Carmarthen conversation group

Sorry I missed you! Please add me as a friend so I don’t miss you again x

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Oops! It seems there were 2 groups of SSIWers in the Ivy Bush tonight. Did you go into the sitting room opposite the bar and find the knitter? Bill and I were there and there were four others somewhere else! I hope you all had a good time speaking Welsh and I’m very sorry to have missed you all.

If it’s just Bill and me, then we probably won’t meet again, but if there four other people out there keen to give it a go at least one of us will be there in a fortnights time. Please message either the board here, or me privately, if you intend to come. I’m spending a lot of time in London because my mum isn’t very well.

But if there are four of you, you probably don’t need me. All we do is talk. That’s all you need to do as well.


Nooooooo!!! :slight_smile:
I saw you knitting! I came into the lounge with my husband and disabled daughter!
I met Ann, Eileen and John in the bar!

I think we all consider ourselves learners so an experienced person at meet ups would be good if circumstances allow xx

I’m new to the site and only now seeing this info after we missed you last night! :slight_smile:

Oh Dear!

Beverly, Ann, Eileen and John I’m really sorry we missed you. I’m still keen to try and get a group going in the Carmarthen area so if you’re still interested I suggest we try again.


I’m keen to try again :smiley:

Me too! I will try again so will my friend. I did not see your message about knitting! We did ask at reception and also in the bar about SSIW group but they knew nothing about it. We asked a few other people too. Perhaps we should also tell the person on the reception desk where we will be?

I have spoken to my friend Eileen and she is willing to try again too.

So…are we saying, no group this Thursday [ Not Jan 29th] but there will be the week after? That is Thursday 5th Feb. at 7pm?

I am not very good myself. Eileen knows a lots of Welsh, she is a Llanelli girl but needs help and encouagement to actually speak. From the four of us there [in the bar] I think we were all in the same boat so did not try any Welsh at all! We were keen when we arrived though! Lol!

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Thursday 5th Feb, 7pm. I’ll (try and remember to) be knitting!

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Thanks Margaret, I will probably come with Eileen. I hope Bev can come too and I think Bill e-mailed John but not with a date. I don’t have an e-mail address for him.

Happy knitting! And…thanks for finding time for us as I know you are very busy. Ann

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Thanks Margaret :smiley:

Or… is there anyone in or around Carmarthen who also can’t make the Thursday group who’d like to meet up occasionally… or anyone who goes on Thursdays but would like to help me out as well, or who lives near Hendy Gwyn?

Hi All, I’ve recently moved to this part of the world and would love to meet up. Unfortunately it’s not easy because i have two small children, and a husband who works shifts- he’s still commuting back and forth to Cardiff at the moment too, so it’s all chaos in our house! I can’t make the next meeting, but I will keep my eye on the group and promise I will potter down when I can - it would be lovely to sit and chat in Welsh for a bit (well, the little Welsh I can remember when put on the spot :smile: )

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Hi Paul

I’m not far from you - in Laugharne. I’m sure we could meet-up sometime.

Diolch Bill Thompson

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Hi Paul
I’m availble during the daytime but im not sure how much help I’ll be as I’m only on lesson2

Hi Bill
If you arrange another time apart from Thursday at the IvyBush Hotel could you please letrme know, especially if its daytime :smiley:

Hi Ella :smile:
Im in Carmarthen living in a busy household too :slight_smile:
If you fancy a cuppa give me a shout! I won’t always be able to make it but I’m sure that you’ll understand!!! Lol xx

Thank you Beverly, that’s very kind of you! will get myself sorted and be in touch xx

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I presume Thursday’s meeting will be called off if the weather is bad?
ATM it looks as if there’s snow tonight but not for the rest of the week. Obviously surrounding villages are affected differently xx

Hi Bev,

I am not sure really. I am happy to come as long as I can get out of my road. Sometimes we are told to say indoors but it would have to be bad to make me do that.
What does everyone else think?

I am thinking of Margaret, Bill and John. Eileen should be with me anyway.

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Local weather forecast doesn’t indicate snow. My plan is to be there on Thursday, knitting needles in hand.

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