"Byw Celwydd" - Series 1 "spoilers allowed" discussion / summary, mainly to understand Series 2

The purpose of this thread is mainly for those people who now (Jan 2017 or later) want to start watching the new series (series 2) of “Byw Celwydd” on S4C, and who are unlikely to be able to watch series 1 in the foreseeable future to fill themselves in that way.

Spoiler Alert: This thread will contain spoilers for Series 1 (but NOT Series 2- please don’t discuss Series 2 here. Thank you! :slight_smile: ).

If you do not want to know what happens in Series 1 at this time, then please do not read further in this thread.

So, with those provisos in mind, do please feel free to contribute and discuss any aspect of Series 1 of Byw Celwydd (which went out starting January 2016 in the UK on S4C), especially anything which may be helpful for people who didn’t see series 1, but who want to start watching Series 2 now.

@sarapeacock That summary we talked about would be very welcome here, plus anything else, of course. Thank you! :slight_smile:

At this point in time, I am not aware of any legal way of watching Series 1 (unless S4C choose to repeat it). I don’t know of any DVD. I don’t know if it’s on Netflix. It is not on Youtube (but there are previews which might be helpful). I have found some episodes from Series 1 on random websites, but I am doubtful of their legality, so will not be posting links (and it was no where near the full series.

Oh, just a reminder, not to post anything here please about Series 2. If you want to join a discussion about Series 2, could you please have a look at the following thread, where we are exploring the best way of setting up a suitable discussion (mainly worrying about how we can discuss fully, without too much danger of spoilers):


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p.s. I know there were some old threads talking about Series 1, but I haven’t found them all. If anyone wants to link to any of those old threads, then do please feel free.

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Official preview of the characters for series 1 (and I think they all appear in series 2 as well).

All in Welsh, but even if all is not understood, you can pick up the names of people and what they look like):

Wicipedia (in Welsh):

(Try google translate if necessary)

Some press previews:

Aha, just found the original SSiW thread on it:


More later hopefully (and feel free to contribute, anyone)


Okay, so I finally got a chance to watch the first episode of Series 2 last night! I read all the background information in @mikeellwood’s post above (except I couldn’t watch the video, unfortunately, it appears to be geo-restricted :slight_frown:) and I had the super information given to me by @sarapeacock - diolch to both of you! Knowing about the color-coded lanyards and seeing the color-coded chart of people was helpful! After I watched it, I had to go through all the background info again, and then watch it again today, so I could clarify who everyone was and fill in some of the details I missed the first time. I liked it a lot, and I’m even more disappointed now that I wasn’t able to watch the first series.

A few questions:

  1. Can someone clarify exactly what happened with Meirion and Angharad? It appears that she was going to break a story about something very bad for Meirion, which would apparently have led to Rhiannon becoming Prif Weinidog, but she didn’t do it at the request of her husband Owain. Details?

  2. Democrats - Dylan and Catrin seem sort of equal from what I could see - is one of them in more of a leadership position than the other?

  3. In the first episode of Series 2 - I don’t think this is a spoiler - Harri says to Angharad something to the effect of “Of course, Owain, the deal - I’d completely forgotten about that…it was your choice”. What exactly is the deal he is referring to? Presumably about who knows their secret?

  4. Very minor point - Carys - is she Angharad and Owain’s daughter, or maybe just Owain’s daughter, or who?

I have one more question, but it’s relevant to the second series so I’ll put it in that thread!

Thank you to anyone who wants to help me out :slight_smile:

What fun! I’ll see what I can remember…
!. So yes, Angharad had some really juicy story about Meirion (can’t remember what now…) which would mean he would have to resign. She persuaded her boss to have a special bulletin ready for her to break the story etc. Then Owain found out about her being a prostitute when she was younger (and that Harri was one of her clients), so basically told her that she had to make a choice: the family (and that included Meirion) or her job. So that’s the ‘deal’ Harri mentions in your Q3. (Then she went off with Owain for a family holiday for a few weeks, leaving the news team in the lurch - that’s why they’re all rather frosty to her when she comes back.)

  1. Dylan was leader of the party, then there was a leadership challenge and Catrin took it from him. #awkward.

  2. See above.

  3. Carys is the nanny who looks after the little boy while they’re both at work. Owain was doing the majority of childcare, but he wanted to go back to work, so they employed Carys. (Trivia: the actress who plays Carys is also in Gwaith Cartref at the moment, playing a transsexual boy. So I suspect that’s a wig she’s wearing…)

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Oh Diolch! That’s where I’ve seen her! The hair totally threw me! I just knew she was very familiar from somewhere!

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@sarapeacock Diolch i ti! That helps!

I presume that Meirion knows that Angharad knows the “juicy story”, and that’s why he’s trying to bring her down?

I haven’t watched Gwaith Cartref - I’m not sure if this is another case where the International site has the current series, but didn’t have the previous one. Lots of familiar faces in Byw Celwydd - I recognize Harri from Broadchurch and Y Gwyll, and Catrin and Lowri from Y Gwyll, as well. :slight_smile: