Idea for a new website - BreatheYourWelsh

Not yet, still needs some work on the site before I am comfortable.

Yah … and I live in Slovenia, not Wales so I can’t be of much help here though. :frowning: [quote=“peterallen, post:21, topic:11662”]
Not yet, still needs some work on the site before I am comfortable.

Neil is this kind sort of man also as much as I can recall. He also wanted to have things sort of more or less “ready” bafore launching Parallel Cymru, so a bit of brainstorming inbetween him and you might not hurt though. But I’d not tag him unless you allow it to do so. And, after all, he’s a member of this forum too, so his eyes might already get a catch on this aswell. :slight_smile:

Great idea. Hope you keep at it!

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On the BYW site there is now a page to easily provide an outlet where the likelihood of speaking Welsh is more than 40%. Take a look. It will take up to five days to appear on the website but will hopefully be quicker than that. If you do supply an outlet it would also be great if you could publish a comment once the page appears. Thanks.

It looks great but can I ask how would we estimate the chances of speaking Welsh somewhere? Do we need to ask them how many staff they have and how many speak welsh or do we need to visit a number of times and see how many of them speak Welsh when we are there?

I think this is a bit of a difficult one in some situations.

In order to get around it, I only submitted places that I really knew quite well - so I myself have a good knowledge of who actually worked in those places. (i.e with say, Coffee#1 in Aber - I said that they have 2 fluent members of staff that I knew of, and everyone else is a learner - but they’re happy to take orders in Welsh, so I rated them quite high).

Peter will be the voice on this, being it’s his project :smiley:

Hi Peter,

Just as a heads up, on one of my submitted ones - Aberystwyth Public Library, you’ve mixed it up with the National Library of Wales - which is totally understandable as it’s so big and huge - but the library I referred to on my review, was actually the smaller Public Library in town. :smiley:

It may be possible to pick this up immediately in a small shop just by listening or a short conversation. If a place is regularly visited then a much more informed percentage could be guessed at. It would reflect badly on the website if the percentage is completely wrong or the outlet isn’t actually Welsh language friendly but I am not overly worried as the stars and the comments box should help with this (whether too low or too high) and it can always be adjusted. I have set the drop down for likelihood of Welsh with a minimum of 40% but have thought about changing this depending on region. At the moment the whole thing is an experiment and I need to keep it simple.

Address changed, the site now points to the right one, hopefully. It was also showing as a daffodil (less than 75% likelihood of speaking Welsh) so have adjusted that. Need to increase my quality control methinks.

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I will submit one for the National Library tomorrow as they all speak Welsh up there too

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Hi Peter. I’ve rated a fair few of mine - process seems to work!

The Library’s photo and location is now very correct, thanks! It’s very understandable, when people hear “Library” and “Aberystwyth”, everyone thinks of the giant humungous one up the hill :smiley:

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Hi Nicky,

Thanks for all of this, all your suggestions make the map look like there is loads of content (until zoomed in of course!). Phew, glad to see that the comments box works. Looking forward to the information about the humungous library on the hill.

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I’ve got loads more - I’ve just got to remember them.

Usually driving past them sets my mind off, which I will be doing this Sunday when dropping my MIL back down in Swansea - so expect a few more after that!

Still playing with a website to help people find outlets where there is a strong likelihood of speaking Welsh. Have a look, there is now a search engine as well as a form that can be completed on line to notify of new outlets that can be included. Have a look,

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Hi All, as previously mentioned here I have created a website that helps people find Welsh speaking outlets. I think it is a good idea and the website will be here for as long as me but few people have made contributions and even fewer made comments. Have a look and think if you could add anything which is a straightforward process. Also any comments here would be good to see eg the site is slow, impossible to navigate, don’t understand what it is about, wow it’s amazing!!
On another tack there is another SSIWer who is developing an App which could be even more exciting but, as with mine, it requires data which we are sharing… Hwyl.

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Hi Peter!
I’ve just had a quick look around and that site isn’t working well for me. I am using an iPad on iOS 9.something. The pages are slow to load. The top bar with the links on runs off the edges of my screen and I can’t scroll to see what I’m missing.The home page is just a page with links at the top and a picture of a lake (After checking with my laptop I now realise there should be writing here. The ‘what is this’ page is also blank with just the image of the lake). Clicking on the links, initially nothing happens, then when I refreshed the map page I could see the content. However, after a brief glimpse of the map it reloaded and was replaced by a white square that said ‘to view click to refresh’. This kept happening. I was never able to use the map. I reloaded it several times.
Just tried it on my laptop (Windows 10) and it’s working nicely and very straightforward. Are the animated letters powered by flash? That would explain them not working on iOS.
Tried out my phone (android) since that’s what I would most likely use once I was travelling. It all works fine. It looks a little untidy because the writing runs off the bottom of the background picture and onto plain white. But it works and is easy to navigate.
I think this is a good idea, and if I am ever in Wales again I will probably use it.
I hope this is helpful to you.

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Hi, that is really helpful. I have used a bought package to create it and have only used Windows so will attempt to have a look at how it might work on IOS. The other SSIWer who is developing an App along the same lines will only work on IOS and it is being professionally created from scratch so that will cover things. Hwyl, Peter

I’m glad it was helpful. :slight_smile:
If you can’t get it to work on iOS it would be fine to have a link to the other app on the front page.

Bore da pawb,

This is an old post but the idea behind it lives!

I took the basic idea that Peter came up with and created an open source project on GitHub that anybody can contribute to. There is a working version, with all the data Peter collected at:

The project page over on GitHub is:

I also added a searchable vocabulary page, which again anybody can add to by contributing to the GitHub project. I’ve found the vocab page isn’t very useful and it would perhaps be improved by being a ‘useful phrases / idioms’ page instead. I would be interested to hear thoughts on this.

For those who are not familiar, GitHub is quite a large and perhaps the most widely used open source software collaboration tool / community. Its only used to host the code for the website and allow others to work on it.

If anybody is interested in getting involved then just get in touch, either on this thread or via GitHub.

Hwyl am a tro



Wow, that is looking good. I gave up on my site due to so few ‘hits’ but your one looks more professional. I like the coloured flags. Will be following this closely so lwc da with it. Cheers, Peter