Bŵtcamp Sept 2022 - 19th to 26th - Lampeter

Bŵtcamp Mis Medi 2022

We’ve been working away behind the scenes to get the SSiW Bŵtcamps up and running again, and we’re pleased to announce that expressions of interest can now be sent in for the first proper post-lockdown Bŵtcamp!

It will be held in Llambed (Lampeter), Ceredigion - an area with a sizeable Welsh-speaking population - and the accommodation will be a big improvement on the dormitory bunkbeds of Tresaith! Garth Newydd has 3 twin rooms and 3 single rooms available for bwtcampers, with an additional single room reserved for the Bŵtcamp Helpwr, an experienced bwtcamper there to help run the week.

As with previous Bŵtcamps, the most important rule for the week is the WELSH ONLY rule. Once the set up for the week has been explained in English during the introductory session, there will be only Welsh spoken until the Bŵtcamp is declared officially over.

Bŵtcamp is NOT a Welsh course. There are no “lessons” or class type activities. Rather it is a chance to have a total immersion holiday in Welsh - enjoying fun activities and outings, meeting new people, having new experiences, all through the medium of Welsh.

For that reason, the experience is most successful if you have a certain amount of Welsh under your belt already. A minimum is to have completed Level 1 SSiW, though if you’ve completed Level 2, you are likely to benefit more. It’s also useful if you’re already started using your Welsh a little with others - either face-to-face, or in a Zoom chat group - however, if you haven’t had that opportunity but feel confident you could cope in a Welsh Only situation, don’t hesitate to apply.

The cost for the week will be £420 (£350+VAT) for a Twin Room and £456 (£380+VAT) for a Single Room. This will include not just the accommodation, but all your meals and excursions.

If you’re interested in knowing more, send an email to deborah [AT] saysomethingin.com or click on my username and send me a Private Message. I will send you an information sheet and application form, so you can give it some more consideration and decide whether you’d like to come along.

We will be using a different booking system, rather than the previous method which used to see places filled in 2 minutes and people missing out. Instead, we’re inviting applications from everyone who is serious about coming and we will look at how the group would fit with the accommodation available.

If there are more applicants than spaces, we will hold a live “lottery system” on Zoom with all the names in a hat, and the lucky bŵtcampers will be selected at random. Those who miss out will have priority for subsequent bŵtcamps.

Pob lwc!

EDIT: Note that just clicking on the saysomethingin.com doesn’t link to my email address. I’ve disguised it to deter spambots, so you need to put it together again, replacing the [AT] with @


What a wonderful new booking system! Very well thought of and in my opinion fair to everyone :smile:


Diolch yn fawr Camilla! Croesi bysedd!

If anyone has requested the information and application form and not received it by email, please check your Spam / Junk Mail. I’ve just heard it went there for one person, so it may do for others.

I can confirm that a recent email (about something else) from your saysomething address ended up in my junk mail. How rude!

I have instructed my mail handler never to be as rude again. :smile:

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Annwyl Deborah

Diolch yn fawr am wybodaeth am y Bwtcamp. Yn anfoddus, dydan y dyddiau hwn hm mis Medi ddim yn gweithio i fi. Gobeithio fydd cyfleoedd eraill yn y dyfodol.



Bydd bŵtcamp arall ym mis Hydref - 17-24ain. Fydd y dyddiadau 'na’n well?

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Diolch yn fawr to all of you have requested Information and Application Forms! The response has been extremely encouraging, and I know that many of you who are not able to make the September dates are considering coming in October or next year.

The Cut Off date for sending in your application for the SEPT bŵtcamp is tomorrow - July 22nd. I will email all of you who have requested the form to remind you in case you haven’t quite made your mind up yet.

I will also check with those who have applied already to see how flexible you are with dates, e.g. due to work commitments you can only make the Sept Bŵtcamp and the October one would not be possible. As much as possible we want to try to be fair and accommodate people with those kinds of restrictions. It’s something I’ll add to the Application Form for future Bŵtcamps … learning as we go :slightly_smiling_face:

But I can tell already that it’s going to be a great bŵtcamp, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the successful applicants!

Just received your email and found the details in my spam box but tapping on the form doesn’t allow me to fill it in online.
It’s a bit late now, maybe next year…

It’s just a plain Word document. If you download it, you can fill it in and email it to me. I might get clever enough to make an online form for next time, but not yet :slight_smile:

And you can still send it in tomorrow - that’s fine!

And there’s always October.

The Bŵtcampers for Mis Medi have all been selected now, so it’s time to start getting to know each other a little. If I can find you here on the forum, I’ll tag you all :slight_smile:

@Camilla_Walker @martine-garland @Anna_O @trefor-williams @meic @sade @sian-45 @samanthawakefield @julie.lwrnc


OMG - we’re in!?


You certainly are :slight_smile:


It’s so exciting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looking forward to meeting you all. Edrych ymlaen cwrdd â chi. Sam


Very much looking forward to the week and to meeting everybody. Best wishes all.


Will anyone else be travelling from Cardiff to Lampeter?

Hi @Camilla_Walker, I will. By train from Cardiff to Carmarthen and then by buss to Lampeter. When will you arrive to Cardiff?

Hi Anna, we’ve got the same route then :smile:
I will arrive in Cardiff on Sunday the 18th late afternoon, spend a night there and travel on to Lampeter on Monday morning.
How about you?

Hi Camilla, yeah, really the same. Literally, I will arrive in Cardiff on Sunday the 18th late afternoon, spend a night there and travel on to Lampeter on Monday morning. :laughing: Just I also planned to spend a couple of hours in Carmathen before going to Lampeter.