching even more knowing that he is a friend of SSiW. I’m only up to the third episode but I’m already sad to hear there probably won’t be a second series.

@henddraig Sorry to hear that it didn’t ring true for you and that it isn’t really a Welsh-speaking area. That’s disappointing. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous - the beach in the beginning where Delia and Caitlin are running, and the mountains - I do love the mountains!

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I hope you do. Also look out for “Rownd a Rownd” for a bit of Gog soap. (Well, some of us think it’s much more than a soap opera…).

@mikeellwood Thanks, I will keep an eye out for “Rownd a Rownd”!

The Second series of ‘Lan a Lawr’ starts this week, hence the repeat of the first series with English subtitles. My Sky+ is already set to record it, along with the new series of ‘Y Gwyll’ this coming Sunday.


My favourite place in the whole world!! Hiraeth iawn!!! :sob:


Hwre for second series! Thanks, Gav! I wonder how long it will take for them to be available here. I am pretty sure I’ll have to wait for “Y Gwyll” to be available on DVD in order to see the Welsh version. Hoping they put “Lan a Lawr” on on international Clic!

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Don’t hold your breath!! I wanted Alys on DVD and contacted S4C. They told me, basically, that they didn’t think there was a big enough market for it to be worth the bother of making DVDs of their programmes!! :cry:

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http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gwyll-Hinterland-DVD-Richard-Harrington/dp/B00KQOBTCI ?


@wondersheep Thanks! I do have that one (it was actually less expensive to have it sent to the U.S. directly from Arrow Films). It’s the second series I am waiting for now :slight_smile:

“Y Gwyll” Series 1 is on S4C Clic right now too, but only available to UK viewers.

I stand corrected and am very pleased about it!!! :smiley:

However, what Henddraig said about it not being commercially worth their while is sadly probably true for most of the stuff they do. Frustrating, but one can see their point.

Jeanne Pendergast kindly shared the following link:


which seems to be the Welsh language equivalent of the link that @AnnaC posted at the top, namely:


The other one I was aware of was:


However, the latter only shows a subset of the programmes, whereas the first two shows more, if you follow the 0-9 ? A-Z links.

I’m not sure if even that is the full range of programmes, but it seems to be quite a lot, and includes e.g. “Pobol Y Cwm” and “Rownd a Rownd”, and a lot more besides, so it looks like S4C have generously made a lot more programmes visible, and if so, chwarae teg a diolch iddyn nhw.

(Apologies in advance if it turns out all these programmes are not all visible outside the UK - I have no way of independently checking that).


Can someone advise me: Does “FLASH srcnotfound” actually mean the content is geo-restricted or there really isn’t source to be found. Whatever I click I get this:

Ah, OK. I just managed to answer this question myself and if someone else is getting this, this actually means the content is GEO-restricted. The content on International and the rest of S4C page is not explecitely devided once you click on the program or on the links above the “intro” thingy.

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Sorry to hear that. :frowning:

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@mikeellwood Thanks for that…Yes, unfortunately the only international offerings are what is shown on the page itself. Clicking the A-Z links shows what I assume is all programming and not just international. :frowning:

@tatjana “FLASH srcnotfound” appears to mean geo-restricted for me, too. Next to the video where it says “Programme Details” it will say “UK Only” when that message appears.

I’m still waiting for Pobol Y Cwm…

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As yo ucan see from the picture this message doesn’t appear but from the experience I somehow figured out it means smoething like this.

@tatjana Scroll down below the video box you show in your picture:

Can you see it now?