Bootcamp 2017 - who's coming to Tresaith in April (one space re-available)?

Announcement: Booking has re-opened for one place due to cancelation. Go to to book your place.

Tresaith Bootcamps 2017 - who’s coming?

We have dates for an April Bootcamp in 2017, which will run from April 15th (Easter Saturday) until April the 22nd.

***Edited to add: The cost of the week is £260, and the course is sutiable for people who’ve completed level 1 or course 1 of SSiW. Don’t worry about north or south. We usually have a mix, and there is usually confusion for about 24 hours until everyone gets used to each others’ slightly different vocab. It all adds to the fun!

That is starting in the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, so fewer days off for people working, and possible for teachers and other term-time workers.

In order for me to firm up the booking at Tresaith, I need to know how many people want to come, so let me know below!

I’ll need to see at least 10 names below before I confirm, but I already have 5 who’ve expressed an interest to me. I need to confirm (or cancel) with Tresaith pretty soon (I need to speak with Tresaith to put a date on that - I’ll let you know!)

When there are enough people interested, I shall announce a date when I will open the booking page.

Take a look here: for a view of the Tresaith area.


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I would like to book a place. Jenny


Yes please, I would definitely like to come. I’ve just booked leave so that I know I will be free. On my current rate of progress I will be finishing the level 1 challenges by just after Christmas, so by the time of bootcamp I will be into level 2. I’ve been trying my welsh with work colleagues (we have a number of welsh speakers), and there is some interest for others to learn if they see me making good progress and enjoying it, so I’m hoping to get a SSIW work group up and going in 2017. Exciting times.


I would be interested in coming too!

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Excellent - thanks for your mesages. I’ve had another 3 express and interest by other means (exceptionally naughty - I may ban them for not following the system… :wink: ) , and two more enquiring, so we’re starting to fill up.

Special thanks to Steve (os ir it Tim? Or Jim?) for your message. If you’ve had some experience speaking, you’ll be a great help to the less experienced. We love to have a mixed group of experiences, because everybody really helps each other, and everyone gets a boost.

I should probably emphasise (seeing as how we’re following the Northern bootcamp booking) that the Tresaith bootcamp is £260 for the week, not the £355 for the more luxurious (but more northern!) bootcamp. I’ve added that to the original post as well.

Keep them coming! But I can already sense an enthusiastic group forming here. I’m looking forward to it already!


Hello Iestyn, I am trying to work out when to do Bootcamp next year. I’d like to be in Wales for a couple of months and maybe find two boot camps in. For example, go to the April one and then the next one which in think last year was in may. Do you have any idea as to when you will hold the second and third Bootcamp? Thanks.


Go for it Lynne!

Hi Lynne

It would be great to see you on a bootcamp, and two would be even better!

The usual pattern is End of April, June, July and September, with the June bootcamp being the least likely to fill. May is a problem , because the last week is Whitsun Half Term, with Urdd National Eisteddfod, and the children usually end up competing in something there.

If it fits with your itinerary, then April / June would work, and you could get a day or two in the Urdd Eisteddfod in Bridgend at the end of May. It’s nowhere near as big as the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in August, but it is the largest youth festival in Europe, and we’d be happy to meet you there. Or you could look at June / July with the Eisteddfod in Ynys Môn straight after the July BC, same as this year.

The third alternative is July / September, again with the Genedlaethol in the middle.

I can’t guarantee that any of the botocamps will run at the moment, obviously, but April has 8 people firmly interested, so you would be number 9 if you would like to be in Wales for Easter!

I think an easter egg hunt around Tresaith would be great fun on Sunday morning!


Thanks for the encouragement Margaret. I alwAys feel a bit nervous planning these things. Maybe we can catch up when I’m there. I think you’ll find a difference in my ability. I’m working hard at it.

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Thank you, iestyn. I’ll try to work it all out. I’ll definitely be at a Bootcamp and it will probably be April. I’m a bit weird in that I would like to have some cold weather. I know that sounds strange but I’m not a lover of Queensland weather. I love the glaw and the gwynt which we don’t have much of here. I think you will find a difference in my abilities to speak Cymraeg as I’m working very hard at it. I don’t know if I will be able to keep up with you at the church in llandysul, though!! I would love to go to the Urdd to see your gorgeous children compete.


Unless you arrive early or leave very late I think we will probably miss each other in 2017. On another thread you might see plans and requests for advice for an extended trip to Asia next year. But absolutely right. The more Welsh you speak, the more Welsh you will find you can speak. Which is what SSIW is all about.


Hi Iestyn,

Please count me in for this. I couldn’t do any of the bootcamp dates last year but it would be brilliant to come again after having had such a great time in July 2015! A great excuse to spend more time on my Cymraeg in 2017!

Pob hwyl,


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I’m interested! Hannah

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Book me a place please. I attended a bookcamp in tresaith in September 2015. Conrad Bryant


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I am very interested in going to the bootcamp in April. I look forward to confirmation dates Diolch yn fawr iawn Jen Sutton

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Hello, I am very keen but will need to check I can get the time off work before I commit. Thanks Toni

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I’m very interested in going to the boot camp in April.


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I would love to come to the April bootcamp. May would also work for me, but it looks like April is going to be good for many people.