Hi from South Australia

Hi, I started using this course about 5 months ago and posted some comments in the ‘Hi from Australia’ thread. However due to work changes and other (computer issues) I have not been on line much. However I have continued doing the Welsh lessons and am now up to lesson 24 in Course 1 South Welsh. I am really enjoying the course an am ready to join up and start Course 2.
I would like to firstly say a HUGE THANKYOU to SSIW for creating a fantastic course, I can’t believe how much I have learnt in such a short time.

I would Secondly like to ask if there are any people who would like to speak Welsh through Skype in the next few weeks (I work remote). I have been speaking it to my Grandfather (who does not remember much) and my ione year old son (who incredibly enough is starting to understand some phrases which I think is pretty cool) but this is obviously not as good a speaking to a Welsh speaker.
Any way sorry about the long post and again thankyou!!



Well done on your progress.

I don’t know did I miss you 5 month ago, so I’m saying now: Croeso ar y fforwm."

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Diolch, du i’n mwynhau gallu shiarad cymraeg, ac du i’n awyddus i dysgu mwy Cymraeg!! ( hope that is written sort of correctly!)

I was on the forum earlier this year but I had a change in job and a few other things which made me a bit busy, but now things have carmed down a bit so I thought I would post something.


Hey, that’s a fantastic rate of progress - huge congratulations, well done you! And delighted that you’re enjoying the course… :sunny: :star: :star2:


Thanks Aran. I am looking forward to hopefully being able to communicate well in Welsh. Awesome course!!


Shwmae Leighton,

nice to see you on here again! It’s great to hear that you’ve made such great progress, too. I’d be happy to practice with you via Skype…but you’ll have to wait about a month, as I’m in Cymru at the moment, and have about that long left on my trip. But the upside is that the time-zone tag won’t be as much of an issue between Melbourne and SA.

Let me know, and we can organise something when I get back! :smile:

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Hello Karla, wow you have gone to Cymru. That must be awesome and must have done wonders for your welsh!! I am hoping to go back there in the not too distant future with my wife (she has never been) and maybe kids. It would be great to speak with you, diolch! Enjoy the rest of your holiday, that month will go too quick!!!

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Croeso from the pedant of the forum!!
You have got further than me on the course. I keep getting deflected!! But I am re-learning, not learning from scratch and I was taught the old fashioned, inefficient way!! The only advantage to learning a non-conversational way is that you can spell. You don’t necessarily ever learn to say what you spell, but you can spell it!!
So: 'shi in English is ‘si’ in Cymraeg. ‘oo’ in English is ‘w’ in Cymraeg, ‘u’ in Cymraeg is pronounced like ‘ee’ in English. I could go on, but will stop boring you!!

on your progress!
p.s. Have you found S4C? Have you signed the petition

Cheers for that henddraig, I realised I had spelt a couple of those things wrong after I posted it. I tried to sign the petition but I think the internet and my computer was a bit slow ( I am working out bush at the moment) and the " i am not a robot thing wouldn’t load so I will try later on in the week when I get home. Can we access this from Oz? I listen to Radio Cymru pod casts but when I tried to access some of the TV it said that it was only available to residents of the UK? I will definitely sign the petition though.

See thread “S4C from outside UK”. @tatjana would know how to send a link, but clicking on the search icon on the top line and typing S4C will find it!! They are increasing availability, but I cannot guarantee what you might get, especially in the wilds of the bush!! Are you our very own Crocodile Dundee??? :grinning:
edit : I see some helpful friends have added links below!!!

Here’s the link to the post in thread which contains the link to petition too. Saving S4C

To access S4C from outside UK:



Ah, thank you @mikeellwood.

Sorry @henddraig I obviously missunderstood what is wanted from me.

Here you go: the link to the thread S4C outside UK

Ha! no I am not much like Crocodile Dundee (though some may disagree). I am a hydrogeologist/ Environmental scientist working on a mine site about 700 km North of Adelaide in the arid lands. I fly in and out of here on a week on week off basis (FIFO) and live in Adelaide.Thanks for the link, I look forward to seeing whats on S4C when I get back and signing up to start Course 2!

Extreme shortage of crocodiles there I imagine!!! Lots of certain snakes and some lizards, maybe? Any really interesting species (diddorol 'wyr)? You could send pics to ‘What;s outside’!!! :thumbsup:

Done I will post a pic of an awesome Western Brown Snake I saw the other day when I get home. I can put up some pick of emus and other stuff too if people are interested. And yep very little water around here ~180mm/y rainfall but when it falls it usually all falls in a couple days and floods. Where I work is only about 200km from Coober Pedy, one of the famous Opal towns here.

What’s Outside

So here is a pic of a medium Western Brown Snake (1.5 m) Which I saw out bush the other day. These guys are pretty poisonous.

Ants on a Bush Tomato flowers

A better pic of the snake (I don’t think the last one uploaded properly)