Idea for a new website - BreatheYourWelsh

A few weeks ago I wondered if it would be possible to find out where there might be a Welsh language welcome rather than the opposite kind discovered on this thread. I thought Trip Adviser would work but it doesn’t really cover the language issue. So, I had a stab at a web site. Some comments would be appreciated to see if I can get this to go in the right direction (rather than just give up). It is not discoverable by search engines and may only work on my PC or it may crash if two or more look at it. Forgive the icons on the map (that is to tempt you in). So visit I was going to develop it further but now seems a sensible time. Let me know if this might be a runner - or not.


Lovely site design! I love the FAQ page even with no FAQ’s…I could watch the sea washing in and out for ages!

(I speak with some envy, since I had to quickly put together a scratch site recently (using my very rusty html and inadequate css, backed up by some crash learning of newer stuff from Youtube - nothing to do with Welsh btw).

Your site is elegant, and I have some idea of how difficult it is to do well. Mine isn’t in the same league


Hi Peter,

How would one go about submitting places to you?

The email link should work, be good to try it out. Need name of outlet and town or street, may need more than that. Give an estimate for the likelihood of speaking Welsh, Welsh on the web site and Welsh used on signage (looks like 100% for signage in your new favourite place in Aber!). Only positive places, not the negative experiences. Let’s see how this goes.

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Excellent idea.

There’s been some interest in this kind of thing in the past - some of the info in this thread might be of interest to you:

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Thanks James. I have seen some of the posts and looked at the map. A map is central but it also needs the comments of people who visit the outlets. I thought I would wait to see what comes up from this post before taking it further. 17 people have viewed the site since the first post so that is a good sign.

There used to be, on the “old” SSiW forum, a map made by Iestyn called “Do something in Welsh” which had a lot of places like cafes, hotels, other businesses on it which encouraged Welsh speaking. I don’t know what has happened to that map, but that would probably be useful for you to get some suggestions from (if someone could find it).


Hi Peter,

I’ve sent you a list of about maybe 10-15 places in an around Ceredigion. Have a check I’ve submitted them in the right sort of format - and let me know.

If I’ve done it as you were hoping, I’ll crack a fair few more out tomorrow for you from all over Wales.

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I’d like to agree with Huw about the waves on the beach! I was back on (English speaking) Gower watching that and could do so for ages! Could you get folk to submit particularly lovely views, video clips etc. as well as business info? They could maybe be accessed by map area. It might be useful for someone with hay fever to see what grows in an area. Holiday makers will be interested in views too!

Um, one for the future perhaps. The main idea is to keep it simple at this stage. Identify how good particular outlets are at providing a Welsh language welcome and letting people make their own comments and star ratings for this.

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fair point @Nicky may also struggle with the street names as he only knows roads by what pubs they have/

Otherwise a great idea, i hope it takes off. I did find somethign similar for disabled acess a while ago, which sadly hadn’t taken off, but Wales is smaller than all of the UK so hopefully the map will get populated.

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Sorry, haven’t looked at that thread, but I remember someone posting a link to reviews of good pubs, which I assume must have been Welsh speaking (at least at the time).

Searching the word pub brings up public as well so wasn’t that successful. Someone mentioned the Llew Du in Aberystwyth and that is already on the BYW (Breathe Your Welsh) page. If anyone has been there they could make a comment here -

Found the thread now: Goodness, it was 4 years ago:

And it wasn’t just for pub reviews, but the whole range of that kind of thing. Wonder if it’s still going?

Brilliant, thanks for that, so not a unique idea. I have opened up the link and it looks like it met its end and deleted everything but the front page! Can someone to check to see if I am wrong as all the suggestions appear to be on that site rather than in the thread. I think the guy who created has said he is 18 so well done to him and good luck to him wherever he is now.

Hey ho! I viewed the page srouce, and in the header it says “Yn ail-lansio ar Ddydd Gwyl Dewi!”

hmm…Dydd Gwyl Dewi which year though…? I guess we needn’t hold our breath.

Ar y ffordd is totally empty and unclickable so this idea obviously went to waste what leads you @peterallen to your idea to be unique though. Go for it, it should be of any use (if) when I come back to Wales once upon a time. :slight_smile:


I had to Google all the addresses!

The idea is obviously not unique either here or in the wider world of the web but it does give the opportunity to identify those outlets that do have a Welsh language offer and anyone can comment on their experience. The ‘idea’ of a web site to identify such outlets was, in fact, meant to come at the end of another idea I had but this one is easier to do. Whether it will be used is probably unlikely, but to get any traction I need to know where these places are. As you have wandered over to the Twitter link for the website you have probably guessed from it that I live in London not Wales.

I can certainly see it being used, and I certainly see a purpose for it.

I suppose the game now is getting it into the Welsh speaking and Welsh learners eye.

Have you made contact with Neil at An article on this sort of website sounds like Neil’s bread and butter.