'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'

Dw i’n moyn dysgu Cymraeg achos dw i’n moyn siarad Cymraeg gyda ffrindiau a dw i’n moyn deall Cymraeg ar S4C


Hi Sue thanks so much for your message. I have only just worked out how to reply!!
Which Broad Haven do you mean? For many years we visited Broadhaven beach near Bosheston lakes a beautiful beach. Latterly we have stayed at Little Haven next to Broad Haven. I love that Pembrokeshire - it doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing you as an always find a sheltered cove. Hope we both get there sometime soon.
Good luck with Welsh - have you tried joining any groups on line yet? I did go to a Monday morning one but felt out of my depth although everyone was lovely. I will try a Q and A next as the half hour in English May give me more confidence!

I want to be a Welsh speaker because I write novels set in medieval Wales and I want to better understand this world–and I want to be able to understand when people are talking in Welsh in Gwynedd!


I want to be a welsh speaker because - well, I’m not totally sure why other than the challenge but I’m enjoying it VERY much.


I feel I should, and this is fun!


I’m English but my great grandmother (who I never met) only spoke Welsh which intrigued me. I’ve always loved seeing the written language on signs and trying to pronounce the impossible sounding words (failing miserably of course!) However as we want to move to Wales in a couple of years or so, I started to think about learning Welsh.

After stumbling across the SSiW site, I thought I’d try it with the aim of being able to speak it by the time we moved. I’m only on week 10 but it actually feels like it might be a real possibility due to the method and the absolute 100% support and encouragement offered during the challenges and via the new challenge email each week. I also want to be one of the one in a million and hopefully beyond supporting the use of this beautifully lyrical language. More than the one reason requested but all important to me!

When I can speak Welsh (fingers crossed!) I look forward to speaking it regularly regardless, though ideally I’d like to get a job where I can use it on a daily basis.

Thank you!


Right-oh… I’m on week ten and my regular email from @aran has arrived. He asks me to revisit this thread and especially the bit about imagining ONE reaction from other people to your success (which comes up in week 4).

I have a confession: I didn’t do that bit! I’m struggling a bit to imagine a reaction. I don’t live in Wales and my relatives who live in Wales don’t speak Welsh! I have some friends who are into language learning in general but annoyingly none of them is studying Welsh. Damn! They may be impressed though, all the same, when I learn Welsh.

I know… I’m going to fly up the west coast… (umm, yes… I fly for fun) from Haverfordwest to Mona, visiting places on the way, and someone, somewhere, will be pleased to find that I can speak Welsh. How about that?


Hello, fellow week ten-er :blush:

I want to be a Welsh Speaker because I want to speak to my children in Welsh and perform musical comedy in Welsh. I’m really enjoying the challenge of learning a language and hope it will surprise people when I get to a good stage of speaking.


Good to know that someone somewhere is up to the same point as me! With regard to flying - cool! Let us know the most unlikely meeting with someone who is impressed with your Welsh during your journey!

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I want to be a Welsh speaker because I’d like to bow out of a current role I’m in by giving one presentation in Welsh before I step down next May.


@leiafee I’m not sure if you still come into the forum at all, but if you do - may I introduce you to @ruth-32 a fellow SSiW flyer :grinning:

Thanks @Deborah-SSi and hello @leiafee :blush: my Cymraeg isn’t up to talking about flying yet but it’s something to work on!

Oh well I can’t not pop into the forum to say hello for that!

That’s a great goal. I’ve often thought of doing the Pooley’s “dawn to dusk” thing as an excuse to see how many airfields I can find Welsh speakers at!

Going by SSIW they wouldn’t even all need to be in Wales!

My home airfield (farmstrip, Old Park, between Port Talbot and Bridgend) is one of places I most often speak Welsh actually. Of the 20 or so regulars there’s 3 or 4 it’s always Welsh first with. The clue is usually in those aircraft with dragons on the tail or in one case the rather extreme example of G-LEEK :grin:

Where/what are you flying at the mo? I learned on Tomahawks but have been flying 3xis microlights for a fair while now, just acquired a Skyranger in replacement of the little XkAir after a bit of engine contretemps.

(And spent what would have been my summer holiday had summer holiday been a thing this year doing a week long aeros course down at Goodwood which was an utter blast!)

You know there’s a BWPA fly-in at Caernarfon on 25th Sept if you want to deploy a bit of Welsh. I’m going to go if weather permits, that run up the West coast is a joy.

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Hello! I like your dawn-to-dusk challenge idea. Even better if the Air-ground radio was in Cymraeg :astonished: If you ever fly in to Henstridge I’ll give you a friendly shwmae and we can go and look at my RV8. Better still I’ll try to drop in to you strip. Although I may need to hone my short field technique. How long is it?

I started out on microlights - flying an Icarus C42 out of Compton Abbas (and before that I got about 90 hours on a paraglider). Then I converted onto a PA28 before reverting to microlights again, this time a WT9 Dynamic. The RV8 happened because I later did a tailwheel conversion on a Chipmunk and then did aerobatics in a Super Decathlon. After that, a tailwheel and tandem seating became a must. What did you do your aeros in?

I won’t be able to make the Caernarfon fly-in sadly - I have spent the last year renovating my house and quite apart from not having flown very much recently we’re scrambling to get finished. But in due course I’ll look forward to meeting you there, or somewhere!


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… PS I just found it on Skydemon. 300m is not impossible in the RV especially since the approaches look reasonably clear… but I’d have to be polished to the peak of perfection!

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Croeso i SSin Joe. Welcome to Ssin Joe. Chris dw i. Dw i’n nabod ti. I’m Chris. I know you achos dw i’n byw yn Deri Rd. Because I live in Deri Rd. Mwynhewch SSIn! Enjoy!

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Diolch, Chris. Sut wyt ti? Dw I wedi bod yn dysgu 2 mis nawr (speaking not writing, so not sure if the above is accurate.)

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Dw i’n iawn diolch. Sut dych chi? Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu gyda SSin am un deg pump mis, since Lockdown started, to keep my brain active but now I’m hooked. I’ve just signed up for a course with Dysgu Cymraeg to learn more.


I did my tailwheel on a Super Decathalon. Lovely machine.

Aero were in a Firefly, T67M specifically.

I’ve never been into Henstridge so must make a point of it.

There’s at least on RV at the field although I forget which flavour - they’re taking over the world these days! :wink: