"Byw Celwydd" - Series 2 (Jan 2017 onwards) Discussion Thread - Warning - will contain Spoilers!

"Byw Celwydd" - Series 2 (Jan 2017 onwards) Discussion Thread - Warning - will contain Spoilers!

Wel, dyma ni, this is an actual discussion thread for Series 2 of Byw Celwydd, which started on S4C in the UK on 8th January 2017.

I thought about having separate threads for each episode, in order to make it easier to insulate people from spoilers more easily, but I’ve been persuaded, after thinking about it, that that is not really practicable, and is probably not necessary.

So here are the suggested ground-rules:

We can discuss here, any episode of Series 2 that has already been broadcast on S4C and has been available via Clic (bearing in mind that they disappear from Clic, usually after about a month). We are pleased to discover that it’s available internationally. I will post links to the episodes on Clic, as they appear. I’m not 100% sure if those links work from abroad, or if you have to go separately via the International S4C site.

We will discuss any aspect of the series or episodes, whatever people like, including the fictional politics, and perhaps the real politics of Wales, and how they relate. Of course, politics can be a “hot button” subject, and we must be even more careful than useful to be polite and respectful of other people and other people’s views, even if we don’t agree with them. Thanks in advance for your co-operation here.

Originally, I was going to strongly suggest not mentioning references to series 1 here at all, so that people might have the option of watching series 1 later (if that’s possible) without explicit spoilers. However, I don’t think that’s realistic. References are bound to creep in. Nevertheless, if anyone wants to do heavyweight discussion of series 1, then may I please ask them to use the series 1 thread, here:

At the time of writing, there are 2 episodes available on Clic:

Episode 1, 8th January 2017

Episode 2, 15th January 2017

I will post a bit more, later in the evening, but feel free to post here now. I look forward to your contributions! :slight_smile:

Just one more reminder: If you have not seen the most recent episodes of Byw Celwydd, and do not want to find out what happens in them before you have seen them yourself, then I would suggest you stop reading after this paragraph. This thread will contain spoilers, and if you don’t want to read them, then it is your responsibility not to. I hope that’s as clear as it needs to be. :slight_smile:

Byw Celwydd Series 2 Episode 1

Am I really supposed to believe that the people of Wales are happy to have a First Minister who sees his job as obeying HQ in London? Am I supposed to believe that LibDems and Plaid are happy to prop up a Government led by such a man? Am I supposed to believe that nobody in Wales cares about having Chinese built nuclear reactors in Pembrokeshire and that the only objectors are folk worried that the North Wales reactor might be shelved? Jobs are all that matters?

I may be wrong, but I don’t remember San Steffan coming up at all in series 1, so this is the first time it’s arisen (I think).

I don’t see Meirion as being the kind of guy to be pushed around, but I too was a little surprised. I suppose that the Tory government in Westminster are supposed to be political allies, so they would want to co-operate as far as possible.

But who is Gaynor exactly, does anyone know, and what role does she have?
Meirion seems dead scared of her, and she does seem rather formidable.

I thought at first that she must represent the Westminster government, but then later, I got the impression that she didn’t, but it wasn’t clear exactly what she represented.

Is she just a senior official of the “New Conservatives” party in Wales? (Who could possibly damage Meirion’s career if he put a foot wrong. We know how good English Tories are at stabbing their leader in the back; maybe the same is true of Welsh ones. :slight_smile:

Only when reading this did I realise I didn’t actually know! I had presumed her to be the Tory Secretary of State for Wales, but she could be some sort ‘Belle Dame’ of Welsh Toryism, I suppose. What I criticise is the whole premise that the other parties would go along with imposing Tory UK policies on Wales, especially those dumped on us because nobody else wants them!

Episode 2.
So, yet more direction from San Steffan, on the lines of “thou shalt!”, dutifully obeyed by Meirion. To be fair, I would expect LibDems and Plaid to be happy to welcome refugees, but would his Tories??? As it is everyone else is too worried about their sex life or naughty past actions to take much notice! Of course UKIP has not drifted into the script writers’ notice, but if anyone believes this Series bears any resemblance to reality, voting for UKIP might seem quite rational! Even voting for Mostyn Neil Hamilton!
I value the Senedd. I would hate anyone to judge the real thing by this!

Really, the political topic of the episode doesn’t really matter, apart from some issues being more difficult for certain parties. The series isn’t about the politics, it’s about the game playing between and within political parties, all involving people with various intimate relationships that heavily impact their professional lives, no wonder they all drink so much wine!
The idea that a Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Plaid Cymru coalition could continue with the kind of policies put forward in the programme is a complete fantasy.
The ‘parties’ have no unity, with someone taking the counter-view in each party every week. I think this is done to protect the filmmakers from political bias. As a viewer there is no hero or heroine, no-one the viewer can take the side of, everyone has their dark side. Nonetheless it is still compelling viewing. Aside from the politics, the filmmakers are just about keeping it somehow believable.

So we have a series about politics, which is bound to attract people like me, interested in politics. People who are put off politics already won’t watch it! Or will watch it to have their bad opinion re9nforced (well S4C will have succeeded there!). Sadly, the one set of people really keen to watch it will get crosser and crosser because it is political rubbish!

Episode 3

Well, at least some are showing guts and principles! The large Tory lady - great! But I still do not like the portrayal of the Senedd! Of course, if everyone comes out of closets, admits to affairs etc., we’ll end up with Byw Honest! As pointed out above, that would be much more true to life, but not good TV and might lead to S4C being accused of political bias. (Mind, as S4C would never have happened without protests and marches from, mainly, Plaid supporters) I’m not sure that political bias is disallowed. Newspapers support parties. Why not TV channels? But that’s a whole new subject!

Well, let’s just hope they don’t bring their crossness into our friendly and happy forum, shall we?

No more anger from me. I am resigned to the sad loss of what could have been so much better.

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Okay, this was my question, too, I thought I didn’t get it because of my lack of knowledge about Welsh politics, but I see I’m not the only one asking!

It is a mystery. I assumed she was Secretary of State for Wales, whom Meirion, as a party member may wish to keep happy.
I learnt today that the Senedd has 61 seats, a seat is kept for the Secretary of State of Wales, should they ever wish to attend Senedd, although they don’t have voting rights

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Post deleted, as I wasn’t quite right with the information I shared (which I’ve just been to check…) If I manage to find anything authoritative I’ll come back again and share something more useful!

OK … so I’ve found out a little bit more now. My policy tutor mentioned the SoS’s ‘veto’, and my earlier comment (now deleted) referred to that. But I realised that I hadn’t actually checked that out. So…

The SoS does not have a vote, but s/he does have a veto. Under Section 152 of the 2006 Government of Wales Act, the SoS can veto Senedd decisions about water - so I think that is what my tutor was referring to.

I managed to find a very interesting document outlining the legislative structure that’s part of this Open Learn OU course:
Basically, anything voted on by the Senedd has to go to the SoS for them to pass on to the Commons (and then the Lords) for ratification. So in that respect, the SoS theoretically has a veto on everything (because they can decide not to pass it on).

There is also a lot of discussion floating around about the new powers legislation that was being proposed last year (and will be voted on this year), and the fear that it would strengthen the veto, even of decisions made about the Welsh language.

That is terrible! I had not realised that! So Dee Valley Water is doomed is it? Severn Trent rules and… I want Independence so Wales has control of its own water!

Watched Jonathan neithiwr. Richard Elfyn, Meirion, was a guest. I had terrible trouble seeing him as nice man, not sneaky baddie! But he is a very clever mimic and raconteur! Also, he is apparently going to play ‘the Foreign Secretary’ in The Crown. Ernest Bevin or Herbert Morrison? I do hope the latter. In the early 50s I was too young to realise not all labour people were 100% decent, good caring men and women, but now I can imagine that Peter Mandleson’s taid was a tad scheming!
Edit: I have realised to must be the Tory Selwyn Lloyd, born in Liverpool, who Richard plays, all through the Suez crisis. Not the best era for UK foreign policy!
NB One part he played was the voice of Norman in Sam Tan!!!

On original subject, I really find it hard to imagine that there are many in Wales who really want to risk the side effects enough to be pro-fracking! And if lack of knowledge means they might not object, surely Nationalist and Lib Dems would make sure information about the terrible consequences in USA gets out! No body can embargo info any longer! The internet rules!

Although people aren’t always very aware of what they are reading. The whole fake news thing is troublesome to me because it reinforces the probability that people will believe what they want to believe and don’t always bother to check facts or sources.
I really like this show and happy that its not quite over yet. Interested to see where they go with the many themes. With all that is going on in politics over here in the U.S., I’ve never felt so appreciative of newscasters and have been enjoying having a look at how it all works.[quote=“henddraig, post:16, topic:7029”]
Watched Jonathan neithiwr. Richard Elfyn, Meirion, was a guest

Thanks for this, I watched it after reading your post and he had me in stitches with his wonderful accents. :grinning:

Glad you found it! Have you seen Sam Tan? It was so funny hearing him sounding like a naughty little boy!

I’ve watched Sam Tan a few times only but now I look forward to watching it with new appreciation! I’ve watched the Jonathan piece several times now and enjoy it equally every time. Not only is he talented at impersonating but he seems to be having so much fun…
I’m not sure which is my favorite, the naughty little boy or his impersonation of his mother…:grinning:

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