Listening Exercises Getting Easier

Shwmae bawb!

I am currently doing the 6 month speaker course and am on Level 2 Lesson 3. Yesterday I listened to the listening exercises from Level 1, from Exercise 5 through to Exercise 2.
Now, I’m not sure if it just me or is it possible that my brain is processing the double speed listening exercises as normal speed? For instance Exercise 5 was a bit of blur but by Exercise 3 came around (around 10 minutes of concentrated listening) I could follow the conversation back and forth with relative ease.
To check that I hadn’t accidentally reduced the speed of the listening exercises I went back and listened to Listening Exercise 1. I was quite surprised just how slow Listening Exercise 1 felt in comparison to the others.
Is this something anyone else has experienced at all? I find that from watching Un Bore Mercher, Pobl y Cwm and listening to Radio Cymru that the double speed listening exercises are sometimes not too far removed from the natural language speed.


yup, that’s how they’re meant to work. Magic isn’t it?! :slight_smile:


It’s amazing what your brain can do!

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Absolutely exactly is:slight_smile:

Might also mean your brain is adapting unusually quickly… what we usually get is that particular sentences in the recording start to sound as though they’re at normal speed, which is even more baffling the first time it happens…:wink: