Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg

Diolch @gisella-albertini :slight_smile: It wasn’t you to whom I sent my hand-drawn cards. No worries, I do not even use Slack any more. I might draw one if I have the spoons. Am wrapping up a music project for somebody. Take care and hope you are doing well!

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On Dydd Miwsig Cymru we announce the chosen winner of our competition by DJ Huw Stephens…… @gisella-albertini #17!

Llongyfarchiadau mawr Gisella :tada::musical_score::tada:
Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb am gystadlu

all winners with us in the CCPC.:star:


Waw! These are fantastic!


@gisella-albertini Longyfarchiadau eto!! :heart_eyes:


Hello! I’m number #276 and have recently received a number of postcards, thank you if they are from you! However, I’d asked to be removed from the list and in doing so, deleted my copy so I’m not holding personal information - I don’t have your details now to reply unfortunately. It’s all being sorted but just wanted to apologise for the lack of response! Your cards were received though, diolch.


Hello Owen - I am very excited to find that I may not be the only Welsh learner in Dorset. I’m in Shaftesbury…


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Mailed these two plus one more
Hope they get there okay.

Last chance to become a member of the Postcard Club this Summer!
To join send an e-mail to

We have now over 400 members.Why not be one of them.:smile:

The time and location of this year’s annual general meeting will be revealed in July’s e-mail. We had to cancel the one back in 2020 because of covid.

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To all members: you should all have received July’s latest list by now, if not, check your spam, if that doesn’t work contact me


Clwb Cardiau Post AGM coming up with lots of activities around the event in the North East :smile:

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hi- couldn’t see where else to post this - is anyone else getting hardly any replies to their postcards? I know a lot of people only reply to the first card but it’s the first cards I’m getting no replies to? I’ve sent out loads over the past few weeks but only 2 people have replied? Anyone else having this issue? I do include my membership number so I know it’s not that?


Sorry to hear this @catherine-evans-3 . Which number are you?

hi Nia- I’m 357

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ah looks like it’s not just me not getting many replies- what a shame- I find that when you receive a reply you learn more vocabulary and if you have a continued correspondence with some people it’s lovely as you get to know each other while practising your Welsh!
I wonder if some people are unable to afford postage at the moment? Or perhaps feel they don’t know enough Welsh to reply? If you’re stuck until you learn more Welsh- ask them how they are, thank them for their card etc- but even though I’m still on Level 1 I am able to add a couple of sentences more in reply- plus they may ask you a question that you can respond to.
If you’re stuck for postcards from your area I had the same issue too- as i have lots of penpals around the world I wanted to have postcards of where I live- so I simply have some of my photos made into postcards! My friends abroad love them- so it’s one option for you to try.
Anyways- I’m number 357 if anyone wants a definite reply to their card - plus if anyone also enjoys an ongoing correspondence then that’s good with me too - including those abroad.
Cofion, Catherine #357

I must admit I find it hit and miss getting a reply. I think some people prefer to work their way through the list rather than reply to each one - fair enough. And I know sometimes if I’m busy I forget which ones I’ve replied to and which I haven’t so I’m sure others must do the same also. Apologies if I’ve not replied to anyone reading this!
When I next get a free moment, I’ll send one to you Catherine, hopefully you get a lot more after posting this!

I’ve had a similar experience myself. I started working my way up the list which very quickly brought me back to the beginning (I was one of the last newbies to be added). However I started to wonder whether those at the beginning of the list were getting overwhelmed with cards so decided to work through the list sending cards to people whose number ended in 9 (as mine does) just to give those in the middle a chance. I think I got about the same proportion of replies. There are lots of reasons why this might happen from the person’s personal circumstances to whether they actually received the card to whether they replied and the card didn’t make it to me. It is disappointing, but it has been a good opportunity to practice written Welsh and so I try to hang onto that. I too have had cards made up from photos and last Christmas I received a lovely Christmas card which was designed so that you can send the picture again as a postcard - nice bit of recycling there :blush:. I did go through old birthday cards and picked out ones suitable to send as postcards. With the price of postage every little helps. I shall add you to my send list :blush:

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Wow @judith-roberts you must have sent loads of cards to have reached the top of the list. Well done!! But this highlights a similar problem for me. I haven’t had replies from two thirds of the people I’ve sent cards to and I’m only just into double digits receiving cards from people “randomly”. I’ve replied to all of these, bar one which only came a couple of days ago. I’m #112 so have been in the club since relatively early days so my experience has been somewhat disappointing. I have wondered if the PO doesn’t like my address - I prefer to use the Welsh version instead of the English (ie I live in Powys not Oswestry, Salop (grrr!) - it shouldn’t make any difference because of the post code but I will ask Nia to change it and see if that helps). So apologies to you and anyone else who might have been waiting for a reply from me but hopefully this explains why - I simply haven’t been receiving cards (except two this year). Of course, I could just be unpopular!!

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thanks for the replies- very interesting - I too tried to send some to those not at the beginning or end to try and make sure they get some cards. I do hope as long as the postcode is correct that the addresses in Welsh do get to the person- I’d never thought about that- but the postcodes and house numbers should ensure they get there - hopefully! :smiling_face:

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I was one of the last on the list when I joined so it wasn’t long before I reached the beginning - perhaps I went the wrong way and should have gone down the numbers instead of up the numbers. :grinning:.

Unfortunately sometimes they get damaged - a card I sent to Canada arrived with just the address half and fortunately my member number was on that bit too.