Clecs launches today!

Just what is “Clecs”, you may ask. Well, that’s easy.

Clecs is a concept. Clecs is an idea. Clecs is a…

Clecs is…

Ok, I don’t know what Clecs is. But I saw reference to it on the SSiW Facebook group, I downloaded the app and finally today they emailed me to say that it was now up and running.

It looks a bit like a Welsh language version of Twitter. You follow people, they post stuff, you see it. But all in Welsh.

Here’s the link:


:sunny: Snap! It’ll be interesting to see…

I’ve just joined. It is, in essence, Twitter yng Nghymraeg! There’s already quite a few members already, including Clwb Ifor Bach and CymruFM! Perhaps SSiW could make an appearance of their own? If anything, it’ll be publicity for the Spanish course (as well as Welsh for those who are learners on other courses!).
If you do join up, don’t forget to “dilyn i fi”! (at)faithless78 (replacing (at) with @).


Hope I’m welcomed. Will join in the afternoon (more evening) when I come home. The learning can become fun this way since I’m more or less social media human being (regarding participating not developing to make things clear). :slight_smile:

Edit: I headed there and I actually changed my mind. I just can’t neither read nor speak Cymraeg that good. So no worries (for some) I might be there. Maybe at later time if I’d last on here that long…

But…is it also intended for Welsh learners? If the answer is yes, do the people joining know there may be Welsh learners on the site? :confused:

I’ve joined too! I’m “saethwr” on there as well.

It’s for people who speak the language, to whatever degree. The response I’ve seen to learners has been positive so far!

Add me!


If yu try to sign in (getting the form to sign in) on the right is the little video which presents what’s it meant for and what can you do there.

I couldn’t understand 3/4 of the things (neither could I recognize awhat pictures are trying to say) but I somehow didn’t have the impression this is for learners or there would be put any speical care to the fect that learners might be on there too. Well you’re no such learners anymore and can understand things prety well so it surely is appropriate for you, but ceratinly not for me. …

The video is here:

Now you judge by yourselves.

You are a wizard at producing links Tatjana! Thank you.
Sadly I am not good at understanding either. I could keep pausing, while I work it out but would probably become very frustrated.
I am sure people would be patient and helpful to us, but for now I think I would be better concentrating on listening & speaking. Perhaps next year?


If you’ve reached the point where you’ve started to read and write then I think Clecs could be brilliant. You can only write short messages (200 characters I think) meaning that you won’t get bogged down in lengthy passages of daunting unknown words, and if Twitter’s any guide, poor spelling and poor grammar are positively encouraged!

I am @james on clecs (one of the benefits of getting in early). I think I’ve followed our own @robbruce (aka @yDysgwrAraf on Clecs), but since that user’s profile picture is of a woman pointing and a man that looks a little like Bob Hoskins not enamored of having his photograph taken it’s possible it’s someone else


Me neither!


Oh, not you? You surely could understand more then I did. :slight_smile:

To be honest I hold you all here for much better learners and speakers then I could ever be…

I did quite some short messages on Twitter, I admit, but I feel kind of not prepared yet for this red/white thingy. :slight_smile:

I even on Twitter am very carefull with spelling and I use far more time for one tweet to appear there as one would probably expect. Sometimes it takes me even 15 or 20 minutes to compose one short message as I just have to proofread and check everything before clicking button “tweet”. :slight_smile:

So, good luck. As @annmoore says: maybe next year. …

Oh and @annmoore if I enjoy anything (even a bit more then learning languages) then it is providing such info as this one is. I love, LOVE to help people this way. At least one useful thing I do in my life … :slight_smile:


I have just spent the last couple of hours on there browsing profiles and reading comments - I’m hooked!
I’ve seen a few SSiWers on there and added many I recognised (a diolch yn fawr i bawb oedd atodol i fi! :blush:). I think this thing will really take off I do!


I’m @ joanie on there :smile:


I’ve followed some of you, I’m RaCHHach, not sure whether I’ll post much as my comprehension isn’t great yet, but at least I’ve claimed my username!


Good point!

How one says “KnightGhost” in Cymraeg? :slight_smile:

If you want some goofy entertainment, play the video @tatjana posted and click the ‘CC’ icon. Then watch as Youtube tries to figure out what they’re saying. “Yn Saesneg”. :smile:

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Been browsing Clecs for a day now. And, I’m slightly worried it might be bringing me into some sort of social networking addiction - it’s brilliant :slight_smile:

I’ve added a few SSiW’ers as well as some organisations, such as Cymdeithas yr Iaith and Cymru FM, and it’s nice to see different dialects in writing.

My username is “DanielWith”, if anyone’s interested :stuck_out_tongue:


Early days, but already interesting and looks like it could turn into something very good indeed!

Well, I’m Iantorix on Clecs if anyone is interested.


Does someone know what required size should profile photo be and what format. Uploaded 183 KB .jpg format, didn’t appear, uploaded 1,8 KB .jpg format, didn’t appear …

And, don’t worry. Won’t bother you. If someone finds me, finds me, if not then not. :slight_smile:

Rwy 'di ffeindio ti!

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