Hampshire Anyone?

Have just signed up to the 6 month course. I’m originally from Maesteg but now live in Fareham in Hampshire. Anybody else learning Welsh from this area?


Hi Emma and welcome.
Not me but there is a fair presence in the South of England and the IoW. Your tutors will know who they are. Im also tagging @AlanP
Cheers, John.

PS. Greetings from Brackla industrial Estate :blush:


@Deborah-SSi might know :slight_smile:

There’s a group in south east England, and a few who get together in the Portsmouth area (@AlanP knows about that), then there’s a meetup in south east Cornwall (South East Cornwall Meet-up) but I don’t know of anything in Hampshire specifically.

I’m happy to put a note in next week’s newsletter though and see if we can find a few people :slight_smile:


Welcome Emma,
I’m in Waterlooville and work in Pompey, where @Garys can be found. @AlanP is on the island. There are a couple of others nearby and there was a Solent area meet up a while ago. Perhaps it’s time for another one.


Welcome to the forum, @emma-powell. We did have a meeting in Portsmouth of the embryonic Solent group last November, at the suggestion of @alun-rees (Portsmouth). Just three of us made it on that occasion. As Jonathan @SteakAndEggs suggests, it’s probably time for another one and your post might be the catalyst. Southampton has been suggested (then possibly here on the Isle of Wight at Cowes or Ryde). I am tagging @vikta (works in Soton), Gary @Garys (Portsmouth), and Tom @hillt2878, who like me lives on the IOW.

You might also like to look at the previous thread ‘Welsh Learners in the Solent Area’ - just search for ‘Solent’ in the magnifying glass box top right and the thread should come up.

Many thanks @JohnYoung and @Deborah-SSi for tagging.


Thanks all for the replies, glad I’m not the only one learning on the South Coast and it would be great to meet up sometime. I live and work in Fareham now and it’s nice to see others nearby.

We had a successful lunchtime session on Wednesday (31st July) and are planning to have another on 7th August. There was myself @Garys and @steakandeggs If anyone else would like to come, please post here and I’ll keep you updated as to where and the time (probably 1pm)

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I can’t make Wednesday lunchtimes (I work in Fareham and only have an hour for lunch) but glad the last meet was a success.

Hi Emma, just wondering if you continued learning the Welsh? I’ve just started and I live in Fareham, Gill

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Hi Gill

Yes, I’m still learning. I’m in Fareham as well, Gudge Heath Lane area.

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Hi Emma, I’m in Catisfield so very near! I’ve only just started so very basic!

Just down the road from me! I also do an online course with dysgu Cymraeg prifysgol abertawe on Monday evenings - it’s not too late to join that.

Oh I feel I’m too basic at the moment! I’m not too confident in speaking it either, so sound scary. I learnt Welsh at school for three years but regrettably I dropped all languages at O level. Do you meet up with a group locally?

I don’t meet up locally. The courses on dysgu Cymraeg start from the absolute basic and just progress via there - it’s all via zoom. I also watch a lot of S4C (usually with subtitles) it would be great to meet up for a coffee or something.

If you are interested - here is the website with all the courses. They have some good free online content as well.

Hi Gillian, and anyone else in Hampshire - I did the Mynediad course with Prifysgol Abertawe online two years ago and am now very rusty, and really wanting some practise before I forget everything. If anyone out there in Hampshire was interested in occasionally meeting to use some very basic Welsh, it would be great - I am based in Winchester - Caer Wynt : ) - and don’t mind travelling.

Regards to all, Peter

Hi Peter, thanks for making contact. I’m very basic in my knowledge, but would be happy to meet and get in some practice speaking Welsh. I’ve only started using the app this year, although I learnt some at school a number of years back! Languages are not my forte, so I can’t say I’m that confident in speaking. I’m in Fareham so we could meet in between.
Best wishes,

Thanks Emma, I only just saw this. Not sure which I’d need to start with. I studied Welsh at school but as I didn’t take it for O level, so maybe the basic one.
Did you see that Peter from Winchester has suggested a meet to practice. I wondered if you’d like to meet with us? Best wishes Gill

Hi Peter - I did the mynediad with prifysgol Abertawe and am now on Sylfaen. I’m in Fareham.