Carmarthen conversation group

hi is there a welsh conversation group in Carmarthen that i could join as i could do with more practice speaking welsh

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Might be worth contacting the Menter if you don’t get any replies from SSIWers. They appear to facilitate a group at the wool factory in Felindre (Tresaith bootcampers will be familiar with this museum!), but nothing I can see in Carmarthen itself.

I’ll pop a note in the next weekly email and see if there are a few more SSiWers interested in meeting up with you. When would you fancy meeting up? Any day or time suit you better?

Hi Sara James. I live in Cross Hands and work in Carmarthen (and go to my “conventional”) lessons there. I’m not up for a weekly meet up, (I’m very busy!) but am happy to talk either on the phone, or every now and then.

My wife and I live near Carmarthen and we would be interested in joining a weekly conversation group. Les Jones

Hi Les

Bore da Sara James. Dwi’n byw yn Abergwili.
Dwi’n hapus i ymuno y grwp. I’m sure there are a few other SSIWers in the area who would also be happy with a regular or adhoc meet up. A coffee-shop might be the best place to start things rolling so long as it is not too noisy.

There is a group of Welsh learners that meet up in the White Lion, Pwll Trap, just on the outskirts of St. Clears. They meet up on the first and third Saturday every month from 11.00am till 12.30pm. Some of them live closer to Carmarthen than Pwll Trap and may be interested in joining a group in Carmarthen. Where were you thinking of meeting up in Carmarthen?

Hi Sarah. I live in Kidwelly, but could manage a meet- up in Carmarthen. Please let me know when you intend to meet, and I’ll see if it’s possible for me.

If you’re looking for a nioce venue to meet up in Caerfyrddin / Carmarthen, then you could do a whole lot worse than Pantri Blakeman. It’s a cafe upstairs from A Dean Carpets opposite the bus stop - so convenient for buses. parking and train (ish).

They are all Welsh speakers there, the food and coffee is nice, they have quiet music playing (it was all Dafydd Iwan las time I was there) and everyone is really friendly. It’s the only cafe that i know for in Carmarthen which is really Welsh.


Thanks for that, Iestyn. We’re hoping to get across to Caerfyrddin from Barry at some stage, and that sounds like an excellent refreshment stop.

Mae grwp sgwrs yn cwrdd yn Llandeilo bob yn ail Dydd Gwener (10-12) - mae’r grwp yn addas i bobl sy’n bron yn rhugl, (canolradd ac uwch na hynny) pwy sy eisiau ymarfer yn anffurfiol gyda dysgwyr eraill a gyda chymro cymraeg hefyd. Bydd y cyfarfod nesaf ar Dydd Gwener, 25 Mis Ebrill. Dyn ni’n grwp cyfeillgar iawn, felly, os ddiddordeb gyda chi, ymuno a ni am sgwrs dros baned
Neuadd y Sir, Stryd Caerfyrddin, Llandeilo.

Hiya Lonan a Margaret - dych chi’n iawn? Byd y grwp yn addas i chi ddau, yn bendant



Hoffwn i gwrdd a bobl sy’n siarad Cymraeg yng Caefyrddin. Byddai y Pantri Blakeman yn gyfleus yn ystod y dydd, ond yn y noson, beth am y darfarn newydd, “The Glyndwr”?

Judy Walsby

I never get any Welsh practice in Wales, and am miserable git in English too. I live at Clydau, and would like to give Carmarthen ( or Pwll Trap if it’s still on ) a go.

John Dorling

I would be happy to meet up in Carmarthen as well. Iestyn’s idea of Blakemans is good-the room upstairs is quite large and you will definitely hear customers and staff speaking welsh. Their prices are very good too

Mae grwp bach hefyd yn cwrdd bob bore Dydd Mawrth 10.45 - 11.45 yn y Caffi West End yn Llanymddyfri

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Dw i’n byw yng Nhalacharn ond dw’i n ymweld a Caerfyrddin yn aml iawn. Hoffwn i gwrdd a dysgwyr eraill er mwyn ymarfer siarad Cymraeg. Fydda i ddim yn gallu cwrdd yn ystod y dydd yn anffodus.

This is sounding exciting. I think we will have something off the ground soon! If someone would like to suggest a day and time for the initial meetup we could see how that sounds for others, then I could put it in the weekly email and see how many can come along.

Could I just gently remind those of you who can write in very nice Welsh, that we either stick to English, or write in Welsh and English on the forum so that we can include all those dedicated SSiWers who are following the advice and not doing any reading or writing while they get Course 1 under their belts. Happy


Shwmae Pawb. - Personally I could do any weekday evening.

9-5 is impossible for me. Weekends difficult to commit to anything regular.

If we want to meet in a cafe then we would have to meet during the day. The alternative is to meet in a pub and I have no idea about how much welsh we would hear although there is plenty of choice and I’m sure I could find out if that was the popular decision.