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Hi, I’m keen to deepen my Welsh speaking and hearing, and limited opportunities around where I live, I’m wondering about the bootcamps. What is their purpose, how often do they run and in what locations?

The basic purpose of bŵtcamps is explained at the top of the Sept 2022 Bŵtcamp thread, so that will give you an idea.

If you keep an eye on the Bŵtcamps 2023 thread, you’ll find the latest information on when they’re likely to run announced there. We’re still in discussion about the possibilities for this year, but we hope to hold 4 during 2023.

To get an idea of what they’re like, there is a blog post here written by Heather who attended a bŵtcamp in 2019.

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Many thanks Deborah - very interesting. I’m on challenge 23, almost half the way through year one. Does this mean I have almost finished level 1, or only half way? I’m definitely interested in a bwtcamp but my schedule is such that advance notice of the dates would be helpful, as well as the good fortune at actually getting a place!
Take care, Chris

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Level 1 goes up to Challenge 25, then you move straight on to Level 2 for the rest of the 6 Minutes course.

After that you have a choice of moving on to Level 3, or to spend a little time consolidating and extending your vocabulary with the original (old) course material before you do that. It’s up to you which way you do it.

As soon as we have the dates sorted, they will be posted in the Bŵtcamps 2023 thread with time given for people to start sending in applications.

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