Good stuff on S4C (Clic)

Hi, I’m a keen if fairly basic Welsh learner, my girlfriend isn’t interested in learning.
Is there anything you would recommend on Clic that we can watch with subtitles and both enjoy?

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Welcome to the forum :sunny:

What sort of stuff do you enjoy watching in English?

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Comedies mostly and the odd bit of quality drama.

I’m really enjoying Anita at the moment. And 'Run Spit is brilliant! (It’s made by the Dim Byd team - try to see if there are any episodes of Dim Byd still on the Clic player - it’s really, really funny. Far better than any English-language comedy around at the moment, IMO).

ETA: There have been some really good dramas, but I’m not sure what’s available at the moment: Gwaith Cartref, Parch, Byw Celwydd, and of course Y Gwyll.

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Where are you? In UK, one can get S4C fine on Sky and probably Freeview. (I’m not sure of latter, anyone?) I get subtitles on virtually everything on Sky. BBC includes S4C on the iPlayer, but not subtitles. I suppose Rownd a Rownd doesn’t count as drama?
I started the thread “Recent S4C programs” but haven’t recommended much yet. Maybe we could get together one thread especially for S4C?


This is my first post on the fforum. I’ve just finished level 25 of Level 1 and thought I’d celebrate by getting involved. As a very new learner I’ve found watching Cyw in the mornings with my 9 month old to be very helpful.

I’m a little bit hooked on Cacamwnci. Sad but true. A recent episode featured ‘Dai Disgo’ which made me laugh out loud…this is a show for pre-schoolers so gives you some indication of how childish my sense of humour is…Rapsgaliwn is another favourite…God help me.



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I’m in Cardiff but have no tv, just a laptop, hence using clic.

Huge congratulations! :star: :star2:

And a very warm welcome to the forum - lovely to have you posting… :sunny:

Never fear, many of us share your shameful fondness for Rapsgaliwn. I’ll never entirely forgive Dona Direidi for taking over from him…:wink:

Unfortunately most of the things I’ve seen on Clic are for kids! But, as a learner that’s probably a good thing :joy:

There’s not many things I’d watch on Clic unfortunately. Gwaith/Cartref is quite good (although I preferred it before they changed the format). And Y Gwyll (or Hinterland in English) is brilliant when it’s on. And then there’s the odd documentary that might take your fancy. I like the ones about Patagonia myself!

Otherwise I’d recommend looking online for films and DVDs. I actually bought a drama film called Patagonia in Bristol! And you can find a film (which I had to study for my Welsh Language GCSE) called Tylluan Wen on YouTube - it’s very Gog.


I recommended Evan Jones a’r Cherokee and Dibendraw, but I quite like the new gardening program, Gardd a mwy, because it covers other things.
I also watch lots of kids’ shows. I get a bit cross when subtitles are the original English words for some programs ‘bought in’. OK, it can help with understanding idiom, but the kids must get very confused if their parents speak no Cymraeg and presume the subtitles are accurate!

“Byw Celwydd” was very good but unfortunately, we have to wait until next year for a new series.

If you don’t mind politics, “Y Ras i’r Senedd” might be of interest. (English ST, but no Welsh ones).

May have been mentioned, but “Chwarter Call” - comedy.(sorry, no subs).

May be of interest:
“Hanes Cymru a’r Mor Mentro i’r Mor”
(English and Welsh subtitles)

A bit of historical research:
Merthyr Meirionnydd
(English and Welsh subtitles)

Y Cleddyf gyda John Ogwen
(English and Welsh subtitles))

Drama: (I can’t speak for the quality):
Y Palmant Aur Nid Aur Yw Popeth
(English and Welsh subtitles))

More politics…
Y Sgwrs
(no subs…)

3 Lle Tudur Owen

Famous Welsh faces choose three places which have played a prominent role in their lives.
(English and Welsh subtitles))

I think my advice would be to go through the alphabetical list:

then mouse over the picture for each programme to get a brief description, and see if anything appeals. one thing which is not in that list but should be coming up soon is “Arfordir Cymru”. A series about the Welsh coastline. It’s been on before, but I assume those programmes have expired from Clic; but I noticed there was one coming up in the schedule.


15:30 Arfordir Cymru: Môn
Bedwyr Rees is on the trail of some of the place names along the coast of Anglesey. In the first programme of six running throughout the week he tries his hand at winnowing corn using the traditional method and sails in an ancient vessel.

Byw Celwydd is back on 8/1/2017!


Hate to blow my own trumpet but I have SSIW to thank for my appearance on Gwerthu Allan on 6/1/17!


Ooh, awesome! Well done you! :slight_smile: :star2:

Looking forward to seeing you!
To @aran ac @Iestyn I have been watching ‘Ar Y Tracs’ which I recorded because it’s set on and around the Swansea - Paddington service which I spent a lot of time on over the years. It never occurred to me to speak Welsh to the staff, many of whom I got to know quite well. Now I know there may well be folk from all parts of Wales working on the railway, but I’ve been very struck by the amount of Gogledd Cymru usage. It doesn’t seem to fit!
Anyone else seen the program and noticed?


Ooh, can’t wait! Another great S4C drama.

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And politicians are a bit more chatty than moody detectives … :slight_smile:

(so more words to listen out for :slight_smile: )

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Are you Chris? Because if so, it was very funny and showed that most folk are perfectly fine about not expecting miracles from leaders!

I’m watching ‘Bugeiliaid Olaf Ewrop’ It starts on Ynys Enlli and I noticed again how like it is to Worm’s Head at the other end of Wales! Choughs and all! Do you have kittiwakes on Pen Llyn?

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@Deborah-SSi what did you think of last night’s episode of Byw Celwydd? I’m afraid I was not impressed!