How many active members are on this forum?

Shwmae bawb!? … How many active members are on this forum?

I ask because in my Welsh learners network, they all knew your website (gwych!) but they did not know about your forum … Is there any way to advertise this better? This forum could help learners feel more connected to learning Welsh (building real bonds) - hence my thoughts


We’re pretty dependent on forum members to spread the word… don’t have spare cash for advertising beyond what we’re doing for the courses…

I thought that being in the Forum (or at least having access to it) was the first step with SSiW. I remember joining right at the start of my SSIW journey. Mainly because when you open the site, there it is at the top of the page. Alternatively, if you go straight to the FAQ, or the audio introduction, it is introduced there also.

I just thought, perhaps wrongly, that it was a pre-requisite to joining, and that everyone was in it. I’d be interested in other peoples experience, though.

Aye well thats the thing … people know about Say something in Welsh … but I did not ask if they actually had joined…will ask. Diolch am hynny

With my reply and your initial question, there are a total of four active members. Can we count Aran as an active member? Maybe it’s only three? HAHAHAHA!

I’m making a bad joke, sorry. I have no idea about the numbers, but there are a fair amount of active members who are here daily, every other day, weekly or pop in once in a while. There’s always something new every day and something new to learn everyday. At least there is for me. This forum and its members is the major reason I’m progressing as steadily as I am. <- True story


I joined the forum before starting the challenges, and…asked a question one day later!
And I agree with @delawarejones about it, and what it means for me (as you can probably guess since I often sneak in here when I have a free minute) :grimacing:

However, there seems to be no link in the page before subscribing - even just to one sentence in Welsh right now; or at least I can’t see it.
Maybe there’s reason for it, I don’t know!


The best person to ask about forum statistics is @tatjana. She’s an ace at coming up with all kinds of information!

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To be fair I didn’t know about the website until the first challenge where Iestyn mentioned it! But then I am a very unobservant person!

*I found ssiw through the application store on my iphone and not the internet…


this page is pretty good too

If you click on “Users” it shows 5652. I guess that is all the ones who have ever registered.

Talking about being observant, here’s one for you. During which challenge or lesson, did Iestyn request that you send him a ginger cat. Or was I just having a weird dream?

I haven’t done the southern course, but @aran requests something similar – a yellow cat or an orange dog or something – right near/at the end of old course 2 or 3. I think that in the last lesson he complains that no-one has sent him one, so it’s probably requested in the lesson before. If I were trying to hunt it down I’d go for Course 3 Lesson 25 and start from there…


There are in total 5652 forum users/members among who I at the moment don’t find the data how many are active but if there is 1/4 of them it’s about 1413 of them what is prety big amount.

Hope it helps. About how I joined the forum a bit later maybe of you can go through my posts around the forum and might find this data also. :slight_smile:

Tatjana :slight_smile:


I don’t remember that one, but I think he once complained because people had not sent cake.


Hmmm … do you do different lessons from those I did … I don’t remember either of these or I’ve maybe half-slept in hope this will help me with learning … (you know the “discovery” that you can learn while sleeping and such things. :smile: ).


I have often wondered about this too. I’ve just done a short, very unscientific survey by feeding four random sets of three letters each, comprising components of people’s names, into the search box: ‘geo’, ‘ann’, ‘pat’, and ‘rob’, then dividing the results into ‘active’ and ‘inactive’. By ‘active’ I mean anyone who has ever done a forum post; by ‘inactive’ I mean anyone who hasn’t, even though some of these are recorded as having made searches from time to time.

These are the results:
‘geo’: active 15; inactive 25
‘ann’: active 15; inactive 35
‘pat’: active 17; inactive 15
‘rob’: active 1; inactive 49
Totalling: active 48; inactive 124.

Some of the inactive members joined very recently, others joined as far back as 2013. Some of the active members are very active up to the present; others may have made their last post in 2014-16. And I’ve no idea whether the imbalance of the ‘rob’ results is comparable to any others, or a complete fluke.

But if these results are in any way typical, at 38.7% they compare very favourably with @tatjana’s estimate of 1/4 of the membership being active, and would give a figure of over 2,000 active members (though not necessarily all at the same time) if applied to her overall figure of 5652. But it’s a completely random snapshot.

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I think you’re spoiling all the fun, James.


I guess “Active” in the statistics posted by James means “logged in”.
A sort of “Active reader”. :slight_smile:

But since you don’t need to be logged in or even a registered user to see posts, actual readers are way more than that.

Users list have quite a bunch of info. From a quick look, last week active users who wrote at least one reply appear to be about a 100.
If anyone has a long trip on a train and nothing to do can count the same way for longest periods of time as well.

Just for fun, an approximate empirical statistics of all time top posters list is pretty quick. People who wrote:
More than 1000 replies = about 20 users
More than 500/less than 1000 = about 20 users
More than 100 /Less than 500 = about 100 users
More than 50/Less than 100 = about 100 users
More than 10/less than 50 = about 400-500 users
Less than 10 /at least one = too many! I guess more than 1000

p.s…er…uhm…I just realized I’m quite a pest, spreading faster than weeds in a veg garden! :grimacing:


In the very early days of SSiW (slightly before my time actually), the way people got the lessons was to download them from the forum. That had changed by the time I joined, but I could see references to that having been the case in the forum as it was then.

There have been several revamps of both website and forum since then.

Personally, I was already a member of several forums when I joined SSiW, so joining its forum seemed natural and obvious. But not everyone was forum-inclined, even then, and since then, forums do not seem to have been able to compete with Facebook and the like, at least at the social end of the tinternetsphere. :slight_smile: At the more nerdy, tech-ish end, there are still some good active ones that I’m aware of, and this one seems to have survived. (It probably ticks the “nerdy” box, among many others. :wink: ).