Carmarthen conversation group

Great! Thanks Margaret. It did snow here in Gorslas this morning but the sun came out and the roads are clear now! Look forward to meeting you

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I was in London this morning, but am back home tonight, in Cefneithin! Husband tells me there was a lot of snow this afternoon, but it’s all gone now. I looked at the metoffice site for weather predictions for Thursday.

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Nope - it’s not going to snow. Hope to see you Thursday. I have e-mailed John but haven’t heard anything yet. I hope he is able to come.

Diolch - Bill

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Looks unlikely that I’ll make tonight :frowning: Hope you all have a fab time xx

We did miss you Bev. It was great this time.

Very many thanks to Margaret and Bill for being there for us. We really enjoyed it and plan to come again. Next meeting is on 19th February. Same place at Ivy Bush Hotel. Carmarthen. 7pm..
Hope to see you then Bev, but next time I come shopping in Carmarthen, I will text to see if you are around to meet for coffee. I can tell you about Margaret’s interesting knitting!

Thanks to everyone for making our evening such an encouraging experience.

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I missed you too :‘-(
Thanks for posting next date and look forward to having a coffee when you’re in town Ann :slight_smile:

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Hi Bev, hope you are well. Just to say Eileen and myself won’t be able to come tonight. I have had an awful sickness bug along with the rest of the family. It was quite infectious too with a long incubation so I don’t want to risk passing it on. :cry:Also… Eileen is full of cold. I hope Margaret, Bill, Jeremy & John see this post too, so you may be able to see who is going. It was great last time so i am gutted that we can’t come. Hope to see you in another 2 weeks, I think should be about 2nd March :slight_smile:

March 5th is a fortnight today, but I’ll be there tonight as well.

Thank you for the correction Margaret. I am too poorly to think straight at the moment. Eileen and I will miss you but hope you all have fun :slight_smile: see you on 5th

Hi Bill,
Hope you get to see this in time. I wont be able to get to Ivy Bush tonight. I am on grannie duties! Please apologise to Jeremy for me too.
Hope to see you again in 2 weeks. Ann

Hi Ann
Hope grannie duty went well. I’m sure that it must be great fun. See you in a fortnight. - Bill

Great fun thanks Bill. See you soon :smile:

Hi Margaret

Just wanted to let you know that I won’t be able to come to the Ivy Bush this Thursday (30th April). See you soon - Bill

Hi Jeremy

Just wanted to let you know that I won’t be able to come to the Ivy Bush this Thursday 30th April, Be back in a fortnight I hope. - Bill

Helo Melanie,
On i byw yn neu o gympas Llanymyddfri am 33 blwyddyn a nawr dw i’n dod aros gyda fy ngheulu sydd byw yn Llangathen bob mis. Ar hyn o bryd dwi’n byw ar byws Milton Keynes yn Lloegr ond dw i’n trio siarad cymraeg yn amyl gyda fy ffrindiau - hyfyd dyn ni wedi ddechrau y Clych Siarad Grwp yn Milton Keynes. Yn synni dechrais i ddysgu Gymraeg tre flwyddyn yn ol pan oedd fy wir geni. Wnes i trio ffindio y grwp yn Llandeilo yn ddiweddar ar Neuadd Cyng ond yn anffordus oedd e’n y dydd gwener anghywir. Oedd derbynnfa helpu i fi iawn! Pryd mae y grwp cyfardod nesa? Byddai’n yn Gymru ar y 22 mis mai. Bydd e’n gwych os dych chi gyfardod wedyn achos fy ngwir mynd y ysgol feithrin rhwng 9-12! Edrych ymlaen dy ateb a gobeithio gwrdd i ti yn fuan! Hwyl am y tro! (I hope this all makes sense!)

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Hi everyone (or should I say Shwmae!) I have just moved to Penygroes near Llanelli and have little local knowledge. I would love to meet up with anyone willing to listen to my pigeon Welsh. I am retired so times are not a problem. - Mike

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Hi Jan and Mike. We are in the Ivy Bush in Carmarthen on Thursday night this week, 7-9.
The Llandeilo group, not an SSIW group but a very good group is this Friday, 10-12. I look forward to seeing either or both of you this week. For the Ivy Bush I will try to remember to identify myself with my knitting.

Thanks. The Llandeilo group is better for me. Where is it? I’ll probably come to the Carmarthen group as well if I can but I don’t know my way around here so perhaps you could let me have the address?

The Llandeilo Group meets at 8 Carmarthen Street, the buildings of the Dyfed Archeological Trust. It was the old Town Council Buildings.

Archaeological Trust