Bootcamp 2017 - who's coming to Tresaith in April (one space re-available)?

OH no, I just realized I already have a commitment the weekend of April 22-23. I will have to look forward to the next bootcamp.

Right, having fielded a 3 year old with Pneumonia, Christmas parties, Christmas shows, the end of the school term and a 5 year old being sick all night, (sorry - too much information!), I am finally able to tell you that I am going to open booking for the April bootcamp.

Because Christmas is slap bang in the way, I am going to leave it until the first weekend in January, so booking will open at 21.00hrs GMT (or 9 o’clock in the evening if you’re a Winston Churchill fan), on Friday 6th January. Places can be booked on a first come first served basis, and there are a maximum of 10 places available on the bootcamp. When the places are all gone, there will be a waiting list - it’s certainly worth putting your name down there, as there are often one or two who have to pull out.

I’m sure I’ll have the chance to do this again, but just in case - Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone, and I’m looking forward to seeing you taking another (enormous) step on your Welsh speaking journey. That makes 2017 a very special year for all of you. I can’t wait!



Well - my husband and I have now retired so there’s no excuse not to take the plunge!!

Nadolig Llawen i bawb!

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OK - I hope everyone’s ready and remembered that booking is opening tomorrow evening - Friday 6 January, at 9.00 pm UK time.

I’ll be sending out an email later, and reminding people on Facebook,/ Twitter as well, and it wil be first come, first serve at the booking page.

I will publish the booking link on this thread.

See you all here tomorrow!



My first time of using the Forum - is this the way to reserve a place on the Tresaith 15th April Bootcamp, if there are still places left?
If so, I’d love to sign up.
If not, advice on how to sign up gratefully received!

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Hi Alyson,

Yes, you’re in the right place. Iestyn will be posting the booking link here at 9pm tonight, so pop back then and you’ll be able to book.

See you in Tresaith!


Here is the bootcamp booking link:

You should be able to book there as of now!

Looking forwrard to seeing you all…


I want to book but dont inow how. Jenny

Hi, what does the price include? Can I cancel without penalty if I’m not confident nearer the date?

Jenny - click on the link Iestyn has posted above. Then click on ‘Bootcamp April 2017’ on the left hand side. Over on the right the details will appear and you can then click on ‘Book now’

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I’ve just copied this from the general bootcamp information for last year, and unless @Iestyn comes back with any changes, this is the usually how bootcamp runs:

Please remember the following bootcamp conditions:

  1. Bootcamp payments are, generally speaking, not refundable. Your
    money will, of course be refunded in full if we cancel the bootcamp, but
    if you pull out, we reserve the right not to return anything. This is
    especially true if you pull out close to the date, making it difficult
    to fill your place. Please make sure that you are definitely wanting to
    come on bootcamp, and please take out holiday insurance (yes, this is a
    holiday!) to cover your costs in the event of a change of circumstance.
  1. No language except Welsh is allowed during bootcamp. There is a
    time for orientation at the start and an introduction in English, so
    that we all start on the same page, but after that you will not speak
    English (or any language other than Welsh) until the following Saturday.
  1. Bootcamp is for people who have completed the material in course
    1, including the vocab lessons. If you are a non-SSiWer, then please do
    lesson 25 (south) or 26 (north), and vocab unit 10, and if you can’t
    keep up, then fly through the course to give yourself a chance at
  1. Bootcamp is one of the most frightening, rewarding, tiring,
    exhilirating experiences you will ever take part in. If you throw
    yourself in, you will end the week as a Welsh speaker. If you are half
    hearted, you will probably not enjoy the experience, and you certainly
    won’t get the most out of it. Please be committed!!!
  1. That’s all sounded a bit serious… Bootcamp is a holiday in one
    of the most beautiful parts of Wales (and thus, the world). You will
    spend a week with lovely people, visiting lovely places, and doing
    interesting things. You will have fun, and go home with beautiful
    memories that will last you a life time, and firm friendships that will
    take your Welsh to a new level. Come on holiday, and go home a Welsh
    speaker - how’s that for a bargain?!!!

Hi Ann!

There are only 10 places available on Tresaith bootcamps, and as it gets closer to the date, it becomes more difficult for us to find replacements for people who drop out. Because of this, we don’t refund payments unless the place is taken.

Could I ask why you feel you may not be confident enough? Are you close to finishing level 1, or are you earlier on and hoping that aiming for bootcamp will boost your learning? If that latter, I’d leave it for a bit and catch a later bootcamp: we hope to run more during the year.

On the other hand, if you are close to findihing level 1, then it’s not some mythical confidence to speak good Welsh that you need, it;s just the ability to throw yourself into the activities and visits that we provide, take the rough (the times when you really haven;t got a clue!) with the smooth (the times where your Welsh works out and you say what you wanted to when you anted to!), and enjoy laughter and friendship even when you’re only getting the genera gist of what’s going on.

I hope that’s helpful, and that you can come to a decision that suits you!


7 bookings received - only 3 places left…

I have also opened a waiting list, so that when the bootcamp is full, you can still express your desire to take any cancellations that come up - it’s not unusual for us to get one or two.


OOOOH I got nervous just reading that English is not allowed haha. I am very early on in the course. I have memory problems so I find retaining anything is like tackling a mountain every day!
I’ll keep going though and if I’m nearer the level next year I will consider it.
Thanks for your very quick reply. Will Dee see this reply too from me? Im not sure how these things work!



I would love to come on the bootcamp. I teach Welsh at Primary level but would like to gain confidence.


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'S gen I ddim pres o hyn o bryd - wnewch chi rhoi fi ar y ‘dropout list’, os gwelwch Yn dda! X

Yes :slight_smile:


April bootcamp is Sold Out! And in somewhat less than 18 hours! @Deborah-SSi

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the plunge, and commiserations to anyone who missed out - I have opened a waiting list, so anyone can add their name without paying anything, and you will receive an automatic email if someone drops out offering you the space.

I will be in touch with everyone in a week or so to get some information together and iron out any wrinkles - not in your Welsh, I hasten to add. Bootcamp Welsh is always wrinkly, always messy and usually, well, shall we call it innovative (ie half made-up-om-the-spot). Im other words, if you speak perfect Welsh, then there’s no point you coming on bootcamp!

Also, we do hope to run more bootcamps during the year - we certainly have the enthusiasm for them! - so watch the weekly email for announcements of the next possible date.


Hi Lynne
It is exciting that you hope to be in Wales for a couple of months. I have just found out that I will be in Brisbane from the 20th February to the 4th March. Is there any chance of meeting up sometime during the first few days in particular?

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I’m coming to the April Bootcamp : Hello my name is Francis. I am very keen to learn Welsh and I am hoping that the total immersion experience of bootcamp will be just what I need to help me. I admit to being petrified at the moment at the prospect of no English for the whole week and whether I’m going to remember my Cymraeg when it comes to it. I’m having nightmares about being the silent one in the group!