Help with speed of listening exercises

Not sure how or where to post this. I am following the second lot of SSIW lessons. When i try to listen to the listening exercises ( NOT the lesson part) it sounds like chipmonks. I have tried to slow it to half speed and even quartrer but the sound just gets distorted…anyone else have this problem?

It’s not a problem, it’s actually intentional.
These threads will help explain why

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This is what it says if you access the lessons through the website:

The Listening Practices from the second one on are recorded at double speed. There is a specific learning technique behind this which gives you an advantage when you get into normal speed Welsh conversations.

The idea is not to try and understand them. Just let them waft over you as if you’re listening to some pleasant background music - not concentrating too hard, but not thinking about something else either. That’s all you need to do, and trust your subconscious to do the learning for you. With repeated sessions like that, you’ll find yourself gradually able to pick words and understand chunks as your brain speeds up its processing to match the recording, but you’ll be understanding them in Welsh, with no translating into English.

It’s like when you first drive onto a motorway and it seems fast, but after a while everything just feels like normal speed and it’s really slow when you come off again. You’ll have a similar experience with this. Once you get used to the double speed ones, if you listen to the first one which is normal speed, you’ll find it really slow!

Persevere and you’ll reap the benefits. It’s the fastest shortcut to understanding natural spoken Welsh.

But if you access everything just through the mobile app, you don’t see that explanation.


What I have found is that these high-speed listening exercises are very useful for learning to feel the rhythms of Welsh, and the contours of the phrasing, even if you do not ‘get’ every word. And I think that is extremely important, since the rhythms of Welsh are so different from English - partly because accents are not so strong as in English, and partly because virtually every vowel is pronounced clearly. There is no ‘schwa’, as in English.