Double speed listening exercises

Hello everyone,

Just a question about the listening exercises. Should I understand every word before moving onto the new one? I’m finding double speed tricky. I know it is going an important part of learning a language though!

Many thanks


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No, not at all, it’s just an exercise in getting your ear tuned in to the sounds and rhythms - a case of sort of ‘go with the flow’ and of course if you’re getting used to double speed, normal speed will feel easy!


Thanks so much. I was getting a bit concerned!


As Rich said - no, not at all - they take time - just keep listening to whichever the latest is for you, ideally on a daily basis, and your brain will gradually adapt… :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure that you ever really get to understand it all: it just goes far too fast to absorb. But it really improves one’s listening skills.
I once spent about 2-3 months listening to the Level 1 double speed listening exercises for about 10 minutes each day. The improvement in my listening ability was very noticeable, even though I never managed to understand everything. I don’t think that was ever the point.
Carry on doing the exercises Rhian: and let us know if you notice a difference after a while.
Pob lwc!


Thanks so much everyone, I will keep on going. Although a holiday has just halted my progress somewhat! Time to regroup.